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I am an open-source user and developer, but don't
really have anything against commercial software, if
written and maintained well. I am an active member of
the Israeli Group of
Linux Users
, the href=""> Haifa Linux Club, the
Tel-Aviv Linux
and numerous open-source related mailing lists.

My favourite programming language is
Perl, but I also like Haskell, Matlab and Bash
where appropriate. And I have a love/hate relationship
with C/C++.

So far, my most ambitious
open-source project has been href="">Freecell
Solver, but I also wrote or contributed to
many other projects and hacks.

received a B.Sc. from Electrical Engineering from
href="">the Technion, and am
now looking for a good job in IT.


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Tech Tip: Speed up building perl 5 by not installing the man pages

2015-12-03: Tech Tip: Speed up building perl 5 by not installing the man pages

When building perl 5 from source, one can speed up the "make" and "make install" stages significantly by not installing the man pages. To do so, pass the options “-Dman1dir=none -Dman3dir=none” to “sh Configure”.

Cheers, and happy upcoming Chanukkah, and happy Christmas and/or Yulth or whatever winter holiday you celebrate.

Call for action

Creative Commons has set up a campaign to stop TPP - the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Please consider signing it and spreading the word.


Copyright by Shlomi Fish, 2015.

You can reuse this entry under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence, or at your option any later version of it. See the instructions on how to comply with it.

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Tech Tip: Make Panes Equally Heighted in Tmux

When pressing «Ctrl+B;"» in tmux to split a pane vertically there, one will notice that tmux splits the existing pane into two which can result in smaller and smaller panes. In order to fix this, one can type «Ctrl+B;M-2» (where “M” is the Meta key and is normally “Alt” on most keyboards.) which will make all the panes equally heighted.

I found this feature after wondering whether it existed, and then searching for it in the tmux man page.


Copyright by Shlomi Fish, 2015.

You can reuse this entry under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence, or at your option any later version of it. See the instructions on how to comply with it.

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Freecell Solver 4.0.0 was Released

Freecell Solver version 4.0.0, has been released. It is available in the form of a source archive, from the download page. Freecell Solver is an open source library and some command line applications, for automatically solving several variants of card Solitaire / Patience games, including Freecell.

This release sports the integration of the scans of Tom Holryod’s patsolve for improved atomic moves-based solving, some other new flags with bug fixes, a transition of the Python code to Python 3, and some other changes that are mentioned in the NEWS file.

The most significant digit was increased due to the integration of patsolve. Enjoy!

Syndicated 2015-09-28 14:51:00 from shlomif

Tech Tip: Locally Host the Firefox’s Personas Favourites File

A constant annoyance when trying to use the Firefox extension “Personas Rotator” was that downloading the favourites file from the Firefox addons site failed, which made it stop rotating. I recently found a solution for that which I'd like to share.

First of all, login to the Mozilla addons site and access and bookmark the JSON data file’s URL. Save it to a file and host it using a local HTTP service (such as Apache, the one line Python HTTP service command line, or sthttpd’s “thttpd -p $PORT” invocation).

Then, go to Firefox’s “about:config”, access the “extensions.personas.favorites-feed.url” key and change it to the locally served one. It should work fine after restarting Firefox, and one upside to it would be that you no longer need to be logged in to for it to work.

Remember to save the file again every once-in-a-while, after you have added new favourites. A final note is that a “file://” URL may work fine as well, but I have not tried it yet.

Happy rotating, and Shanah Tovah if appropriate!


Copyright by Shlomi Fish, 2015.

You can reuse this entry under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported licence, or at your option any later version of it. See the instructions on how to comply with it.

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“HTML 6” and a List of Graphics Applications

Here are the recent updates for Shlomi Fish’s Homepage.

  1. A new bit “Announcing ‘HTML 6’, the New Version of the Web” was published on 1 April 2015:

    1 April, 2015, Tel Aviv, Israel: Today, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) announced the immediate availability of the new version of the web — HTML 6 — pronounced “HTML Sicks [sic]” with the motto “HTML 6 is sick!”. “We concluded that the previous version of the World Wide Web’s standards suite, HTML5, has exceeded its flexibility and usability, and we need to start over”, said Tim Berners Lee, the director of the W3C.

  2. There’s a new list of “Alternative” commercial models for Web-based commerce that do not involve intrusive advertising.

  3. There’s a new list of graphics software applications.

  4. We now mirror (“Gentoo is Rice”), and the old feature “How to Make Square Corners with CSS”, which disappeared from the Web.

  5. There are new factoids in the collections of factoids about people and thing:

    A rose by a name picked by Chuck Norris, will smell sweeter.

    The reason the Messiah has not come yet, is because Chuck Norris keeps finding faults in God’s plan for his coming.

  6. There are new quotes in the collection of Aphorisms:

    Some people grow older and wiser. Not I. I grow older and more foolish.

Hope you enjoy all that, and if you’re Jewish, I hope you enjoy the upcoming Rosh Hashanah and the rest of the Jewish Autumn holidays.

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