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I'm a 24 year old Computer Science student from the not-so-sunny northwest of Spain. I'm part of the founders of GPUL, a local LUG. We've done some things, like bringing here Rik Van Riel here to give a few conferences, and we ourselves gave a few conferences on several Linux / Open Source related topics in our faculty. We're looking forward to do something more this year.

I'm also involved in the TRASNO project, the official Galician Translation Project.

And besides, I'm a recent Debian member :-) Haven't done any of my duties yet, anyway - I'll try to accomplish them one of these days.

I chose the handle "wannabe" because that's my actual situation: There's a lot of things that I "wannabe", but there's really nothing I can claim myself as a "hacker" by now. Maybe some day.

Interests not related to computers: playing guitar, listening to music (quite a ecclectic kind of it), reading fantasy books (Tolkien and such), learning new languages.

Status: Currently single and easily available ;-)

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My father's computer got a virus. Argh. Guess who's going to have to fix it? Yep. (After two hours of boring work) "I-Worm.MTX". Nice thing. I'm lucky AVP could disinfect it ':-)

Quite work in Yang today. I've added the feature of having a "map" file, so you don't have to run the program every time you want to send a group to a different address. I'm going to test it well, because it's one of the main features of the program. I mean, it's going to be one of the most used ... if someone uses it at all :-) I didn't yet upload it O:-) I was trying to put it on my tripod page, but it seems that I've lost my password r:-) So I'll try to put it in GPUL's ftp one of these days.

BTW, having a good sleep is great :-)

Sorry. I know I told you I would do a page for Yang, and some more things, but I just couldn't do it O:-) I had to drive my father to Xinzo de Limia, a town at approx. 150km from my house - and you couldn't believe how hard those 150km are: the weather was dreadful. A lot of rain (the car even slipped once =:-m) and wind (about 100km/h, the radio said), and the road is not the best in the world.

But all that was worth, because I saw one of the most beautiful things that you can see in these lands: the "Torre da Forxa" ("Tower of the Forge"). You see it when you go to the town, because that's a tower that's sit on the top of a little rocky hill. The rest of the land is very flat (it was a lagoon before), and so the tower seems to be there watching all the land. My english really limits what I want to say :-)

I thought that this tower was built in the middle ages, because that's what it looks like. But I was wrong: I asked in the local IRC channel (#xinzo) and there the guys told me that this tower, and two more that were built at the same time, are ... from the roman times! (yes, the Rome of Nero and Caesar) :-) And it's very well conserved, I must say. The guys in #xinzo told me that the tower forms part of a trio of them that were built in the roman times to watch the lands; they were communicated among them, though I don't know how r:-m

<plug>These are the times when I really love living here in Galicia :-) If you'd like to know more, you can visit the govt. page or, to get a more and less hyped result, try to ssearch "Galicia" in any search engine. Or you can mail me, but be warned: you can receive too much if you do that, I can be very passionate when speaking about these things O:-) (as this text shows :-D)</plug>

Nothing more done today. I was really tired when I got home. I don't know how the lorry drivers do, because if I had to drive all day ... well, I think I just couldn't do that r:-) Maybe tomorrow I'll do some useful thing.

Today, jacobo will tell you about his JamLibPHP. He's very happy with its results, so don't let him down and tell him something pretty about it. Come on. He'll be so glad if you do that ... :-) ;-D

Being a little more serious: today I tried to install OpenBSD as I did before, but this time things got a little uglier: I almost lose my /home and "misc stuff" partitions =:-m Nasty. I knew that having 12 partitions in a 2GB hard drive wasn't a good idea :-)

Other things: I'm stuck with Yang, the news-mail gate. There's a few decisions that I have to make and that have not much relation to implementation, but to "general behaviour" of the program. I don't know yet how I'm going to do, but it doesn't seem to be a hard issue. I'll put a web page of it, I'll really do it :-) It's just that I feel a little afraid. Well, it has to be done so I'll try to do it tomorrow. Hey, maybe the program would be useful to someone :-m :-)

