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cofounded AllThings.Go (tm) "Go isn't
everything. Go is the only thing - zhuge" with Master badvogato
a while back. The only project comes to fruit at the moment
is blindforthcoming

contact: nunia at SDF dot org

tradition has never upheld this right ( on
ownership, on the right to private property) as
absolute and untouchable, on the contrary, has
always understood this right within the broader
context of the right common to all to use the
goods of the whole of creation: the right to
private property is subordinatd to the right to
common use, to the fact that goods are meant
for everyone."

- Laborem Exercens, His Holiness Pope John
Paul II

"We imagine
that there is a gap between the world of our
private fantasies & the possibilities of
meaningful action & so it becomes easy to talk
& talk on what is lacking, to discourse on the
end, & yet feel impotent. "What's to do."
But this gap is a measure not so much of desires
or depression or impotence but of ourselves. It
has been the continual failure of Marxist
aesthetics to insist that this gap is simply another
illusory part of our commodity lives It is at the
root of our collectivity."

- Charles Bernstein
"Three or Four things I Know about Him"

so it becomes easy to code &
code on what is lacking, to CVS on the end, &
yet feel impotent. "what's to make money or
what's to make a better world" But this gap is a
measure not so much of "which language is better or
which OS is better or which chip is cheaper and
better" or depression or impotence but of
ourselves. It has been the continual failure of
GNU/Linux aesthetics to insist that this gap is
simply Free or Proprietary of our commodity code,
it is at the root of our collectivity, namely,
programmers spent 90% of their hours coding and 10%
of their hours thinking that other segments of
industry and our society at large have to adopt
programmer's methodology through their programs.

free software movement must extend its
creativity and channel its exuberant energy into
changing social and economic landscape.
"Immense development of technological means is
an advatageous and positive phenomenon, on
condition that the objective dimension of work
does not gain the upper hand over the subjective
dimension, depriving man of his dignity and
inalienable rights or reducing them."


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21 Jul 2016 (updated 21 Jul 2016 at 00:17 UTC) »
did know our Raph had pull-out this fantastic stunt before !

unrelated tip:

Procrasti, I know a while back you had hassles getting a cert.
Have you considered these guys?

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public’s benefit. Let’s Encrypt is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG).

The key principles behind Let’s Encrypt are:

Free: Anyone who owns a domain name can use Let’s Encrypt to obtain a trusted certificate at zero cost.
Automatic: Software running on a web server can interact with Let’s Encrypt to painlessly obtain a certificate, securely configure it for use, and automatically take care of renewal.
Secure: Let’s Encrypt will serve as a platform for advancing TLS security best practices, both on the CA side and by helping site operators properly secure their servers.
Transparent: All certificates issued or revoked will be publicly recorded and available for anyone to inspect.
Open: The automatic issuance and renewal protocol will be published as an open standard that others can adopt.
Cooperative: Much like the underlying Internet protocols themselves, Let’s Encrypt is a joint effort to benefit the community, beyond the control of any one organization.
6 Jul 2016 (updated 20 Jul 2016 at 15:33 UTC) »

translation of Dai Wang-shu (1905 - 1950) is almost done. Once done, betrayal is complete... hasn't accomplished much else but surfing and thinking... such is life.

spamming local celebrity
Dear Prof. Browder,

I took my liberty to write to you on account of maintaining a good friendship with your nephew Prof. Tom Browder since his stay at Cornell when I spent a summer there in 1995(?) when Taiwanese president was visiting.

I love to get mathematician to entertain my idea that Go/Weiqi/Baduk game might be a 'solved' problem mathematically.

Here's the link to a question I formulated on ResearchGate... Of course, I know there is a HUGE gap from my idea to any formal/empirical proof. But it might be a good challenge for your students/others ... Yes?

To recap for your convenience, here's my short postulation:
"yes. 4th game AlphaGo lost yet in some Chinese circle, ironically people were saying that AlphaGo was 'cheating' to let loose of its 'winning' algorithm to let human win on purpose. But more importantly, does AlphaGo know how to 'learn' about its opponents weakness or strong traits instead of mere optimization of all known board states? I do believe human players play differently against different opponents which isn't programmed into AlphaGo.

My conjecture is that Go game might be a 'solved' problem mathematically. I once had this idea of a spherical Go board where every position has 4 liberties, with 3 sets of n=even/odd# of planes dissect Go sphere. 2D go board is simply an approximation of the spherical Go with certain edge-perturbation accounted for. My Omega-Go doesn't need _any_ board game records but its own functional output with stepping steps and time constraints and current instance of opponent's moves as variables. "

Do you see Google's DeepMind's AlphaGo defeat of professional 9-dan Go player as good as IT gets? - ResearchGate. Available from: [accessed Jul 11, 2016].



