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So, I made it past christmas!

I got a really nice one-man sofa (!?) from Ida, and from mom and dad I got a DVD-player, Åke and Oskar had the good taste to give me some missing parts for my bar. :)

I just got the details for my project- hosting at SourceForge, so I will transfer files to that CVS- server as soon as I get home again, I.E. January 3.

Keep it real... or something rather.

22 Dec 2000 (updated 28 Dec 2000 at 18:16 UTC) »

Hi there folks.

Damn, I missed a day. I was at Ida's parents place last night, and I didn't access a computer all day.

Well, so far no more development on Roomba has taken place, still waiting for the guys at sourceforge to set up my project there... Oh, the long wait... I need that CVS server!

I'm going out xmas-shopping for some LATE minute shopping now with Oskar, talk to you guys later!

Getting real close to christmas now! Today was really cold, and we saw the first signs of something resembling winter today; frost.

Been out getting some last minute gifts, now I've got to take care of some wheelin'n'dealin' with my insurance companies (notice the use of the plural form of the word, it's a mess).

My CK watch broke yesterday, 20 minutes after the store closes. The warranty's last day was yesterday. Yippie! It's like something you joke about, but it really happened. Well, I managed to sweet-talk them in to let me repair it using the warranty anohow, so it's no big deal.

I also have to get reimbursed for my other watch that I lost. Just reported it lost, let's see if I did the right thing paying that insurance all those years...

And to top it all off, I broke my brand-spanking new Palm Vx when I was sailing in the British Virging Islands... I dropped my 1.75 liters (~ 0.6 US gallons I think) glass bottle of Bacardi Rum straight on the screen. Ouch. That's got to hurt. Will I ever get a new one? I feel handicapped without it, had to go back to my half-working Palm Personal from the stoneages...

Ah, Åke & Simon each bought a PlayStation 2 the other day. We set up Simon's at our place in Stockholm, and played away for quite some time, some game called Dynasty Warriors 2 or something. Those games are really impressive, graphics- wise. Wow. Sadly enough we didn't buy a memorycard. Big mistake. I went out today and got one for Simon, it's a must (like we say it in sweden, that is).

Took a look at Microsoft's Encarta today at a computerstore. Say what you will about them, but that's one cool application. I asked the MS sales persen when they will release it under the GPL, and he just started foaming. Too bad, I'd download it for GNU/Linux anyday. :)

Well, gotta wrap some of these things around me up for gifts now, see all of you later.

19 Dec 2000 (updated 20 Dec 2000 at 09:06 UTC) »

Ah, the sweet hate-love relationship between my Solo 9300 and GNU/Linux... Just can't seem to get it to work with the network card..

Just went out and bought me a new one, some semi-noname kind named 'Apollo'. Oh well, maybe this will work.

Just gotta get a newer release of XFree86 that supports my ATI Rage Mobility as well if I want to run X.

Off once again then to the PCMCIA Card Services homepage, it's gotta be sad that I know that URL by heart... ;)

Can't waste any more time now (waste = time not spent getting GNU/Linux working on my Solo...) on this, gotta go!


Reading up on my Java skills today, going good.

I will try to get my current setup to work as I had planned it to, as well as setting up Apache, resin and ant.

I'm also working on getting my soundcard working, as well as continued work on Roomba.

Well, gotta get that card working now, see ya!

Oh, almost there!

I have only three (or was it four?) more presents to buy! Ah, the joy of christmas is really upon me. ;)

Tomorrow I will continue to read up on some more Java, so that I will pass the test to be a Sun Certified Programmer. Would be nice.

Better get some sleep now, talk to you tomorrow.

Today I'm going out with my girlfriend Ida Turesson and her brother Simon Turesson to go christmas shopping here in Stockholm.

Come to think of it, this diary is not only for information pertaining to development of Free Software, at least not for me! :) I used to have my old diary at one of my old homepages (sorry, only swedish), but now I'll start hosting it here! :)

Well, gotta get that perfect gift for Ida today, and also something for Åke and Oskar, my younger brothers.

A thought: Why do I always introduce people whenever I start writing in my diary? Well, let's just say I provide it as a service for you people! :)

Well, stumbled on this nice site today.

Thought I would do well to register, since I'm interested in Free Software, and I'm a recent win over to the GNU/Linux world.

I'm currently learning alot about Free Software in general, and GNU/Linux in particular.

I hope to be able to contribute to Free Software projects on a regular basis in the future.

Well, not much more to say right now, I'll be back later! :)

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