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I am a freelance user experience researcher and designer living in the United Kingdom. I like open source and free software so much that I released my own stuff. My programs are SalStat, a Python and wxPython based application for statistical analysis, and TrackBrowser, a web browser designed to record user behaviour. I built the latter for my professional work.

My PhD is in human-computer interaction from Cardiff University (accepted 2004) and I've had a few years professional experience in the field of interaction design and user experience since.

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Currently working for my own company Thought Into Design Ltd and Roistr, the online semantic relevance engine.


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I just released a Python-based interpreter for the CESIL language.

When I was first being taught computers (1983-1985), this was our first language. It had a massive total of 14 instructions and initially ran as a batch job. In my school, we had a Research Machines thing that ran the code but getting access was hard.

It was a good experience though. I was taught to plan properly: Write the expected output for a set of inputs (unit testing on paper), draw a flowchart of the flow, and then write the actual code on paper before even sitting down at a computer.

More information on CESIL.

BTW, I got Salstat running on FreeBSD as well as Linux, OSX and Windows.

20 Jun 2014 (updated 20 Jun 2014 at 21:08 UTC) »

Salstat work is going reasonably well. With my current day job, I have a long commute with about 2 hours 40 minutes on a train. I use this time to work on the various aspects of Salstat.

The latest work was getting it running on Linux. I originally developed the Python version on a Linux machine, way back in the early 2000s. The versions I've released since 2013, however, required wxPython 2.9+ which isn't in any of the Ubuntu or Debian repos – 2.8 is the absolute latest but this doesn't feature the html2 component. This (depending upon platform) embeds WebKit (OSX and Linux) or Trident (for Windows) into wxPython.

This means that wxPython can implement a HTML instance that can use modern HTML goodies such as CSS, JQuery, Bootstrap, HighCharts, etc. This is what the output for Salstat is contained in.

So Salstat needs wxPython 2.9 or later but instructions on compiling, building and installing wxPython worked first time on Linux Mint (though I had to 'sudo ldconfig' to prevent import errors).

And Salstat now runs on Linux again after 10 years of waiting. I'm well-chuffed because I felt guilty that it only ran on Windows and OSX.

Althought wxPython 3+ is not in the repos yet (though it might be somewhere!), at least it is possible now to get the wxPython 3 goodness which is a definite step-up from 2.8.

I've also been working on a new website (much needed – the old one is very early 2000s) but getting all the content is taking time. See to see it in operation.

Salstat now does basic box plots. The chart defaults to minimum, 1st quartile, median, 3rd quartile, and maximum.
Salstat today loaded a CSV file with over 2.5 million rows. Excel does a sniff over 1 million so I'm winning against Microsoft there, at least for now.

Still working on Salstat from time to time. Latest work involves charting and importing from spreadsheets using xlrd (for Excel files) and ezodf (for Libre Office Calc files). Both libraries had similar interfaces so I cobbled together a lot of common code for both rather than having 2 separate routines.

I've also coded a CSV importer. Python's CSV file only seems to allow a single delimiter but my users sometimes need to handle multiple ones (particularly with files composed of several files from different sources). I wrote my own CSV parser than handles multiple delimiters and key characters within quotes too. The core routine is in here as a Gist (heavily commented too for when I have to trudge my lonely way back to the code to change it). It's not the fastest importer but it does the job accurately with some of the gnarly test data I threw at it.

Salstat code at GitHub

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