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need to try out chinese input setup on natty running WindowMaker

147.--Paul Claudel to André Gide

Frankfurt, 22nd March 1913.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your sympathy. No, my poor father did not confess before he died. It makes me full of remorse. Had I come earlier, perhaps I could have persuaded him to do his duty, as he manifestly intended to have done. I hope that God will have given him credit for this good impulse, but I remain in the most terrible uncertainty about his final destiny. It is difficult to endure the thought of Hell, when one is face to face with it, and one's own father's fate is in question. Yet these mysteries are very near to us; how little separates us from death, and from that moment of terrible hesitation when the heart stops and the soul takes its departure! My mother has returned to her traditional faith. As for my sister Camille, I have just taken her into a nursing home. So you see that I have been having a bad time.

Yes, the manuscript arrived safely.

Thank you again. I grasp your hand,

9 Aug 2011 (updated 9 Aug 2011 at 18:50 UTC) »

Aug 9th, 2011. sending a package to Peter with two books and other things.
'The trouble with testosterone and other essays on the biology of the human predicament" by Robert M. Sapolsky.
"Reinventing the Sacred - a new view of science, reason and religion' by stuart A. Kauffman

noted berend's entry about eee PC transformer. acquired one as my first android OS device. hasn't figured out its advantage over iPod touch yet.

NJ murder
charge and a vital polling
, celebrating
Valentine’s Day.

《牧丹亭》 汤显祖 (1550-1616)

Adoration knows not how and when it is seeded.
Once it sprouts, it has a life of its own and knows no bounds
Living touches death, death becomes so alive.
If what lives can not accompany what is dead,
and what is dead can not reseed and do loving thee
both have not reached the fullness of one cosmic breath

Lovers of the dream, why it has to be not real?
it is not like this world is devoid of dreamers. so why not?
NJ murder charge and a vital polling, celebrating Valentine’s Day

* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bayesian_inference
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naive_Bayes_classifier
* http://www.lbreyer.com/gpl.html

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6. How do you see alternatives to relational databases, like XML and OO databases, or Prevayler?

We don ' t see them; -)

Truly, the relational data model is a wonderful innovation, and it would be an absolute disaster to replace it with flawed persistence technologies like XMLDBs or OODBMS. Fortunately, that simply won ' t happen, since there is simply no industry interest or momentum behind either.

Technologies like OODBMS sacrifice sound, application technology agnostic data management for sort-term convenience (convenience for one single application, written using one particular programming language). Relational technology essentially completely replaced network or hierarchical database technology, and there were excellent reasons why that happened. We should most certainly not be reviving either of those discredited approaches by slapping on the latest buzzwords (OO, XML, etc) as window dressing.

7. Are there any changes you would like to see in the JDBC API to make Hibernate better and faster?

It would be great to be able to batch together different SQL statements using the JDBC batch update API (at present, you can only batch multiple parameter sets for the same statement).

However, rather than seeing many new features in JDBC, I would be incredibly happy if vendors would simply provide complete, reliable implementations of the features that are already there in JDBC 3. It ' s actually quite disgraceful how broken the JDBC drivers of certain big-name RDBMS vendors are. They don ' t seem to care. 9. Do you foresee the upcoming release of EJB3 reducing the need for Hibernate? Are there any benefits of using both, like in a BMP environment?

EJB 3.0 is a specification. Hibernate will be an implementation of that specification. So you can use both at the same time; -) Alternatively, we intend that some people, who don ' t care about standards as much, will continue to use Hibernate-specific APIs, especially for functionality that is not yet standardized by JSR-220.

10. Could you tell us about what ' s new in Hibernate 3, and the benefits these changes will bring to users?

The biggest, most innovative new thing is the support for parameterized " filters ". This feature let ' s you see an object graph that is just a subset of the total data in the database. This is incredibly useful when dealing with temporal, versioned, regional, or permissioned data. In fact, I expect that most business domains have usecases for this feature and that it will soon be considered an indispensable feature of Hibernate.

We have done a huge amount of work on adding greater mapping flexibility, to support more complex (or even broken) relational models. This takes the form of a number of small new features, that are really most significant when taken together. Hibernate is now able to handle just about any crazy thing you are likely to find in a legacy database.

In addition, it is now possible to override any SQL statement that Hibernate generates with your own hand-written SQL. This gives your DBA the freedom to hand-tune the SQL when necessary.

Some further major changes in Hibernate3 were designed to align us more closely with JSR-220.

Finally, we put a huge amount of thought into what small changes we could make that would make Hibernate easier to use for beginners. Hopefully that will reduce the incidence of certain FAQs in the Hibernate forum!

11. How about Metadata in Java 5.0? Do you have plans to support it? It is a real alternative to hbm.xml?

Absolutely! Emmanuel Bernard is working on implementing the EJB 3.0 ORM metadata for Hibernate, and adding Hibernate-specific extensions.

We ' ve seen how many people like to use XDoclet annotations to express their Hibernate mappings, and so I ' m quite certain that even more people will feel comfortable using JSR-175 annotations.

In fact, I fully expect that this will be the most common way to use ORM in the future.

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To read: file sharing between Mac iTune & your own iPhone apps


How to install FDT 3 in Eclipse?

If you would rather have FDT as part of your existing Eclipse environment, follow these instructions:

1. Install Eclipse (www.eclipse.org) 2. Open Eclipse 3. Select "Help->Software Updates->Find and install..." 4. Select "Search for new features to install" and press next 5. Press "New Remote Site..." 6. Insert FDT into Name and "http://fdt.powerflasher.com/update/" into URL 7. Press finish



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watching eclipse 4 on live.eclipse.org started 11am EDT speaker Boris Bokowski. Recording will be posted at http://live.eclipse.org/node/935.

MY particular interest in Eclipse platform is to use JyDT to import Weblogic Scripting Tool and WebSphere Jython Scripting environment for networking monitoring and troubleshoot...

* evaluating JyDT for Eclipse

* importing WLST (Weblogic Script Tool) as a Jython module

* WLST and security modules

* continue playing with OVM 2.2 weblogic server created from off-the-shelf template. How to customize and replicate VM weblogic server?

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