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cofounded AllThings.Go (tm) "Go isn't
everything. Go is the only thing - zhuge" with Master badvogato
a while back. The only project comes to fruit at the moment
is blindforthcoming

contact: nunia at SDF dot org

tradition has never upheld this right ( on
ownership, on the right to private property) as
absolute and untouchable, on the contrary, has
always understood this right within the broader
context of the right common to all to use the
goods of the whole of creation: the right to
private property is subordinatd to the right to
common use, to the fact that goods are meant
for everyone."

- Laborem Exercens, His Holiness Pope John
Paul II

"We imagine
that there is a gap between the world of our
private fantasies & the possibilities of
meaningful action & so it becomes easy to talk
& talk on what is lacking, to discourse on the
end, & yet feel impotent. "What's to do."
But this gap is a measure not so much of desires
or depression or impotence but of ourselves. It
has been the continual failure of Marxist
aesthetics to insist that this gap is simply another
illusory part of our commodity lives It is at the
root of our collectivity."

- Charles Bernstein
"Three or Four things I Know about Him"

so it becomes easy to code &
code on what is lacking, to CVS on the end, &
yet feel impotent. "what's to make money or
what's to make a better world" But this gap is a
measure not so much of "which language is better or
which OS is better or which chip is cheaper and
better" or depression or impotence but of
ourselves. It has been the continual failure of
GNU/Linux aesthetics to insist that this gap is
simply Free or Proprietary of our commodity code,
it is at the root of our collectivity, namely,
programmers spent 90% of their hours coding and 10%
of their hours thinking that other segments of
industry and our society at large have to adopt
programmer's methodology through their programs.

free software movement must extend its
creativity and channel its exuberant energy into
changing social and economic landscape.
"Immense development of technological means is
an advatageous and positive phenomenon, on
condition that the objective dimension of work
does not gain the upper hand over the subjective
dimension, depriving man of his dignity and
inalienable rights or reducing them."