Besides, jacobo is really taking seriously his approach, and is making a lot of progress. And I love competition }:-) It turns me on, if you know what I mean %-) It's not that we're making two similar programs, but we're making programs to get the same goal. Which will be good, very good, if we both finish them and people use them. This drivel won't make any sense for you if you don't know what's Fidonet, anyway :-) Just ignore all this rant :-)

And to finish ... yeeessss, my usual rant about danish :-) I know you all love it, that's why I do it };-) Today I did nothing but looking a bit the danish grammar ... and taking the decision of not making another doc from the scratch. I wanted to do another "learnDanish-HOWTO", as I told several days before, but I think that I'm only going to "patch" the translation that a guy called "tsca" did. It's a great job, but it lacks IMHO a few more things about prepositions and conjunctions. Besides, I want to add many things that I learned using kanikus doc. So I'll write the guy and ask him for permission. That's what Open Source is about, isn't it? :-)

Sorry for the delay O:-)

Ok. What's up with you, danish people? I mean I'm roaming every danish IRC channel that I find and people is always in complete silence there! :-) I guess it happens the same in every channel of every IRC server, but it's very frustrating when you want some help :-)

The danish learning thing keeps going. I think I already told you that I found I great danish grammar - in danish. So, for the while I'm only trying to find someone that helps me a little with some of the many words I don't understand r:-) I don't want to write again Kenneth for the moment, because I think I already "abused" him too much O:-) I'm already subscribed to sslug-misc, so I'll write and ask for help there. I'm sure the results will be much more successful than with IRC :-)

Not much more to tell these days. Nytår festivities and so on. I'm getting too old for those things. Maybe when my life gets back to the "non-ashaming" state I'll enjoy them ;-)

Oh, a funny thing: I joined a "Linux-OS/2" mailing list :-) The subject is about people that used OS/2 and now is trying Linux. Quite instructive, it's a new point of view - but since I used OS/2 myself, I don't think I can change my opinion of it anyway. The thing that I find most amusing is when some of them tells me: "Hey, we now have Gimp|Perl5.6|any-other-linux-program in OS/2!". Great, people. If you're going to port everything to OS/2, why use OS/2? :-m :-) Good people, anyway. Maybe I can bring some of them to the Good Side :-)

27 Dec 2000 (updated 27 Dec 2000 at 23:44 UTC) »

Today I finally did a kind of alpha testing of the fidonet to news to mail gate that I'm planning. And it worked :-) Now I've got to do some real testing with it: feeding it with lotsa articles and so on. But anyway, it's a good start :-) I found some more people in IRC doing things alike. It's great that there's such a "movement" in this field. The problem is that everyone is doing it in his own way O:-)

It's getting harder to learn new things in danish :-/ I subscribed to SSLUG's "misc" mailing list, but it seems that nobody wrote today :-m Weird. Anyway, it's Xmas; so maybe in a few days the mails begin to appear. I'm thinking in "parking" danish for a while and dedicate my efforts to swedish or norwegian: they're very similar and maybe there's more active people in IRC ;-) Poor Kenneth must be fed up with my mails O:-) Tilgive mig, Kenneth :-) Today I'll look for a sslug-related channel in IRC. I'm sure there is one, though ... well, GPUL hasn't got one, maybe SSLUG hasn't either :-m

My short holiday ended. Today I've started again to study (there are exams in ... argh! three weeks! =:-m), and that will keep me a little from the other things I'd like to do. Not very much really, because if I said I studied so much that I didn't anything else I'd be lying O:-)

And what else? :-m I think that's all, today has been more of a TV watching day. Understand me: I hadn't seen "Antz" :-) And there's nothing more comforting to me that watching a good movie while having breakfast. Hey, there are people that like wearing black lingery; I'm not that weird ;-P

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