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10 Jan 2003 (updated 10 Jan 2003 at 22:39 UTC) »

I just created this account. Feels kinda weird, but I'll get used to it. I've been working on an evil plotter to get to print. After that I gotta work on the backup policy. Using Lunar-Linux, it should shave at lest 45% of the time versus using our 2K Server PDC (which has Exchange, NAV, and ISA) which takes about 12 hours to backup 40GB from 4 seperate machines. I'm thinking about making a quick network calculator to calculate what a theoritical (spelled right?) speed would be on a LAN. I realize that there are different types of network media, but it would be nice. I've googled around for about 5 minutes. I found an intersting site http://www.visiongraphics-inc.com/visionlink/tutorial.html which has allot of different ypes of connections, but those are for internet not intranet. I could always do the math by hand, but I'm not in the mood right now. Perhaps later tonight I'll write a quick java script.

Still having troubles with plotter. *sigh* The paper also seems to be jamming up occasionally as well. I hope that we aren't going to have to buy a new one soon. That's another thing on my massive list of todo's I really don't want to add. After lunch, I'm lazy and sleepy for about an hour. I'm going to give up on the plotter for now and work on the linux box.

I think I'm going to get some more samba configs going. Perhaps when I do my proposal to goto Linux for our file servers, I will be able to get some other special things done as well. Printing a PDF file would be nice, I saw it on the Samba maillist. I'm gonna go investigate that for a while.

*** 30 minutes before end of work *** I've been chatting a good amount today and have ran across some interesting facts. 1.) There are smart people in this world. 2.) There are stupid people in this world. 3.) Channel bonding is not what I want.

My goals are as follows: A computer named datasrv. This computer will fullfill the following goals: Print PDF files. Backup to tape every other night. Host roughly 40-85 gb of data. 2 (or more) NIC's for increased bandwidth. (although other PC's will have only one QoS may be my best bet). 50-60 users. samba for file sharing and pdf support. MySQL/PHP for storage of codekeys, software info etc.

For some reason I feel obligate to talk about only Linux here. heh, even though 70% of my work is Windows xx. (9x, ME, 2K, XP... why doesn't management want to be unifed and get a stable os. I would much rather everyone be on 2K/XP than ME/9X anything.)

I am still wondering how managment became management. They don't even realize where they are wasting there money at but only assume where it is. If they see one thing go wrong, that must be where it's all happening. IE: Internet Usage. I am pretty much the police on it. I hate that. I found a really nice guy looking for a new job, now I gotta report him. If I don't, there is a chance I am being setup. If I do, he may loose his job. Then again, I'm not supposed to be his guardian angel. What to do? heh, management bought a $20,000 computer using Windows... about 75-80% of the costs is only software. This saddens me to see this. I wonder if Linux will be desktop capable in the next year or eyar and a half. If so, then I might have a fighting chance. Otherwise, MS may release something that may (although unlikely) sell my boss. My boss believes the Gates is god becuase he made a universial OS. I believe that while Bill Gates did do an excellent job and getting everyone to buy their software, they are failing to make standards. Linux still lacks one thing, ease of use. I know that there are many distro's out there, like Red Hat, that claim to be extremly easy. However, to install and configure things is very difficult to the average user versus clickety click click. If Linux wants to make it, they must change thier target audience from guru's to grannies, until then, MS will run. Linux must also offer a way to use both MS software and Linux software easily (I'm well aware of WINE, but get WINE running AutoCad easily) and must also offer a war to transition between MS and Linux. Duel boot. Not many people like sudden change.

grr, I got a headache now. My keyboard is too loud. *whack* *whack* *tap* *tap*. 4:38PM... anytime now.. almost time to bail. I may enter more later on tonight. Maybe...

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