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Just saw another community of diaries. They're the artists' of a record label called Discipline Global Mobile, founded by Robert Fripp. He also leads the band(s) of musicians called King Crimson. Awesome music, to say the least.
The diaries helps the artists keep in touch with each other, since they are scattered across the world. There are some interesting things in Fripp's diary about Napster, the music industry's greed, The The, &c.

Heartbreak Hotel (performed by Elvis Presley)
Well, since my baby left me,
I found a new place to dwell.
It's down at the end of lonely street
at Heartbreak Hotel.

You make me so lonely baby, I get so lonely, I get so lonely I could die.


and try this one as well:

One Time / King Crimson
one eye goes laughing, 
one eye goes crying 
through the trials and trying of one life 
one hand is tied, 
one step gets behind 
in one breath we're dying  

i've been waiting for the sun to come up waiting for the showers to stop waiting for the penny to drop one time and i've been standing in a cloud of plans standing on the shifting sands hoping for an open hand one time

Lately, I'm seeing beautiful girls everywhere I go. Something has changed. Changes accelerating. It could be just the summer fashions, though. Nah.

Tried out glade. Fastest 2M I ever created. Not to mention the 2000% size increase in the executable (11k - > 246k).

Of course most open source projects fail to attract contributers. Such projects only succeed if they become mainstream. Otherwise, the original (and usually solitary) developer reaches the plateau where the effort outweighs the benefit (and enthusiasm) of adding new features of fixing non-critical bugs (IOW, making a stable release).

Saw the movie American History X again last night. Highly recommended for story and directing. I noticed a discontinuity in the scene where Danny is thrown against the bathroom stall: at first you see the roll of papers in his hand flying to the floor, and then it's suddenly back in his hand. One line stuck in my head: "Has anything you've done made your life better?"

I gather from the shortage of, that "duplicate-file-finders" are not the popular item I hold them to be. After writing some delphi apps years ago (when version 3 was brand new), and reviewing them now, I see that: a) My version of a CD player with CDDB support still works with current servers and still kicks ass in interface (which means I did something right), b) My version of a duplicate file finder also rocks (it can even find truncated zip files), even though it's near-sighted logic prevents it from finding more than a pair of duplicates. :)

I'm currently writing my version of a duplicate file finder for Linux. Actually, the text back-end version is finished and works perfectly (it even decides when to do md5 sums and when to do binary comparisons to minimize HD I/O bottlenecking (patent pending! ;)). Anyway, what I am working on is a gooey GUI front-end. I just finished the GTK+ tutorial and am about to have a go at CList, and see what can be done with it (it can accept widgets as items and colors for each line, so that's already better than the hacking you have to do to win32 list types).

Anyone else out theres makes xmms run "xmessage -center -default okay -timeout 5 %s" at every song change? It's cool.

After a sporadic pointer bug, I've finally come up with a stable version of a duplicate file finder. It uses standard shell tools so I'm proud of that. It also takes 50-66% of the time a similar tool (fdupes) needs to do the job.

Next project: xjig - understand and update. I believe this game is very underrated and neglected. It should be as ubiquitous as klondike or tapei.

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