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Since I don't have to be back at school until January 3rd, it is time to write some code. I want to write a "Bachelor shopping list." This program is for people who discover food packages they like at a market. Then they could record what it is and where they got it and when it is a good choice.

For example I bought something called Chicken Minestrone from Bertolli. It is frozen from Trader Joe market. I did not know until after I tried it, if I would like it. After I did, I want to remember it. So a program that can hold the camera phone picture of the package and info about where I got it would be ideal.

I keep planning to go to a conference or computer expo and demonstrate writing a full application using Erdialog in under 30 minutes. But I am afraid if I tried, the Hubris Gremlin would sabotage it. OK, I will start coding now!

5 Apr 2011 (updated 5 Apr 2011 at 23:14 UTC) »

Working on new language production software for talk for: Worldcomp 2011

Using metaphor of a spreadsheet metaphor [3]. The active matrix can be equated to a column in a spreadsheet while future potential matrices can be seen as additional columns. Each component that is part of the communication can be represented as a cell in the column. The active matrix is updated in response to a match between input with potential matrices.

The software system is broken down into modules to handle aspects of the task. Mod- ules will process the submitted cues and send out requests for matches. Each possible match will be returned by a module and kept in a buffer until the stopclock tics down. Better matches will continue to be sent to the buffer until the timer runs down. Once the timer runs down, a kill message will be sent to all remaining modules to stop the searching. Each possible match that reaches the buffer will be compared by quality with the previous match of this series. The better match will be retained while the other will be discarded. After the timer runs out the successful match will be moved to the top of the queue for subsequent searches.

A psuedocode version is:

process input from user interface (1)
begin timer stopwatch based on active column value (2)
perform search on 1st column in queue (3)
until at least one element matches
continue search for additional matches
return success if at least one match occurred
repeat search on succeeding columns until out (4)
of columns or timer runs down
When timer runs out (5)
if at least one successful column was returned, make it active
if no successful column returned, do not change active
if active was changed return sentence (6)
prepare to process new input (1)

Added process list viewing for ERDialog and Erlang statement entry page. http://erdialog.sourceforge.net

Need to make some progress on the poster topic of language production by co-operating modules. Have less than 1 month!

Working on Erlang for my Web Framework. ERDialog is a simple web framework for small home projects. http://erdialog.sourceforge.net You need Erlang, a web browser and the Erlang Yaws program to use it. Can load applets like calculators, graphics views, MPD clients and text viewers. Have come back to working on it during this summer break from school.

Working on a poster:
Modeling building blocks for language production and processing

This paper describes the design and implementation of software that models an aspect of language use. This software postulates that human linguistic activities can be treated as modules that can be assembled and joined together. This model represents activity of modules in the production of language behaviors. The model asserts these modules interpret sensory data and respond with language behaviors. This paper seeks to offer a unified model to explain language production and processing. The software demonstrates elements that are added and fulfill language needs. The model also expresses the coexistence of multiple modules that will interact and support each other. While this model does not offer a complete solution to all language use, it presents indications that language processing can be modeled computationally. Future work will be suggested to build on the model. ASIC Conference

My paper "Process Algebra Modeling of Human Communication" has been accepted to 2009 World Congress in Computer Science in July in Las Vegas

My paper has the idea of using process algebra and mathematical tools to model human communication for research http://www.worldacademyofscience.org/

WORLDCOMP'09 - The 2009 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing

If you are interested a draft is at: http://superant.livejournal.com/

Working on rwdtinker. This Ruby web gui framework has lots of applets now. music playing, text editing, gif showing, etc. http://rubyforge.org/projects/rwdapplications/

Need to get more translating done. Would like to have Japanese translation.

Have been using Compendium for the last few weeks. http://compendium.open.ac.uk/

I find it, for me, the best concept mapper, mind mapper. But, I hesitate to fire it up each day. It seems like such a big app. It is like launching the space shuttle. And I kind of lose my place in the different nodes of the maps I have going. I have a daily node, for my daily diary and notes. I have a ToDo node for the things I want to remember to get to. I have several Ruby programming nodes. I have an ebook node, local harddisk file node, contact phone and email node, and a book writing node.

I love the way it works and the reports it can generate. But perhaps its beatiful graphical layout is a drawback also? So it occured to me to take the limited text forms of rwdtinker to make a concept mapper. I will call it a Dialog Mapper. I am not sure of the exact program logic, But the idea is simple, I think. Record links and connections between ideas and information. Be able to find the ideas and trace forward and backward between links. Be able to output the information in useful ways.

This is a mashup between wikis, outliners, mind mapping and harddisk directories.

Look for the rwddialogmapper coming soon at http://rubyforge.org/projects/rwdapplications/

2 Sep 2008 (updated 2 Nov 2008 at 11:49 UTC) »

working on rwdtinker.


The idea of this ruby project is to build simple web forms to communicate with programs.

I have always had concerns about gui code interspersed with program logic. It is difficult to read someone elses program. And it is hard to port. With so much attention to MVC now, I think program construction is moving in the right direction.

I first worked on rwdtinker when ruby on rails was first being developed. It is a small simple gui system for those quick projects you need to get working in a few minutes. RwdTinker is meant for personal use on your own computer. Say you want to write a quick program to track movies you watched. It should only take a few minutes to handle gui portion.

Tinker was my wife's idea for the name. It is useful for tinkering together programs.

I have been so busy with ruby tinker coding I haven't read the book I picked up from the library. Null-A Continuum by John C. Wright. This is a modern update of the old World of Null-A books by A.E. Van Vogt based on General Semantics.

Poster presentation in Hamilton Island at the end of July.

ISBA 2008 (9th World Conference of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis) (ISBA) http://www.isba2008.sci.qut.edu.au/

my poster title is:
"Rule Tables for Animal Response"

Flying from Los Angeles on July 18

In this presentation I propose a model for calculating animal choices using rule tables that includes high levels of uncertainty.

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