Susan Ye Laird
11 Balamor Ln
Ewing, NJ 08628

William Browder to you 8 days ago
Sorry this kind of problem is way out if my area of expertise and interests. Good luck. Bill

Susan Laird 8 days ago
yep. admittedly that is a VERY ill-defined problem, hence no solution ( or not even wrong solution) is even imaginable in mathematical terms.

But when was the last time that you ventured outside of your own expertise and brings back a victorious diction to your own satisfaction?

I can count maybe twice in the last two years. I call that the state of my destitution. Will it ever go down to negative count?

I sometimes wonder how we discern the difference on pleasure of reading vs. pleasure of calculating vs. pleasure of mathematical thinking. If machine intelligence can do a much better job 70% of times than humans, may we all out of job before we expire on our own volition.

Still My best work of the year in 2016 that is way ahead and beyond any machine intelligence is translating William Stafford's:
The Ritual to Read to Each Other. from English to Chinese:

I don't presume that you happen to know anyone who might be interested in examining the correctness of my Chinese translation. I always fancy that someone else might be interested to do a similar exercise to render English text into other poetic language.

Some mathematicians are closet/good linguists or translators themselves, so I wage my bet.

Good Day.

ps. Richard Rein's article on US 1 'Reunion Memoir - The sport of writing' is one of my favorite. I must beg your pardon for many of my imagined conversation with local brightest minds.

to translate:














(最初刊载于《华侨日报 文艺副刊》 第二期,1944年2月6日)




诗︰ 以文字来表现的情绪的和谐。


他曾译了数量巨大的外国文学名著,其中主要有:(西班牙)伊巴涅思《良夜幽情曲》(上海光华书局,1928年初版),《伊巴涅思短篇小说选》(新文艺出版社,1956年),(法)夏多勃里昂《少女之誓》(上海开明书店,1928年), (法)贝洛尔《鹅妈妈的故事》(上海开明书店,1928年),(法)穆杭《天女玉丽》(上海尚志书店,1929年),(法)古弹词《屋卡珊和尼谷莱特》(上海光华书局,1929年),(法)陀尔诺伊《青色鸟》(上海开明书店,1933年),(法)陀尔诺伊《美人和野兽》(上海开明书店,1933年),《法兰西现代短篇集》(上海天马书店,1934年),(法)梅里美《高龙芭》(上海中华书局,1935年),(法)高莱特《紫恋》(上海光明书店,1935年),(法)蒲尔惹《弟子》(上海中华书局,1936年),(法)波特莱尔《恶之华掇英》(上海怀正文化社,1947年),(苏)里特进斯基《一周间》(上海水沫书店,1930年初版;上海作家书屋,1946重印;人民文学出版社,1958年新版),(苏)伊可维支《唯物史观的文学论》(上海水沫书店,1930年初版;上海作家书屋,1946年重印),(苏)伊凡诺夫《铁甲车》(上海现代书局,1932年初版),(苏)本约明·高力里《苏联诗坛逸话》(上海杂志公司,1936年),《西班牙短篇小说选》(上海商务印书馆,1936年),《意大利短篇小说集》(上海商务印书馆,1935年),《比利时短篇小说集》(上海商务印书馆,1935年),[英]莎士比亚《麦克倍斯》(上海金马书店)等。


14 Jun 2016 (updated 18 Jun 2016 at 20:56 UTC) »

猴年马月 述诗情。。。in solidarity with victims of Orlando shooting

茅境 在 寒山小径 发贴

每到六月/总有些人要哭泣/ 在没有性别的夜里/ 有些叮当响的树叶/ 在地上跌碎。

痛苦总要找到归宿的/ 从一扇敞开的门到另一扇敞开的门/ 一直走到冷冷清清的六月/ 走到属于放浪者的夜里。

给我一块夜的碎片吧/ 只要它足以包住我们的眼睛。

当世界一片漆黑/ 黑得象老蜈蚣的后背/ 水也深得发黑/ 所有的光被吞入/ 甚至足以吞没整个太阳。

你还会狠狠地挖掘/ 每一块煤中贮存的太阳吗?/ 你还会让黑眼睛发出/ 萤火虫一样的冷光吗?

