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7 Jul 2005 (updated 7 Jul 2005 at 22:27 UTC) »
    London bombed

Strength to the London people, or how do you say that well in English.
I think the terrorists made a mistake, Londoners have proven very resilient before, in WWII.

Who are these muslim terrorists?
Yesterday I read in the newspaper that they call people like me a "kufar".
And that they do not wish me dead, they wish me muslim.
It's nearly a thousand years since the crusades, for God's sake!

Should I use their open source software? Or contribute to it? Make my software available to them?

titus, your rating is "1", meaning that I have to follow the link "entries suppressed at threshold 3" to see your diary postings.

Why does titus have such a low rating, somebody voting 0 all the time?

Just found out I can now post articles. Hmm, let's try one. <duck/>

I have a Windows laptop and I "upgraded" to XP service pack 2 and now my browser (Internet Explorer) blocks popups. Hurray. But hey, it also blocks the Google Ads (the IE block-bar calls it "active content") on the pages I visit.
That makes me think.
Are we going to see a war online between Microsoft and Google? Enjoy!

Nice to see this site back. I wonder how much people this site lost because of the problems it had.
And let's see if I am still in the suppressed threshold, however that is supposed to be calculated.

Work is now about using XML for encoding formulas, and transforming them according to derivation rules. MathML seems ideal, but turned out to be cumbersome to work with.

Oh, this is "suppressed at threshold 3". It is (1). Did it get a default 1 when the system certified these entries to Apprentice? And how is it supposed to go up if nobody can read anything because of the threshold suppression?

Some people are writing blogs on Advogato about general topics, but recently I turned to the opinion that you should only, or at least mostly, write about your open-source projects at Advogato. So I will try not to write anymore about politics, science in general, or personal things. Unfortunately that means there is nothing to write now since I have not been working much on my open-source projects for various reasons. One reason is that I have to do so much "serious" work, you know what I mean. Another is that some of the projects have reached a stage where a boring programming task at hand. And perhaps the most important reason is that I just can't find the right people to join a project. Working alone on open-source is a thing to avoid to my opinion. You need another project team member who is willing to read your source code (Python in my case) and who preferably has a more or less the same programming style as you do; somebody to discuss things with; somebody who can test your ideas; somebody who can keep you from diving into something silly; and most important of all somebody to join the fun with, to share the proud feeling when you've created something that works.
Oh well, enough serious work to do.

30 Apr 2004 (updated 30 Apr 2004 at 12:56 UTC) »

Added some of my projects to my publicly accessible page.
If you are a Python programmer, help is wanted on projects RML, wspace and webrogue. Especially on webrogue, if you know for example how to install/run mod_python on sourceforge.

20 Mar 2004 (updated 20 Mar 2004 at 09:11 UTC) »
xml2aml and aml2xml

Here is an online version of a simple tool that transforms XML into something more readable, useful for presentations and the like. Do not expect it to work with XML features like processing instructions and outside entity references, sometimes they work and sometimes they don't, depending on the xml parser on your system. The goal was to be able to have a better usable format for examples consisting of just elements and attributes.

First of all I am totally disgusted by the attack on Madrid. Don't know how to do something about it, support the Spanish, write about it, buy Spanish wine, whatever.

I decided not to put here a big anti-arab and anti-terrorist rant I wrote. But things here in Europe are starting to look grim. In the USA you don't have that many arab people, but in Europe it is really running out of control. There is a *huge* difference in culture.

Back to software development etc.

via Martin Fowler to a Ruby library for XML.

There is this example from Java
for (Enumeration e=parent.getChildren(); e.hasMoreElements(); ) { Element child = (Element)e.nextElement(); // Do something with child }

and then a Ruby evangelist writes that in Ruby it is so much better because it is

parent.each_child{ |child| # Do something with child }

and then there is "Can't you feel the peace and contentment in this block of code?. Ruby is the language Buddha would have programmed in."

Talk about a difference in culture. If Ruby is still for you then you are very different from me.

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