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Bratsche Have you asked your questions on the Apple hoasted Darwin mailing lists ? You can also use hackers@opendarwin.org, which is there for that king of question.

MichaelCrawford Why don't you use pure assembly to speed up your firmware/bios ?

OpenDarwin Forgot to mention in my previous update that I opened around 120 bugs related to, man pages, on darwin OS X. If anyone feels like correcting some of them check www.opendarwin.org/bugzilla

I need to reinstall my sun box and ass some space in /var so I can add packages like gcc. I will try to work on OGR/distributed.net optimization for sparc, when I find some time.
I need to find some time to fix my alpha box and start using it to rendder povray scenes.
I've update the css on my french icelandic website. Works great under mozilla, not so great under IE. But its valid so I 'm happy with it. NeXTSTEP will be to move from XHTM 1.0 strict to 1.1 strict (should not be to difficult). I now need to help blind and other diseabled people access my site, if you have any suggestion, please drop me a line.
Discovered this exellent piece :
$ls -bart -simpson -is -cool
ib,schlomif why don't you add yourselves to Open Directory Project?.

Got myself a Sun Sparc SS20 with Dual Ross 125 Mhz machine from Ebay. I was able to track the shipment from California to Paris thanks to fedex. I unfortunatly can't run Free Oses on it becuse neither Open, nor Net BSD sparc ports are SMP friendly :(. I'll run solaris on it, and Sun give solaris awaay on single cpu machines :(. Hence I will try to run iPlanet suite of server on the box.

nwertman : If you're looking for fund darwin related stuff may I suggest some of the OpenDarwin Projects.
I should push myself a bit and restart trsnalating some Darwin documents to french, but I don't feel like doing it.
Open Darwin
Lots of stuff hapening on that front. The Ports project is groing fast, I dislike such project because we already have fink and gnudarwin, but that's the essence of OSS to have people doing the same thing at the same time. I've suggested to at least have a centralised database so the end users knows whats available and where, but I do not whish to set it up myself.
I'm trying now to locate all missing, bad formated man pages in Darwin so Bugs can be created and these annoying issues be solved. I've parsed my /usr/bin, /bin, /usr/sbin, /sbin directory on my macosX machine. I now have a list of bad formated man pages, missing man pages. I know need to find out which of these are macOSX Specific.
Still working at the same place, doing the same stuffs : boring.
Like hub I went back to school yesterday in the evening. Was very interesting and I met people I knew there.
I've registered with gnuPG softkid@nerim.net, and have some problems using it with Mail.app, but this should be solved pretty soon now.
29 Aug 2002 (updated 29 Aug 2002 at 08:48 UTC) »
Free Software
OpenDarwin I've been mostly been monitoring http://www.opendarwin.org/bugzilla for a while and tried to be QA savy. My interest in the project would be to be the QA man. I don't really have the Time/Motivation to jump in Darwin's code. Since Jaguar is out, I guess Darwin will receive an update soon enough. Interesting projects on that side include darwinports which leaves Open Packages going nowhere. Also the UFS code should start to get ported from FreeBSD.
I've been lazy and should start sometime in the near future to translate new documents from Apple's Documentation project to french (I'va translated two already, they are in Apple's CVS but are not yet on the Web).
Open Directory Project
I've rejoinde the ODP. I've asked to be NexT editor but had no site to add so my application got rejected. I wanted to edit the NeXT section because it contained "dead links". Those links would not get detected has dead by Robozilla the dead link detector of Dmoz, because they would reply with a 200/300 code and would give you a search our site page instead of a 404. So If someone know good pages Dealing with NeXT Cube/station/Software, please mail them to me so I can update the ODP.
Has been pretty boring. Still doing the same stuff (applying patches, patching shell scripts) at the same bank for next to a year now. September should see thjings moving, I should be doing two audits (I like auditing clients), and start working on new projects.
I've upgraded from Itools to .Mac. It's a way of showing some support to Apple. I've also upgraded to Jaguar. Apple has done a good job on this release, it really rocks. I don't like Ichat but that's mainly because I don't know how to use it. In the upgrade process I've migrated from MozillaMail to mail.app and that when without an itch. I really like the spam feature in mail.app. The only glitch I have Is that I can launch help, it crashes. I should Open a bug for that but heck time is precious ...
If your interested on what MacOSX is from the eye of a Linux user you relly should read this piece
I've try to avoid using IE in order to not have web developers getting bad habbit but it seems to be worthless when you read this. Many alternative browser I know do spoof there agent string, Opera comes configured has being IE 4. Icab has being Netscape etc .... If like me you are not using IE please take 5 minutes to check your users-agent string to see If your browser lies or not.
Will soon play to Rêve de Dragon. A role playing game I've not played for more then 7 years. This will be fun.
9 Jul 2002 (updated 9 Jul 2002 at 16:48 UTC) »
We've amost finish our HACMP implementation. We will start HP's Service Guard soon.
I've started reporting dead links to the webmasters of the Icelandic directory: Iceland on the Web. From 150 entries in it's travelog section, up to 10% where dead links. I will continue with other section when I'll Find some time.
I'm also adding content to my English Homepage. Except for the backup thingy not too many interesting things.
I've tranlated two documents to french for the Darwin documenation project, more to follow (when I get motivated). SO some docs on darwin should appear one day on Apple's Web servers.
Things are going quite well. The speed is not here but we are going in the good direction. Besides porting back newUFS code from FreeBSD there is some interest in porting wscons, and finnaly add international keyboard support in Darwin. People interested in OpenDarwin can also pop in the #OpenDarwin Channel on opennet.
hub : I don't thinks it's a good idea for code maintanability to diirectly access CoreGraphics - You should stick with Objective's Message and cocoa widgets so if the API in CG changes you will not need to update your Abiword port.
I've been granted cvs writte on for the www project of the repository. The French version of the site is now live, the URL is http://www.opendarwin.org/fr/.
We're using GNU MailMan to manage the mailinglist at Opendarwin. Does anybody know how to configure it so MailMan does respect the Resent-From header described in RFC822.
I've also made a little patch available for less. I'm still waiting for the commit thought.
Opendarwin is looking for people interested in porting actual UFS code from FreeBSD to darwin, it's here .
Started to write some pages in english. Wrote on backup solution available, with which I've played and worked with. I also started writting things on Iceland, but it's not done yet. I will also talk about why should web pages be validable.
Still working on Unicenter TNG (Workload, EM, SEC and AT) on AIX (421,433,51), HP-UX (11,11i) on HACMP and MC Service Guard and Solaris. Writting ksh code that works on all platform is ..... :(
Celebrating one year of common life with my GirlFriend !!!
OpenDarwin I've been translating the static pages (the .html and .shtml) to french; I whish to include them on the main website but I need proofreading first. Merci à ceux qui peuvent comprendre cette phrase de relire ma traduction. Tous les commentaires seront les bienvenue.
goingware you wont be disapointed by the iBook. My Girlfriend has one and i'de like to exchange it with my dual G4@450.
28 Apr 2002 (updated 28 Apr 2002 at 10:15 UTC) »
Distributed.net has released some new clients this morning. Among the improvments is +25% speed for OGR on Sparc. Updated x86 Solaris client and Irix client. Since i run the client on Irix/mips, OpenBSD/Sparc, Solaris/Ultra, and Solaris/x86 among others, I've spend some time upgrading my clients this morning.
hub J'étais en train de dépouiller quand j'ai appris la nouvelle :-) J'ai les boules. Au deuxième tour je vais devoir voter pour un voleur.

Sorry for my french sibbling ....

Testing Chimear 0.2.3 now seems ok.

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