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It is interesting that the computer as yet, produce the paperless office. It has only produced more paper in the form of receipts and tickets. Well, I am not going to tell you about my idea, but it is a good one, where the paperless office can be achieved at
99.9% success rate with multi-backed up documents and secure data storage mechanisms using mirroring.

Advocato is nothing more than bird feather preening. Awful place.

The GPL is a silly viral document that should be discontinued and no longer allowed to be used for licensing of software. Berkley licenses are better, and better to read and understand by the end user.

Differential quadratic gravimetric timesheer equation for faster than light speeds:
E = ((m*d*r^2)*c^2),
Forthwit the amount of fuel, distance, relative constrants... though a stellar medium, and some would calculate the drag of the matter of the intersteller and gravity well soup. Life, Technology, Pleasure, Preservation. LVPP. Predictive AI with digital cameras, will create a Variable Time-scope to see into the future. If I stand in the room, the most likely outcome is I leave the room or stay in the room. 50/50 chance plus modifiers, if the machine knows me enough. A Pre-Plotted course requires a very good navigational map and is necessary to cross the distances at super-luminary speeds when the blue/red shifted light image of on coming objects is not to be relied upon. Flying blind and dead-reckoned is not recommended, because you will be sure as dead.

poem2death to the burucrats.. and their lackeys, amrica burn in all seven hells
of the universe,the sky is turnin red.
bleeding of the earth, for i be freed!
rise up of the communist, the mind of jesus!!
down goes the capitialist of greed.
the coder of the mind, are you the devel?
the devel of objects, of life itself?
raise of china, the sun.
spread the stars, across the nacht sky, magnitude
bright bright of stone. thus they have shown upon me face,
I scream upon thee, message the angel, hark I see
the times.. spread the cosmos before me. bended knee!
psychosis is a wonderful state of mind for the artist
the ideas shall flow, the artwork will imprint upon the eye.
roll in the grave of thought, the immaterial soul.
the great mystry.

include \ai_npc\ai_npc.inc
include \ai_npc\brain.inc

life proc far
call cs:senses_probe ; update environment variables
call cs:memorymanager
call cs:amigula ; movement commands
call cs:feed
call cs:poop
call cs:ofthewild ; :-)
mov ax, cs:alive
or ax, ax
jnz itsalive
life endp
main proc far
call cs:life
call dosexit
main endp
May well, end up with it in assembly instead of c++.

Seti@Home is the search for identi-data and signals from lifeforms big an small.
The study of astronomy is the search for life, and study of anthropology is the study of the lifeforms' evolution and biology, its ways of living in the their culture. The suggestion I have is what are OUR plans for the discovery of intelligent life? Are we going to build that erst while vessel to go there and start the invasion from Europe all over again? Or is it better to become technological/Biological gods and stitch the planet and solar system together so the wonderful planet known as Earth will survive.

Creationism, or how to be a god, or to play one. You need 2ft of string, 2 batteries,
1 flashlight, The square root of a cat, Times your age to the power of two, Times your mass, Divided by the delta-vee of a chicken flying at extreme velocity.


stories and methodoligies of the judge, juries and executioners. what they say sticks, and all judgements are done behind closed doors and the convicted are not free to refute the facts levied against said "prisoner" of the system. The people onthe utside that call 911 are the ones that have the control. And refusal to take medication will put you in the position of strap down and 72hr hold for the experience of a needle into the buttocks. So you best cooperate and take the pills, "poison", against ones better judgement. The prisoner patient of the california mental heath system should have total control of what poisons they are allowed to take and also be in total control of their final "discharge". Alas, end up in lock down... or a adult access facility... loosly translated.

Latest file release of NX-DOS has been uploaded to sourceforge.net. [download here]

These people, Caifornians, are just deperate human beings that society "the family and system" cast away because the are deemed unworthy. It is the human species way of aborting the unwanted by leaving them to the wills of the cruel system. It should not be illegal to pan handle with out undo durest to the parties involved. Btw, California law makes homelessness illegal and they end up in psych hospitals and ruined buy the system.

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