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Woohooo! Looks like gcc-3.*/libstdc++-v3 has re-instated a filebuf constructor that accepts an integer file descriptor! Back in 2001, when I was an early adopter of libstdc++-v3, I really tried to make the case that this non-standard extension to iostreams was completely necessary to maintain backward compatibility with legacy C++ code written exclusively for g++. I painfully worked around the problem (who wants to do an fdopen on a socket handle just to use iostreams?), but I was never happy with the result. Big thanks to whomever got this done.

4 Nov 2003 (updated 24 Jan 2006 at 15:34 UTC) »

My first book is uploaded under a Creative Commons license. I'm putting my drawing software to work selling an interesting service on E-Bay. What else is new? Oh yeah, ivtools-1.1.

Unemployed computer philosopher with theory and experience relevant to large-scale graphics and imaging systems, especially image analysis and recognition. Will work for sanity.


I went to that last show by myself, and had a cosmic moment when I asked Cha, the drummer who I've seen play in several different bands, if she had been in any bands before I first saw her play with Matt and Tony (called Nectar). She smiled, and said yes, then looked shocked for a moment as Matt and the other guy in her first band (before Tony, called Hear) walked up.

It was the breakup show, and they had problems with the sound balance at the Rio. I couldn't hear Mauri's tasty lead guitar, and that was a big problem. I had to move myself around the room to get the mix I wanted. Or maybe it was Leslie's 96-year old grandmother seated in the very front that intimidated the sound guy, I don't know. For a while it was only bass and drums, which is fine for your average punk band, but did these girls a disservice.

Befor the last song Mauri gave Leslie a kiss on the cheek. After the song she acted at smashing her guitar with little damage, until Leslie picked up Mauri's guitar and gave it a few whacks of her own. The last thing I saw after the show was Mauri's friend carefully inspecting the damage, saying it was repairable. I told him to thank Mauri for the music, and walked out.

For me a trip to San Francisco is usually a spiritual journey. I fear more will be required in the near future, to contemplate what the world could have been, what it might get to someday, and why things are the way they are now. And some day I'll tell you my stories of Harold Stassen. Kudos to whomever can figure out the connection.

Anyone from the Peninsula want to car-pool to the very last show of Glitter Mini 9 in San Francisco, Sat. Jan 25th? They go on stage at 11 at the El Rio. If you love the Donnas, GM9 will steal your heart away, then break it.

follower, ah, hidden in the old click through license, heh. Makes sense. No reference to khtml specifically. Hmmm. But they do say go to www.opensource.apple.com. After visiting there it was fairly obvious what LGPL libraries Safari uses.
daniels, now I see khtml is under the LGPL. My first search for the source ended up in the wrong place, in some Konqueror code not part of khtml. So Apple is not in violation of the GPL. But they might be missing some of the letter of the LGPL. When I downloaded it I was not informed by Apple that Safari dynamically bound to khtml, or where to get the sources for that LGPL library. Or did khtml arrive under separate cover with separate notification of my rights?
19 Jan 2003 (updated 19 Jan 2003 at 17:48 UTC) »

(pointed out by a friend) Where is the source for Safari? Why am I not informed of its GPL licensing when I download the beta binary (imposed by the use of khtml)? Why isn't slashdot.org all over this?

We're all the unbelievably lucky winners in the craps game of life, the fortunate progeny of countless generations of successful reproducers. Shouldn't that be enough?

Speaking of bets, any wagers on how long before AOL Time Warner drops the AOL from its moniker? That will make it easier to name each of the two phallic towers it is building on the southwest corner of Central Park.

7 Jan 2003 (updated 7 Jan 2003 at 18:57 UTC) »

I'm quite intrigued by Lawrence Lessig's Creative Commons foundation, an attempt to formalize liberal licensing of artwork and other media. I had created my own license for Artwork , Web-Pages, or CD-ROMs a while back, but I'll gladly switch to the equivalent Attribute-NonCommercial from CC.

Now I just wish they would publish an unfiltered feed of web-sites that register at their site. Nothing wrong with them creating a database of materials they judge to be in their interest to publicize, but why sit on the only complete database of CC-licensed material? Their web pages state they expect others (search engines, et.al.) to build these indices, but why search the whole web when you can start with a targeted list?

shlomif, yeah that's it, that's what we need, a Freshmeat for Creative-Commons.

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