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I tend to be pragmatic, always thinking about how I would actually use what I'm working on, and am more interested in realistic application scenarios than completely abstract usage.

Currently I spend most of my time in Java-space. I like it, well enough, but I'd prefer to spend more time cuddling up to E.

I'm mostly a fan of linux, but am really a fan of *BSD, too bad it has shitty termcap (I need my perty mutt screens) and lacks good java support.

I've come a long way from writing assembly code for the z80 using table- driven cross assemblers in DOS 5.

Not really, I still have a DOS5 machine and write asm on it every once in a while.


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I've moved my weblog over to salad with steve.

22 Oct 2001 (updated 22 Oct 2001 at 23:56 UTC) »

I finally saw Delicatessen this weekend and when I get a preliminary version of geekbooks running, I'll write a review and paste the link.

Speaking of geekbooks, I acheived the following this weekend:

  • I have an intermediate schema for Books, Music, Film.
  • I have some of the relationships for people, ratings, and the above three tables.
  • Some ideas for where hotspots will lie. (Of course, this never works out the way anybody thinks it will, I won't know where the hotspots are until after I profile)
  • brandon wiley and I spent some time arguing about the rating metrics with useful output.
  • The beginnings of an RDF dump of implicit metadata [1]
  • Moved from Tomcat to Jetty.

[1]: implicit metadata means metadata not for it's own sake. It's a psychological issue really. Tell people they're creating metadata, and Cory Doctorow's paper on the straw-man of metadata comes to life, but allow people to give their opinion wherever they choose and you suddenly have a much better pool of not-quite-but-can-be-translated-into metadata.

Spent a few hours fighting with the runhprof profiler under Java 1.3 before bondolo reminded me that 1.3 was foobar. Luckily I had a 1.3.1 tarball in CVS and my HotSpot VM Exceptions went away.

Spent some time today writing my schema for geekbooks, as well as playing with Postgres 7.1 on OpenBSD. It's surprisingly fast on a celeron 366, which is the only spare database machine I have laying around after since my first postgres/oracle box died and my second one is holding a production database.

I've been re-reading some chapters from Doug Lea's masterful 'Concurrent Programming in Java' If you've never read it, drop everyhing; sell your house, your kids, your wife and buy this book.

I forgot what a good song 'I am the owl' is. Plastic Surgery Disasters is easily my favorite DK album.

13 Oct 2001 (updated 13 Oct 2001 at 23:16 UTC) »

mod_hash is flying along now that I figured out some of mod_python's less than documented features. Luckily I've done enough with Apache modules that it wasn't too difficult to figure out what was up. Woe be the newbie who attempt to hack at the gates of mod_python... Well, woe be to any newbie who attempts to write an apache module in any language..

I saw Mulholland Dr. last night. I hated it when I left the theater until parts of the movie started to unravel in my head, now I'm not sure if I hate it or not. Lynch needs some new techniques.

gah, I hate being woken up early on a Saturday.

Update: Wow, I actually deleted josh@mreeefs's email to the bluesky list from my mailbox. I so rarely delete any email (even spam) that this warrants mention. MREEEEEEEEE josh, you ignorant jack-off.

Recent events with TinyBlog have reminded me of why I like XP so much. I didn't use it on this project, thinking my project was too small to need any methodology besides good sense. But even projects of less than a thousand lines of code have a real use for certain XP processes, mostly Unit Testing. Luckily Python 2.1 has a unit testing framework built-in (import unittest), which I stupidly didn't use.

I have some big ideas for v2.0, and so I think I'll spend a few days rewriting TB to use unit testing.

Thanks to _azure for helping me clean up the codebase.

Geesh, freshmeat has been super slow on putting my release post up on their front-page.

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