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Well, today was quite hot outside. It was 71-75F until 2pm, then around 3-4 temperatures hit 81-82F. Certain body parts hated me all day while I subjected them to punishment walking in that weather with khaki pants on. =)

Ok, seriously... I've successfully ported the tabbed Konqueror code by hanley@kde.org to KDE 3.0 for the FreeBSD packages. In fact the patch I generated based on his commit applied flawlessly... that was really easy. Unfortunately, KDE won't be releasing a version with this new feature until 3.1 (which is about 3 months away, correct me if I'm mistaken ;).. and that was my justification for doing this. It's easy, it's a great feature, so why not? :)

Since I've already let 2 weeks pass... I've decided to commit the Qt/KDE 3 ports to the FreeBSD tree tomorrow night around 8:35pm, after my last exam before finals. Then FreeBSD will see its Qt/KDE v1 ports and everything related to them disappear. I for one won't be missing them, especially given the Qt/KDE 3 goodies. :-)

I received a letter in the mail from Verisign. "Gee, I wonder what this is about", I said. "They do domains and SSL certs, but I have neither business with them." So I opened the letter and discovered that my domain name, firepipe.net, is up for renewal. "Wow, how nice of them to spend 34c to tell me!" Next to the notice, I see "Reply by: May 15, 2002" and below that I see "Renewal Rate: $29 annually per domain name". WTF?? First of all, my registrar is NOT Verisign! Second of all, May 15 is 4 full months before my domain actually expires! Third, there are more domain name providers who can lease my domain at less than half this price! *grumble* *crumple*crumple* *throw* *thud* Stupid marketing crap.

Joe Karthauser sent me mail telling me he'd gotten closer to fixing the DSB650TX problem. He'd found a place in if_aue.c where some of the information relating to the interface was passed even if it hadn't been filled in. This change went in with whitespace changes... oops. But apparently it's still not fixed yet. :-\

I'll probably call Sun tomorrow and demand that they ship my new IDPROM same-day. Grrr. ;*{

15 Apr 2002 (updated 15 Apr 2002 at 01:52 UTC) »

Ok another update for today. I've finished the second generation of KDE 3.0 packages for FreeBSD. Please see the KDE/FreeBSD homepage for more information about that. There's a few bugs fixed and a KOffice package. :-)

Additionally, for those of you with Sony Vaio laptops, I have merged the driver for the Sony Programmable I/O Controller (spic(4)) driver, which supports the Jogdial, to FreeBSD 4.5-STABLE. Also, moused(8) supports reading from this device. The device will be released with 4.6-RELEASE. I've also MFC'd the little bits of code to the USB stack which support some additional USB ethernet devices, including my 2nd generation D-Link DSB650TX NIC, which is now happily operating on my laptop router. Whee.

I also submitted the WDM Xinerama patch I did for the FreeBSD WDM port to Debian, after testing a slight modification which basically adds --with-xinerama support. Eric Gillespie did that part. Check out the bug report that I submitted.

Sun hasn't gotten back to me yet. Grrrr. ;<

Ok, it's been almost a week since my last diary entry. Allow me to summarize that week. First, I had a big EE 201: Linear Circuit Analysis exam on Thursday. I spent a large portion of my week studying for that exam. And at some point I also called Sun and managed to get a case number for my IDPROM problem. Thing is, they still haven't gotten back to me to sort out this issue. :\

The laptop router.. after a few days, I gave up trying to debug the USB ethernet problem. I realized on Thursday night I could install FreeBSD -stable on my formerly-Windows partition and use that to do the routing, as a stopgap for my machines' lack of internet. So I did that last night and the laptop router is happily humming away... Now I can get back to work. :-) I took the opportunity after a long hard week to play Counterstrike again. That's such a great way to get rid of stress.

Tonight I also worked on getting the various patches reported by KDE/FreeBSD 3.0 packages users. I merged a fix for kdeprint's configure.in, a fix for KDM, and a fix for the missing emptydir stuff. In a few hours we should know if these bugs are fixed for sure.

Time for sleep...

