18 Feb 2004 sri   » (Journeyer)

It seems like forever since I've written anything. I don't write because I'm kind of busy or something comes up. Dunno why that is. If I get disciplined enough to blog something every a couple of days, I know I'm getting somewhere. Look out this is going to be a long one.

Rhythmbox: Well, more work has gone into trying to merge the statusbar. This required lots of staring at rb code, staring at libbonoboui examples/tests trying to find the magic that will allow me to pack widgets into the bonobo statusbar. I finally was able to do that after much time. Yes, I'm scarred by bonobo. :-) It's sort of sad, as gnome was supposed to use bonobo but people are unwilling to help in general, the documentation is poor with missing APIs because nobody wants to do the documentation. Thats a problem. If it was more documented I think it would be used more. If I use something I'll stick in some documentation for it. Documentation is your friend. In any case, this going through the pain has kind of helped in developing some neato features like dynamic content popup. Currently it's fixed, and I'd like to add tooltips that will tell you what the next song is or what the previous song is. I tried to do this before but got stopped. Now I got some clue packets(tm) coming to me baby!

Gnome-Summary: Work goes slowly in trying to get translations and summary into shape. There are a lot of other plans as well. We sent out a call for volunteers to help and got 11 people signed up to help us out with gnome summary. Thats a lot of people! I am hoping that I can send some of them to Shaun McCance as he really needs developers to help him with yelp and I'm afraid he'll burn out at his current rate.

Lot of them know XSLT so there can be some real benefit there. Shaun, Danilo, and it looks like Marielo are tackling how to get docbook more translation friendly. G-S needs this in order to have multiple translations. We are thinking of going with a new css stylesheet in order to handle the translations. But no idea how to plan the infrastructure. I'm going to let Shaun and Danilo figure that part out since they look like they have a good base with the xml2po tool.

With this we will also start seeing hopefully a gnome newsletter type thing. Now, before people starts talking about footnotes and duplication. NO! There won't be any. Footnotes is like slashdot, it does not generate news it only reports it. Also, the newsletter will go out to a much larger audience rather than just gnome people.

Remember, we're talking about marketing and getting the GNOME buzz outside our community so that we can grow it. While we've been doing interviews and what not in summary it's not really the right format (eg it's a summary).

Anyways, how we do it will probably something similar to how g-s is being done. More later. We have another person added to our g-s team, and he's got some great ideas along with Jim Hodapp on creating some cool ideas that involve aspects of GNOME that we don't think about. There's some serious creative juices flowing here and I can't wait to see what they can do!

Danilo: I don't know where we picked him up, but this guy absolutely rocks! He's always there to lend a hand and is always looking out for the translators and translating issues. He's done a lot for g-s in trying to get it translated and out, writing a tool extract text so it can be translated. We need more Danilos. Thanks man, you're a gem of a person. So there's my fanboy for this week. :-)

Gnome: I'm looking forward to OSCON '04. I sent in my petition to do a presentation there. Although I confess I'm nervous. I'll have many of my peers in the GNOME community there and I want to make sure I make a presentation that doesn't suck. I'll probably have nightmares. (especially since I suck at being in the spotlight)

Anyways, It's over a use case study of how GNOME can help get shit done (tm). I haven't quite written up the presentation, as I didn't get permission to go until the very day the abstracts were due. I sent the abstracts today. I'm also planning on setting up a GNOME booth. This time, I'll make sure that everything is done at least two months in advance. Last time, 1 month wasn't enough because everybody was busy with GUADEC and I wasn't able to get a hold of anybody.

Kuru: Thats my cat's name, actually it's kitkat, but we got so many names for the critter, it just changes constantly. He doesn't care it's not like he responds to any of the names. :-) He's the big love in our lives. It's nice to come home to a loving animal it's a nice feeling.

Work: It's been alright, because of how things are with less people, and new hires going to the asian countries things have become more political. This causes a lot of stress because we spend more time farting around with people instead of just getting shit done. I've become fed up myself with the lack of strong leadership and direction. I'm half minded to start a coupe. Since I'm sure I can probably do it better than whose in charge now.

Ah well. At least I can work on GNOME and not worry too much about politics but instead work on getting stuff done. ALthough that reminds me it's time to hit up our finance guys about a little donation. They should give GNOME more than they gave the Jabber foundation. ;)

There I hope that made up for everything. I'll put more stuff later.

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