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I spend most of my time with a day job (was programming, then mostly controls engineering and IS-type computer work, back to programming agin!) and with my family on off hours. But, I try to fit free software in where I can. I'm a GNOME user, who occaisionally submits bug reports and patches.


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Eclectic Amateur is not entirely fallow, but posting is infrequent (weekly, when I'm lucky), and less Eclectic than I'd hoped -- it's been too much on the current SNAFUs of the Episcopal Church and less on everything else.


... is good. Work is busy, which in the current economy is A Good Thing™.


MichaelCrawford, while I do think there are some very troubling problems in the USA that the "War on Terror" has exacerbated, here are some points to consider:

Suppose George Bush loses the upcoming election. Do you think he will cede power?

Oh boy. Not to rehash 2000 in great detail, but (1) the local officials on the ground in Florida, plus most of the Florida Supreme Court were Democrats, and (2) the SCOTUS ruling was not "for" Geo. W., it was against the Florida SC making up election rules not addressed by the legislature ex post facto. This was not a defeat for the rule of law.

So yes, if George Bush loses the 2004 election, I fully anticipate that we will see a new President. You may not believe he won, but I think he does. And we are not so far gone in this country that a President can simply refuse to step down.

I am very fortunate to have married a citizen of another country so that I can be sponsored as an immigrant in a safe haven. I've been in what I hope to be my new permanent home of Canada for a couple of months now ... Even though I have fled to another country where the rule of law still applies...

No offense (and I know that you have some very good personal reasons to emmigrate to Canada, so I don't begrudge you that), but have you considered that Canada may not be a "safe haven"? And not because of the big bad neighbor to the south, either. From my observations, Canada is further along to a soft totalitarianism which abandons the rule of law than the USA is. Don't let your anger at GWB blind you to the possibility that you're moving from the frying pan into the fire.

25 Jun 2003 (updated 28 Feb 2005 at 14:45 UTC) »

A year and a half with no Advogato entries? How pathetic. In the meantime, I've experimented with running my own blog, Eclectic Amateur, although that's gone mostly fallow. Amazing how Real Life™ just keeps getting in the way. (Also amazing: the search strings that bring people to a blog with "amateur" in it's title.)

I had the pleasure of meeting MichaelCrawford in person while he was in the area for MacHack. It was a more than fair trade; I grilled steak for Mike and got to pick his brain about all things hacking and consulting-related. And he was most gracious about the entropy zone that is our house with four small children.

Job changes continue. I am now out of data-mangling for websites and am back into embedded systems. This time, they're automotive and aerospace instead of telecom.


I've done squat with GtkGlArea; happily I've abdicated that responsibility.

Spent some time learning (and trying to write about) gcov and gprof. Good tools, but severely lacking in the fit-and-polish department compared to what I'm used to from proprietary equivalents. My theory is that the folks who understand gcov/gprof enough to improve them have so thoroughly imprinted on their existing use/limitation that there's no "itch" to make them better.

On the positive side, I found a bug in the glib test execution via coverage analysis and even got a minor credit on the latest glib release!

I've also become a local (behind the firewall) GForge administrator. I like GForge, but I'm finding there's a bit of a learning curve on using it effectively and customizing it for local use. But I'm still happy with its potential for good use.


Do not hate hard work nor despise farming, for the Most High has established them.
-- Sirach 7:15


It figures. I'm starting to grow my hair pointy enough at work that I don't get to do much code anymore. But hey, there's always free software, right?

So I (foolishly) let jlof know that I'll take over maintainership of GtkGlArea for him, figuring that this will get me to dig into OpenGL and Gtk2 code getting it ported to the new Gtk+.

In reality, I end up doing administrative work while someone else goes ahead and does the port anyway. :^/

I guess I'm doomed for management. jfleck is right, once you start taking leadership roles it's hard to actually do the work yourself anymore.


Is busy.


It continues. It's busy. :)


It begins again. :) I have gotten the Linux box running again, so there's some hope. OpenCASCADE 4.0 is out, and I finally bought a book on OpenGL and tried my first demos. Wahoo!

Not that AutoDesk has anything to be worried about yet ...

But at least I'm trying to not let all programming skills atrophy.


Reducing my Win32 GTK+ work to the status of "useless, redundant, and irrellevant," someone has created a whiz-bang, no-brainer compile script whilst I was banging my head against a wall trying to figure out the steps. Some days, it just doesn't pay. At least I got the learning experience out of it (and a working MinGW).


School must start, soon! :)

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