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16 Nov 2000 (updated 16 Nov 2000 at 17:06 UTC) »

Lately I've been doing documentation at work on the web server improvements I've made. So nothing really exciting is going on there.

I've been helping Joe out with the testing of spinwebd by installing it on the suso.org webserver. It's working like a charm after we made a few tweeks. I think I'm going to modify the program though so that it forks away from the shell instead of having to background it manually.

Last night I nearly finished up a program I've been working on that will send suso.org user's accounts invoices to them automatically each month. This will help me out a great deal so that I don't have to spend so much time doing these administrative things. Now I just need to get more users.

So I'm posting this diary entry for two reasons. One is to let everyone know that I'm back from visiting Seattle and I think it rocks there and two because I'm testing out Chris Dent's Diary Sucker program which he may release soon.

Deb Richardson posted something in her diary about needing PHP4.0 RPMs. I had already built some for Kiva and so I modified them a bit so that they would be better suited for public consumption. If you're interested, the RPMs are available at http://suso.org/programs/net/php-rpms/.

I've been rather down lately because I've been lonely and feeling a bit depressed. I'm really getting tired of the midwest and want to go someplace else. I think part of the reason things have gotten so bad is because of all the Microsoft shit I've had to put up with lately like Frontpage extensions issues and just today I had to deal with someone's Internet Explorer not recognizing the wildcard SSL certificate that we use for internal Kiva stuff.

Appearently Microsoft has officially stated at some point somewhere that they don't like the idea of wildcard SSL certificates. I find that stupid because they are very useful and can make securing lots of web services at an ISP more practical. Oh fucking well.

Ironically enough I'm going to be taking vacation at the end of this month in Seattle. I'm going out there because I have a friend that works for Boeing and he likes it out there. Maybe if I'm fond enough of the place I'll head out there too.

26 Sep 2000 (updated 26 Sep 2000 at 00:29 UTC) »

Well, the new webservers at Kiva were brought online last Thursday morning and all in all things were successful. As it was to be expected there were some bugs that showed up in the design and also some things that we hadn't prepared for. I feel so relieved now and don't know what to do with my extra time. ;-)

There is a good article up on the main advogato page right now by eskimoses about Computer Science vs. Computer Programming. I think he makes some good points that we should put more craftmanship into this art that we all love. I have definately been inspired to take more time with software I write for the community. I've also been tempted from time to time to pickup one of Donald E. Knuth's fine books.

On the way back from my parent's house last night I was thinking that I need to change something about my life that will make things more interesting. I thought that it might be interesting if I could not tell a lie from now on. Not that I tell lies all the time and I don't mean that I'd constantly volunteer the truth. But sometimes you're likely to lie about something because you're protecting something or someones feelings. Like when you say "No, you're not fat." I think I'm just going to say exactly what I think and if it gets me into trouble well wouldn't that just be ironic. :-)

No big news yet. I have been doing a TON of preparing for bringing our new webservers online at Kiva Networking, where I work. Once I have some time, I'm going to put up a document at Systhug detailing the webserver setup we've designed to allow for a lot of cool features. Hopefully this information will be useful to other ISPs. We were also able to get Frontpage extensions working with RedHat's Secure Web Server(which they claimed impossible).

A bunch of us from Kiva went out last night to celebrate Joe Bowman's 21st birthday. Be sure to send him an email and wish him a happy birthday. He now knows the joys of Cinnamon Schnapps. ;-)

2 Sep 2000 (updated 2 Sep 2000 at 22:26 UTC) »

Randomsig has been coming along quite nicely. I haven't made the next version release yet and I think to keep things on the semi-beta side I'm going to release version 1.9 instead of 2.0. Writing randomsig has helped me learn a ton of extra useful Perl tricks and things that I can now use when I start back up on news2html development, which will happen soon since I'm so inspired to code lately.

Later that afternoon

Randomsig 1.9 has been released. YEA!!!! Uh, I think I'll go take a break now. :-)

I think I'm going to try to post a diary entry here more often since this advogato place is snowballing. This weekend I've been spending a lot of time improving my randomsig program. I think I'm going to release version 2.0 tommorow.

I recently released a newer design for the suso.org website. I wanted to play more on the Side Scrolling Technology which, if I didn't invent, I at least coined the term. I don't think people are really understanding the whole idea of SST. It's not that I just want to do something different. It's also about making sure we're not just vertical. If you think about it, too many things on the computer have been vertically oriented. The mouse wheel, page up/down keys and also the NAME=#location tags that you use on a webpage for moving around on the same page don't work right on a side scrolling site.

This should not be since sometime in the future websites may be restricted from astetic growth because of such limitations in browser and interface technologies.

But alas, it's not the first(or probably the last) time that people fail to understand me.

I've started development on news2html back up and have added some new features and fixed some syntax problems. I'm not going to make a version release just yet because I'd like to add at least one major feature like "article threading" or "multiple group support". Using a lay-z-boy or other fine recliner to plop down in front of your workstation while you hack away at code really helps me out.

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