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Publicly funded "art" should be Free and copyleft.

I just saw dkg's: Publicly-funded knowledge should be public

and so I decided to post this idea here first even before writing it up for my main blog.

If the public is paying for it, the public should have guaranteed rights to it. One would think this would be self evident to people but that seems not to be the case.


Well, I saw the google repository announcement the other day and I had been wondering whre to put my soundwall/cartwall app and quickly made a project there to try things out:

dRSoundWall Home

Enjoy. Improve.


9 Nov 2005 (updated 9 Nov 2005 at 01:17 UTC) »


I am taking part in this year's NaNoWriMo again this year. (I took part in last year's as well.

I am posting my work daily here:

under a creative commons by-sa license if anyone is interested.


The BS LUG support project is now underway. (BS = Bahamas)

Presented short talk at the LUG meetinig on Saturday night. Several people seem interested and should be putting up pictures as well.

We shall see how it all proceeds and if there are any sales of the stuff on lulu. I need to start playing around with my pricing to see how that affects things.

The BS LUG support project is now underway. (BS = Bahamas)

Other LUG members are interested and there will be a short talk on this at thhe next BS LUG meeting this Saturday.

It will be interesting to see how this turns out.


Damian and I discussed a way for the bslug ( ) to earn a little money for lug projects.

In this regard, I need to get moving and start work on ccprocess again. (ccprocess is a little script for preparing images for posting to certain web sites. It changes their sizes, rotates if necessary, and adds copyright or other text to the image metadata.)

I will put a tarball up somewhere and post a link when I get it to a slightly more useful state.

I will post the idea for raising lug money when we roll out in case other lugs or individuals wish to give it a shot.


From here:

I went here:

and then here:

Surfing the glass.

I don't think I have an ofb account and I don't feel like signing up for yet another account. I guess I will put this here.

I too am behind the GPL. Recent calls for its end are misguided in my humble opinion. That said, I think there is a different problem with the QT dual license than the one Eric addresses.

The problem I see (it may in fact be solved and I am just ignorant of the solution implemented) is that Q cannot take outside contributions without a problem or implementing a fix. So far, I only see one fix and am unaware of it being implemented.

The problem is that in order to accept outside fixes, the outside party must give them something of value for no charge, or they must pay the outside party or give the outside party an interest. This could lead to less contributions from outside parties and slow progress.

Of course, this issue arises wherever the project requires copyrights be assigned regardless of a dual license or only GPL license. It may just be more obvious or offensive to the third parties in the case of a dual license.

If this is unclear, I will try and refine at a later time.


Well, I have been playing with radio stuff again.

I have rivendell working. With jack. Playing with darkice and ices(2) and streaming to peercast or to icecast and letting peercast rebroadcast that.

Trying to solve the metadata issue. I can get metadata updates if I go to icecast->peercast, but then the player (xmms) closes on each metadata update - ouch.

If I go straight to peercast, I get no metadata for the stream at all.

Too many late nights recently. Shutting down now.


In keeping with my last entry...

Can we find a way to have a similar outcome even under existing laws.

I think the default should perhaps be something like CC BY-SA without the BY. Only for unmarked works mind you.

Had a discussion with someone over on /. as seen here:

Not sure it went anywhere though.

Just had a thought this morning that I want to remember.

I was reading a post somewhere talking of the previous opt-in copyright system (in the US?) versus the current opt-out system and how we need to go back to the opt-in system.

Off the top, I agreed with the sentiments. I mean, if you can't be bothered to put a copyright notice on your work, shouldn't it be public domain?

But, my brain can take some odd twists sometimes. While driving to the supermarket to get some milk (the shelves were bare) I had anotehr idea. What if we keep the present opt-out system with a key modification...

Unless otherwise stated, all works are automatically copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. Could be GPL for programs.

How would that change things? Would it be better for the average Joe? Or worse?

I need to think some more on this matter. If it would make things better, how can we move in that direction?

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