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Ok, I realize I haven't posted anything in a long time. First, please don't classify me as Journeyer, as I dont deserve this certification at this time. Second, let's go over the important events which have occured at this time:

* I've been hired by a startup UNIX oriented company, doing system administration on their Linux system (so far I am the only one dedicated to that position). I don't want to disclose the details at this point, will do so later - as soon as we expand.

* Obtained another system to do development. A single Pentium II 350 system, with a super micro sp6ba motherboard and 128MB sdram. Runs mozilla without any trouble, but no running Mozilla was not the reason for me obtaining this system. Plan to do some serious development on it, going to work a bit with Postgress over the summer.

* Did some experiments with assembly. You should too ;-) Visit http://www.linuxassembly.org for more information.

* On a personal note, I just moved into a brand new house. Setting up a very nice office there and have placed an order for Covad/Firstworld DSL. Once the broadband connection is available, all my web related waste of disk space will be available again.

And once again, I emphasize, please put me back as an apprentice, I have not contributed enough to be counted as a journeyer.

Vacation is on its way. Introduced aaronl to FIX. Setup a mirror of my page at people.fix.no/strlen. Did some configuration of NFS and got to learning Python.

With the help of some FIXers, I have created a new word: dot-communism. Un American dot-communists can also be reffered to as dot-commies.

Upgraded to Debian 2.2. Very nice. Now with glibc 2.1. Some things seem to work faster, although that may be just an illusion. Now with glibc 2.1 I have given a try to Mozilla M14 (Netscape 6 PR1 would segfault on me upon startup and they are not that much different I have heard) and it's very nice (although I confess I posted this entry from regular Netscape).

Yes, I decided to catch up with the broadband revolution by ordering installation of @Home cable (which is a temprorary solution before moving into a new house and getting DSL). Finished a round of standardized testing at school and vacation has arrived. Hacking time.

Recently purchased a 17 inch monitor. Now I am running 1152x864 @ 16bpp. Works well for me. Can have a Netscape and several terminal windows open. Looking forwards to switching from Netscape to Mozilla. Also played a bit with Abi Word, once it attains a capability to work with tables (or does the CVS version already do that?) I will switch to it full-time from Corel Word Perfect.

Shame on myself for not posting a diary entry in such a long time. In the time since I have posted a diary entry, I have worked a lot on my .Xdefaults (to get *ugh* Motif) applications to look decent, accelerated the teaching of myself of PHP through doing some examples and have began working on a little Perl script, to handle `stamping` of images (for use with webcam scripts and such). I'll get this and my .Xdefaults up later. Oh yes, I've also done some work on my webpage, making it simpler and more informative.

In the days leading up to today I have:

* Redone my homepage yet another time.
* Renamed my P233 from 'alex` to `nebula`
* Redone many things in my .Xdefaults
* Played around with PHP

and of course:
* Worked a bit on the secret project.

Currently I am looking forward to upgrade my P233 (need to add more ram and may be get a different case).

In the time since I last wrote an entry I have:

* Done significant work on my project. Found some sample source to base my future developments on. No, I can't tell what the project is about.

* Refined my .Xdefaults. Now switched the color scheme to black on white. Looks really nice. I use with the sawmill window manager with Absolute-E theme and GNOME with lucidasans-10 font and default theme.

* Switched to zsh. Zsh is a cool shell. Check it out at http://www.zsh.org

I have done some minor changes to my Linux-on-Compaq-1274- laptops howto, implementing a table of contents. I have also done some C++ studying, learning more about class inheritance. I also read some code, related to my "secret project".

On a personal note, I've spent most part of the day studying for school final exams.

Got back from school, after French final. Did some work on one of my secret project. Also worked a bit on small Perl scripts, which I am writing to learn how CGI works. Also, hacked up a quick vimrc. Feel free to download it at http://strlen.net/files/dot.vimrc. My .bashrc and .muttrc could also be found at http://strlen.net/files/.

Just wrote a simple guide on getting a laptop such as mine (Compaq 1274) to work in Linux -- available at http://strlen.net/compaq1274.html

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