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2017年2月27日,星期一,祝大家愉快! (本日主编 Judy)
1.  上周末是哈佛本科2018 届家长日。家长们聚会校园,听讲座看比赛参观博物馆,和子女共进午餐其乐融融。超过百位华人家长出席活动。(哈群编辑部)
2.  一印度工程师在美遭枪击身亡,另有两名受伤。开枪者系美国退伍老兵,在射击前曾大喊"滚出我们的国家"。(FOX)
3.  新奥尔良狂欢节游行人群遭一卡车冲撞,至少28人受伤。警方已拘留一名疑似醉酒的肇事男子。(CNN)
4.  前美国劳动部部长Tom Perez 以235:200投票结果胜出,当选美国民主党主席。(CBS)
5.  川普继续与媒体开战,CNN、纽约时报、洛杉矶时报等被拒媒体发布会。川普推文宣布将不参加今年的白宫记者协会晚宴。(综合)
6.  巴菲特有望赢得与对冲基金Protege Partners的10年100万美元的赌局。截至2015年末回报率:巴菲特66%,Protege 22%。(WSJ)
7.  谷歌团队攻破网络加密基石SHA-1算法。(WSJ)
8.  周六中国拥有全部自主知识产权的"子弹头"列车开跑京广线。(BBC)
9.  沙特超过俄罗斯再度成为中国的第一大原油供应国。(WSJ)
10. 中国力争2020年末黄金年产量550吨,以增强中国的金融和经济基础以及抵御风险的能力。(WSJ)
11. 英国的香港半年报告书指出,过去半年的连串事态发展,令港人及国际社会对一国两制的落实表示关注。中国外交部要求英国谨言慎行,停止干预香港事务。(BBC/中国日报)
12. 马来西亚卫生部长周日说,金正男遭受大剂量VX神经毒剂攻击,身体主要器官在15-20分钟内衰竭致死亡。(BBC)
13. 中国国内首条"环中国海"邮轮航线开通。(中新网)
14. 第89届奥斯卡奖揭晓:《月光男孩》获最佳影片奖。哈佛校友达米恩·查泽雷获《爱乐之城》最佳导演奖,另一位校友贾斯汀·赫维玆获最佳原创音乐和最佳原创歌曲奖。详情:
【特刊】"妈妈常常说'人生就如同一盒巧克力,你永远无法知道下一粒是什么味道'。"      --《阿甘正传》 (Forrest Gump) 1994年奥斯卡最佳影片
(欢迎转载,请保留全文 — ©️哈佛家长群) 📰 haqun Newsroom  on Monday, February 27, 2017, I wish you all happy!  (Our editor Judy) 1. Last weekend, a Harvard undergraduate 2018 parents day. Parents party campus, lecture the game visit the Museum, lunch with children happy. More than hundreds of Chinese parents attended the event.  (Group of editors) 2. An Indian engineer was shot and killed in the United States, and another two were injured. Fire Department of Veterans of the United States, prior to the shooting had shouted "get out of our country." (FOX) 3. New Orleans Mardi Gras marchers by a truck collision, at least 28 people were injured. Police have detained a suspected drunken men of the incident. (CNN) 4. the former US Labor Secretary Tom Perez won with 235:200 votes, was elected Chairman of the Democratic Party of the United States. (CBS) 5. Trump continued to battle with the media, such as CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times refused a press release. Trump tweets announced that it would not participate in this year's White House Correspondents ' Association dinner.  (Consolidation) 6. Buffett is expected to win with the hedge fund Protege Partners of the 10-year, $1 million gamble. By the end of 2015 return: he 66%,Protege 22%.  (WSJ) 7. Google Team Foundation SHA-1 against network data encryption algorithm.  (WSJ) 8. Saturday China has full independent intellectual property rights of "bullet" trains running the Beijing-Guangzhou line.  (BBC) 9. Saudi Arabia over Russia again to become China's largest crude oil supplier. (WSJ) 10. strive to the end of 2020, China gold output of 550 tons, to enhance China's financial and economic, as well as the ability to resist risks. (WSJ) 11. British Hong Kong six months report points out that a series of developments over the past six months, Hong Kong people and the international community expressed concern about the implementation of the one country, two systems. China's Foreign Ministry asked the British speak, stop interfering in Hong Kong's Affairs. (China daily BBC/) 12. Malaysia's Health Minister said Sunday that Kim Jong Nam suffered from large doses of VX nerve agent attack, major organ failure in 15-20 minutes of the body will die. (BBC) 13. China's first "China Sea" cruise line opened. (Talmadge) 14. The 89th annual Academy Awards: the Moonlight boy won the best film award. Harvard Alumni Damien·chazelei Philharmonic, city of of the best Director prize, another alumnus Justin d Zi won the best original music award and best original song. Details: "Special Edition," "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates, you never know when the next one is going to get. "--Gump (Forrest Gump) 1994 Academy Award for best picture (welcome to reprint, please retain the full text- ️ Harvard parents group)

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Bruno Schulz J.M.库切:布鲁诺·舒尔茨(黄灿然 译) 2017-02-08 J. M.Coetzee黄灿然小站 
 布鲁诺·舒尔茨最早的一个童年回忆,是他小时候坐在地板上,在一张张旧报纸上涂抹一幅幅“画”,围观的家人啧啧称奇。在创造的狂喜中,这孩子仍活在“天才时代”,仍能自然而然地进入神话的王国。或者说,是长大后的舒E 5��茨这样觉得;他成熟时期所有的奋斗都将是为了重新接触他早年的力量,都将是为了“成熟为童年”。① 
 ① 布鲁诺·舒尔茨致安杰伊·普莱什涅维奇信,引自切斯瓦夫·Z·普罗科普奇克编《布鲁诺·舒尔茨:新文件与解释》(纽约:彼得·朗出版社�¼8 C1999),第101页。──原注 

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Conversation Galante

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