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Someone just pointed out to me that what I had here was pathetically out of date, so let's update it a bit....

Right now I'm working on the Debian IA-64 and hppa ports. There, I'll keep it simple so it won't become out of date so fast :-)


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Welp, it's been almost half a year since my last entry. Wow...

Lately I've been working mostly on debian-installer stuff. For the most part, I've been hacking cdebconf, an implementation of the Debian Configuration Management system in C. Besides space savings, it also has some interesting features and possibilities. It's starting to become minimally useful, though there is still much work to be done.

On other fronts I've been doing some work on the Debian HPPA and IA64 ports. They are not nearly end-user quality yet, but are progressing nicely. On the HPPA side I'm mostly observing, though I have a lot of interest in learning PA-RISC assembly and have been doing some asm routines for the hppa kernel port. On the IA64 side bdale and I managed to get Debian booting natively after bootstrapping builds off of a chroot inside a TurboLinux build. We are looking at getting a set of stable glibc/toolchain packages before we start buliding packages en masse.

heard from a few people about my previous diary entry, which made it into the salon article. it's good to know people still care despite all the ranting that goes on sometimes (some of which i've mentioned in previous postings here).


got my newpkgs script working again finally. stupid typos..... i need to figure out a better way to get that info. right now it is very hackish.... it's one of those projects i keep on telling myself i'd get to, but never do. *sigh*

spent some time working with joey and culus yesterday to speed up dpkg-preconfigure. found out that forking is terribly expensive, despite some things i have previously read. we ended up speeding it up about 3x with inprocess unpacking of the config/template stuff, but the program that is used to do it is about 36k after various optimizations. g++ really sucks when it comes to dealing with templates. culus has an idea that we should just make a non-templatized string class and link all our stuff against it. maybe i'll give that a shot this weekend.

Today is a sad day for Debian. It is odd how you can feel you know someone as a friend, and yet have never met that person in the flesh. To our friend, who will remain unnamed for a few more days... you shall always be remembered as a part of what some people (quite aptly, perhaps) call the most dysfunctional family there can be. We may quarrel, but we all share a passion for the cause. We shall all miss you.

Long weekends are awesome, although I tend to just end up sitting home and not doing much. Saw _The Patriot_ the other day. It was all right, but at some points it seems to drag on and on. _Independence Day_ was definitely a better Jul4 movie.

Anthony helped me set up xcin so now I can practise typing in Chinese. Figure it's a good way to (re-)learn mandarin. I am really interested in learning all sorts of new languages, but without using it on a day to day basis it's so easy to forget.

gtk capt continues to go well. I checked out stormpkg yesterday. They have some interesting ideas which ltd and I hope to incorporate into capt. My biggest complaint for stormpkg is it's huge memory usage (15-18M). It's great though to see that there are finally some nice packaging tool frontends available for Debian. More experienced users will probably stick to the command-line tools, but the UI's definitely have their place.

Related to this, I finally managed to complete my build-dependency patches for apt. Now if Culus would just release it.....

the gtk capt work is going well. i think we can probably release it in a couple more weeks. there are still a lot of rough edges, but most of them should be easy to fix.... hm..

my employer makes people sign these waivers to work on opensource projects. i finally did one today. really wonder how legally enforcable their restrictions are. it really irks me that a company can regulate what i do on my free time though.

seems like i might be heading back to cornell in september. that should be fun.

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