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Tracking all prior open-source contributions

For the many other open-source contributors and developers out there, I'm wondering if anybody has a complete list of all works they have created. It came up recently that such a list would be useful in asserting my own prior copyrights in any future employment, and avoiding claims that I'd taken any code [1].

For version control systems are still accessible, this isn't too much of a problem, but for past historical creations, this is a lot harder. Has anybody else done it? To what level of detail did your listing go?

Here's my initial broad listing(I'm going to come back often to fill it in more)

I realized that this does form a sort of portfolio of work that I've done, and it shows just how flexible I am, esp. if I went and wrote this up better including a blurb about some of the larger or more standalone projects I've done.

  • phpMyAdmin
  • Projects while at university (in addition to the Gentoo stuff I did)
    • diradm (v2)
    • localshell (both the perl & C versions)
    • chpasswd (LDAP-based reimplementation of original core tool)
    • RATS (Research Asset Tracking System)
    • readahead-list
  • Gentoo Linux (Lots of packages and projects here to list later)
    • Ufed
    • Genflags
    • Gentoo Git Migration code
    • Dokuwiki Automation
    • Packages.gentoo.org
    • MANY MANY packages
    • GLI (Gentoo Linux Installer): automated mode
    • Gentoo Infra Installer
  • Linux Kernel
    • 2011/10/24: 99a700bc [SCSI] mv_sas: OCZ RevoDrive3 & zDrive R4 support
    • 2008/09/13: f51ff993 ALSA: HDA: patch_analog: Quirk for Asus P5Q Premium/Pro boards.
    • 2008/09/13: 9cae0c63 ALSA: HDA: patch_analog: Implement multiple outputs for AD1988
    • 2008/09/13: 0481f453 ALSA: HDA: hda_proc: Fix printf format specifier
    • 2008/09/13: 35e8901e ALSA: HDA: hda_local: Less magic numbers.
    • 2008/09/13: e8bfc6c1 ALSA: HDA: patch_analog: Fix SPDIF output on AD1989B
    • 2007/03/28: 12340106 Add notation that the Asus W5F laptop has a short cable instead of 80-wire.
    • 2006, 2007: Apple G5 PowerMac Linux sensors "WindFarm" [1] [2] [3]
    • 2006/12: Porting of SATA Port Multipler code
    • 2006/06/12: cfd95a9c [PATCH] tmpfs: time granularity fix for [acm]time going backwards
    • Port of MIPS AMD Alchemy 1500 code for MyCable XXS1500 from 2.4 to 2.6 [1]
    • Changes for SGI Visual Workstation 320
    • Other work prior to v2.6.12 of the kernel when Git started (TODO)
    • TinCan Nail kernels
    • ???
  • 2004/08: Ksymoops: Cross-platform debug support without a cross-compiler
  • Git (various commits over the years, git-svn fixups, stuff in git commit signing, TODO)
  • MogileFS (Author of the PostgreSQL backend, core improvements
  • CephFS (Packaging fixes)
  • Ruby On Rails - ActiveRecord: Implemented BigDecimal floating-point storage [1]
  • APC PDU & MasterSwitch scripts
  • OpenSSH: HPN (High Performance Networking) patch porting & maintenance [1]
  • OpenSSH: LPK (LDAP key patch) patch porting, maintenance & feature additions [1]
  • Perl CPAN module for Watt's Up Pro USB hardware [1]
  • Ccache [1, utimes truncation]
  • CVS (Custom lockdown code)[1][1]
  • udev (add persistent tape symlinks)[1]
  • Amanda (fix race condition in backup encryption)[1]
  • LVM2 (usb block support [1]), ???
  • OpenSC (GSM SIM card access prototype [1])
  • Perlbal (SSL version selection control [1])
  • Rbot (Penalty calc [1] RPL_WHOISCHANNELS [2] Privacy in !seen [3]
  • 2013: Puppet LVM module [1]
  • 2008/09/13: ALSA (Fix NULL pointers [1])
  • 2006/08/13: GPSD (fix race conditions [1], [2])
  • 2008/01/14: mlmmj (Fix mail loss bug [1])
  • 2009/12/16: mlmmj ([PATCH] Re: requeued mail files going missing from archive/)
  • 2012/11/12: PulseAudio ([PATCH 0-3/3] rtp: Configurable source IP, Cleanup variable naming, rename modarg destination to dstip, Introduce source IP configuration with srcip)
  • 2006/06/19: Qpsmtpd ([PATCH] Require TLS/SSL before offering AUTH, Include SSL level in header, as per qmail-ssl)
  • 2006/12/17: Qpsmtpd (check_badmailfrom patch - per-line rejection messages)
  • 2012/02/25: Qpsmtpd [PATCH] Accept messages with no body and no trailing \n after headers
  • Random open-source fixes (TODO)

And I'm sure that I'm missing many more.

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