你可以击碎石头/ 但你无法掩饰裂缝/

地热,正裹着汹涌的报复/ 从裂缝缓缓挤出。

把这扇门关上/ 让想来的在此回头/ 让想走的永远绝望/

痛苦发酵,沸腾/ 痛苦象被敌敌畏喷中的蜈蚣。

刀中的光,映出砺石的纹路/ 象指纹一样永恒/ 而刀,只是悲哀地听着/ 从耳边吹过的一阵风。

那只空心的玻璃杯/ 骤然收缩/ 但是,一声或许要震耳欲聋的破碎声/ 被无形的绞索勒住/ 只发出乌龟临死前的吱的一声。

直到一种声音占据了这个六月/ 直到六月象海里的章鱼张开肉须/ 直到所有的哭泣声象浪花飞溅/ 直到火盆里的炭火烤焦了/ 六月的根。

六月,是梦游者的六月/ 我们买票进入/ 尘埃满地的六月/ 遍地是六月的碎片/ 零零落落。

所有从六月盗窃的财物/ 在废墟中躲藏/ 六月的石榴树/ 枝叶疯狂。

在六月,太阳孤独得象一个椰子/ 夜被腌干,晾晒在高高的椰树上/

I am in thep process of translating it into English to express my personal solidarity to victims of Orlandor shooting.

According to one media report I read, Shooter's father said, 'this has nothing to do with Islam!'. Do I believe him? Usually father knows his son the best, yes?

Yet it has everything to do with religion and identity politics. What is identity politics? A friend of mine on WeChat asked. She believed it's the failure of American Foreign policy that come to haunt all of us, living in America.

This Sunday, I heard Sermon of 2 Samuel 11:26-12:10, 13-15. It was hard for me to take in the message:

King David said to prophet Nathan, "I have sinned against the Lord." Nathan said to David, "Now the Lord has put away your sin; you shall not die. Nevertheless, because by this deed you have utterly scorned the Lord, the child that is born to you shall die."

This is the God of Old Testament. Then Christians have the new Testament, God send his very own son to die for all others' sin ... Identity Poltics started RIGHT THERE !

Do we have Identity Politics in China? How many of you remember our fable 为虎作伥 ?Not just the idiom but the whole story and how it has blend into people's psyche ?

Can you spot the Tiger in Orlando shooting? Is it Foreign Policy? Is it Islamic Belief? Is it the Father, is it the son? Why gay club?

I am trying to explain the whole story 为虎作伥 to an American friend... On the first hearing, he said, 'As always, your story makes utterly no sense to me... All those ghosts cried for Tiger when it was killed by a righteous and courageous young person in the end ? ' ... After a second and third reading and our dialogue developed, he exclaimed, "If you ask me, I would say, the Tiger in Orlando shooting is THE prevailing 'American Value'!

I was surprised by his conclusion. How could it be? What is prevailing American value? Gun ownership? Freedom of speech and freedom of love the same sex lead to freedom of shooting people? As my friend protested, the shooter could very well start his rampage right in the Disneyland. If there is prevailing values, is there hidden values that I know nothing about, having lived in my adopted country close to a quarter of century? What those protected values pointing to? A set of inalienable rights and more perfect union of all men, under one God? Does it take an American to know American value and its downside of it? Does it take a Christian to know Christ's salvation ? Does it take a Muslim to propogate Peace at the border of Afganistan and Pakistan, as the father believed?

I'll leave the question to you all. What is the Tiger in the most recent shooting in Orlando. And if the shooter shoots 49 tigers, do you think his sin would be less or more in the Creator's eye? And if my American friend believed that Tiger is 'prevailing American value', I would propse that Tiger is 普遍的思想僵化. We get used to allow our representatives, politicians to direct our life with other people more than we CAN grant the benefit of doubt to other way of life, no matter how alien that other way of life is to our own upbringing and our own patterns of thoughts, and mostly our own fear of living a life without much meaning in it.

Thank you for reading.

9 Jun 2016 (updated 14 Jun 2016 at 14:18 UTC) »

Ritual to read to each other
by William Stafford

If you don't know the kind of person I am
and I don't know the kind of person you are
a pattern that others made may prevail in the
and following the wrong god home we may miss
our star.

For there is many a small betrayal in the mind,
a shrug that lets the fragile sequence break
sending with shouts the horrible errors of
storming out to play through the broken dike.

And as elephants parade holding each
elephant's tail,
but if one wanders the circus won't find the

I call it cruel and maybe the root of all cruelty
to know what occurs but not recognize the fact.

And so I appeal to a voice, to something
a remote important region in all who talk:
though we could fool each other, we should
lest the parade of our mutual life get lost in the

For it is important that awake people be awake,
or a breaking line may discourage them back to
the signals we give — yes or no, or maybe —
should be clear: the darkness around us is deep.

The Ritual to Read to each other




所有信誓旦旦的人 是非多寡 务必言从心镜:
世道的苍凉 众生奈其何。
( 叶子 译 June 2016)

Do not go gentle into that good night
Dylon Thomas







(高晓松 译)

Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night
Dylan Thomas

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
Because their words had forked no lightning they
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
Do not go gentle into that good night.

Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

And you, my father, there on that sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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