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20 Nov 2000 (updated 20 Nov 2000 at 05:55 UTC) »

Got a new job. It's great. Getting paid for doing what I do as a hobby.

aaronl: Don't rant about the obvious. Better yet get hacking on Open NAP, you have the skills obviously.

NetBSD 1.5_Beta2: Greatly done. Open SSH is awesome, disklabel sifts out the faint of hearted and everthing else plain rocks. Currently running on a half broken packard-bell (ugh!) machine as a file server. Got a sys admin job :-)

Please ignore my idea on kupsd. I can probably read the voltage difference (I believe that's how UPS transmits its data) using the /dev/interface already there, and there's no need to put something into the kernel space twice. Perhaps some sort of a daemon, which keeps the UPS informative in a /var/upstat file? Or may be even a small ups manager device, which allows you to control the UPS through SNMP? These are just thoughts. Any present projects which deal with APC UPS's?

Yes, I decided to move my main diary here to advogato, so I can keep it more development focused and perhaps post any other news directly on the strlen.net site.

mettw: Koenigsburg is now in Russian control (since the end of the World War II) and is called Kaliningrad.

Moved my diary to strlen.net/news. Now written using some modified PHP code, I took from Torfinn Nome. Ask me if you want my modified source, although source Torfinn provided is readable and easy to modify.

Played a bit with Linux kernel modules. Found out that writing modules for the kernel-space is not hard at all. Wrote a module which creates /proc/foo. Source at strlen.net/foo.c. Thinking of getting more information on how my UPS works and writing a loadable module for that also. kupsd would certainly sound nice. I tried getting data from my UPS (which is connected via a serial port) using minicom, on what is sent to the systems when power is out for example, but no such luck. It's an APC Smart-UPS 420.

Installed OpenBSD on my Sparc. Works well, openssh is very usable. Played a little bit with OpenSSL as well. CVSUP works well under SunOS emulation, with which I've played a while too.

decklin: Thanks for the fonts advice you have sent me via e-mail. Talking about fonts, X has been getting better and better. I am strong aesthetic and will not tolerate a Helvetica-12-Bold font or bold version of fixed and before gtk-themes were there I always modified the source to every gtk application to parse my .gtkrc, while everyone else was complaining about gtk's uglyness.

Again, I seem to have submitted to sawfish. Now I've found a theme to suit me, zen theme on themes.org, since all it has a border around the window, no title bar etc.. Very nice and space-saving. Worked a bit more with my emacs configuration. Tried xemacs shortly, but gave it up for gnu-emacs. Loop is finally here for the DSL connection, so I can expect DSL pretty soon. Made some provisions for payment of a second IP address, which I will dedicated to my Sparc.

Really thinking of learning more Python. Python looks neat and high level. BUILD Linux pre-view release is out, grab it. It even includes a script I've contributed in Perl (Hey at least I didnt something usefull). Watched The Matrix on VHS.

Let's see.. I redid my website, located now at http://www.fix.no. Added configuration file parsing to my MySQL project. Still needed is a web based interface and some debugging on my behalf.

Weather has been getting nicer, although as I am writing this message I am still quite sweaty. After all my adventures with Sawfish, I have again returned to Window Maker. Nothing beats its consistent interface. Tommorow going to do some simple hacking on its source, to change the default icons. Postfix is good for your health.

Doing backups at work and playing a lot of Chuck Yeager's air combat. Should limit myself in that area. DSL should be here in few days - at least the loop.

Haven't written an entry yesterday.. Lazyness gets me. So let's see. Yesterday I've compiled a new kernel and made fstab records at work, setup Postfix at home.


Woke up at 7:19 and got up at around that time. Hung out with a friend of mine untill 12:30, then spent some time on FIX and played a bit of flight sim. After I finish this entry, I'll guess I'll work on my website and do some work with MySQL.

School has ended, did surprisingly well on most my finals, especially Chemistry,History and French. DSL is still not here and I have no expectations that the covad / pacbell people will be there any time soon. Got some new furniture, put it toghether with help of my dad. Now i have a nice cherry-finished computer table, book shelf, and laptop (later to be writing) table. Obtained a NetGear (now Bay Networks), 10/100 hub: now I can run VNC across the network.

Weather is un-tolerable. Ever since May 17'th, its been over 35 degrees (centigrade of course) daily. Air conditioner fails to reach the up stairs. Probably will obtain a certain cooler.

Wasted a night, downloaded and installed Helix Code. Works nice, please thank Hans Petter for fixing bold-overstrike in gnome terminal (this actually makes it usable now). Spend some time working again on my .emacs, and got an IRC friend of mine (artwiz), to do a logo for me (it's show on his site).

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