Well I just spent a weekend trying to get my nice new hardware working. Thanks to a FreeBSD user, I received a 40GB ATA100 Maxtor drive which I am using in my new Sun Blade 100, which also got an infusion of 512MB additional ECC PC133 SDRAM for a total of 640MB. But after all that trouble I went to, I discover some time later that the IDPROM contents became invalid. Great. So I scampered all over the net looking for how to rewrite the ether & hostid info into the IDPROM. Doesn't seem like there's any way, even though the machine is brand spanking new directly from Sun. So it seems I'll have to call them tomorrow and get a new IDPROM shipped to me, probably. Ethernet device *seems* ok, as I config'd the ethernet address in solaris and was able to get pinging and stuff.

Then the laptop router I'm trying to setup. I got the USB ethernet device (D-Link DSB-650TX which works with FreeBSD's aue(4) driver) last Tuesday. I'd been putting off trying to actually get it working due to lack of time. Finally, on Friday I go to try it, and what do I find out? The kernel panics if I try to ifconfig it, with the March 31 -current. So I updated to the latest kernel only to find out that it panics as soon as aue0 tries to attach.. before the kernel can even call init(8). So I talk to Joe Karthauser, the guy who's been doing the recent merges from NetBSD and OpenBSD and find out the scoop. Seems neither of us atm can figure out how to get useful dumps when this happens. I guess I'll have to leave this for later.

Due to all that, I think it will be at least a few more days before I commit the KDE 3.0 ports for FreeBSD. I'm not really getting very much useful feedback on those anyway. It would be nice if more people tested the packages. Sigh. Oh well. Time to get lunch now...

5 Apr 2002 (updated 5 Apr 2002 at 12:18 UTC) »

Ok from initial field reports, it seems the I18N packages I produced on April 3 are good to go. I'm currently uploading them to master.kde.org for international testing. 49 languages.. with Svensk being the largest of them all. I think that we can thank KrazyKiwi for that. ;-)

Oh by the way, I will NOT commit ports for these packages until at least the weekend.. I need to fix some issues with them before I let the rest of the world try to build them and send me bogus build problems. Thanks for your understanding.

I keep forgetting to say this, but: most of the certifications made below are about 2 years old... I've learned a lot in that time, needless to say.

KrazyKiwi and frerich pointed out to me that the KDE I18N packages really oughta be done too. So I'm doing them now. My build system seems to have finished 26 of the 49 that we're gonna ship for FreeBSD for KDE 3.0, with more on the way... I also intend to get KOffice 1.1.1 (KDE3 API port) done this weekend sometime. Then maybe commit the ports, but I might save that for next week or weekend... need to avoid compile problems.. :)

Waldo Bastian also told me to feel free to update the master copy of the FreeBSD packages on master.kde.org myself, so I'll probably use that route and keep the packages there up-to-date. Good thing too.. they'll probably have a slew of bugfixes after a week or two...

Whee, KDE 3.0 looks to rock the world. Too bad the packages I'm currently uploading to master.kde.org aren't totally awesome... mainly my fault since I never could find enough time to work on them. So umm, they're kinda rushed. Of course, now that they'll be in the release announcement I'll be able to fix the bugs in them faster. At this time, though, the release hasn't been announced by KDE yet.

I wonder when imp is gonna have HostAP code ready for FreeBSD, 'cause I'm dying to test it on my laptop router. :)

Hmm.. it's almost 1am and I have an 8:30am class.. better get some sleep now. 'Night.

Oh yeah, and one more thing.. NO MORE APRIL FOOL'S DAY PLEASE!! :(

The Slashdot stories are so obvious it's taken the fun out of the day, at least for me. ;\

Well today I managed to dodge sleepiness to get through an exam. *sigh*

I've been charged with getting the XFree86 4.2.0 packages for FreeBSD in line for the upcoming 5.0-DP1, for which the final package build is supposed to start in about 4 hours from now. Sigh. Just a few more issues to take care of and it'd be all ready. Now if only KDE would build. Silly binutils... 8)

Speaking of KDE.. I've also been charged with getting 3.0 packages ready for FreeBSD for tomorrow's release. I finally fixed a few more bugs in the build system and it's now doing kdelibs... properly, I think. We'll see how far it gets after this round.

I've finally updated my entry on Advogato at Leimy's badgering. Things have changed quite a lot since I last posted here, so I'll just let the summary speak for itself. Suffice it to say there's way too much to go over so I'm not gonna bother, and will just post more stuff here for now.

I'm still Vice President at the Purdue IEEE Computer Society, which hosts my KDE/FreeBSD Project homepage and its mailing lists.

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