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dria: interesting, and very thought provoking...

It does bring to light, something that has nagged me for a long long time. I have always found communication devices fascinating. When I first discovered the wonders of a modem, and BBS's (remember renegade??) - I was in a utopia. I had never really been passionate about computing until then..
With the Internet, cellphones, pagers, PDA's, and almost any other electrical device... I've been inundated with cool technology. All to help me do one thing, and one thing only. Communicate. Because when it comes to the crunch, what is it that we do, day to day? We interact. We communicate. There is a thirst there, that I cannot explain... But I would dearly like to know what it is.



I just keep getting completely sidetracked. I should be doing a math assignment around about now....

tausq expressed my feelings exactly. He is right, it was a very sad day for Debian. I'm lost for words, but I do know that it was really weird shedding tears for a person I have never met.

I've been brainstorming a new project. A client-server form of statistic sharing for Masqueraded networks. the server runs on the masq box, and supplies bandwidth usage stats to internal network hosts. something like, Total b/s, b/s per host, etc etc... still on the drawing board, but I have tinkered with wmnet's code to understand the /proc/net/ directory.

My exams went by, and my marks were not what I would call exceptional.. 2 A's, a B and a B-. oh yeah, and a fail. by 2%. not happy.

I dont like people who feel they have to correct every single statement you make, that has a slight error. If Robin ever reads this, yes, even though you say you only do it because I dont like it, you do it to others a lot too. I'll stop bitching now. *sigh*

Off to a private LAN party this w/e, just 8 of us, all weekend, playing Counter-Strike, Q3:A, and UT. I wonder if I will be able to stay awake for almost 48 hours.

ICQ lived up to its normal reputation for me on tuesday night. A 15-year old messaged me with all the sure signs she wanted a bit of the old poon-tang. needless to say, the thought of a young nubile female was enticing, but, she's jail-bait. besides... my lowest level should be about 18... only 2 years shy of myself.

I need some guidance as to how to approach getting a job in the US, and getting a work permit or whatever, then moving for good. - If anybody has nothing better to do, but explain a lot of the US's vices, and stuff... mail me :).

Again, I lose all creativeness. *poof*. I'll try and do some maths now.

Where the hell did the time go?

Well, I finished exams, and hopefully I'll get okay marks... but we'll see..

I've been pretty slack with respects to everything, but I did get some Ogg Vorbis .deb's made up. I'll stick them into Incoming this weekend some time. In the meantime, testers (please :) ) can put this in their /etc/apt/sources.list:

   deb http://master.debian.org/~mjb/vorbis/ ./


Culus asked me to write a small tutorial for new Debian Developers on setting up openssh with RSA keys, ssh-agent, etc... he took off before I could tell him that I use ssh-nonfree (yeah yeah).. luckily, there arent that many differences. I have come to the conclusion, that ssh-agent is evil, but hell, it makes life ten times easier.

I have a stupid essay to write for my INFO223 class, and god knows *when* I will do it. It's due on Thursday. I hate essay's. 1000 words isnt much, I guess...

I felt too enthusiastic on sunday night. My Cellular provider has a w/e deal for calls to major countries. The first minute is free, then NZ$0.49 per minute after that. (approx US$0.25) I ended up calling about 4 other IRC participants, neuro, SirDibos, is and xtifr. It added a new lease to life.


REALLY boring lecture. I need to develop a new technique for sleeping without being noticed.

bma: Yes, schoen is verbose. Somebody, PLEASE, fix shoen's -v parameter so that it doesnt act like -vvvvvvv.

I've been perusing my Cellular provider's recent promotional site. Relatively interesting... gives a new lease on student life in New Zealand. If you do visit, PLEASE, vote for flat 4. I have a friend who's sister lives there. (Jo. Her sister, my friend, is "wally")..... Wow.. I have a friend.

I've lost all creative enthusiasm.

My cookie expired.

Luckily, Raph posted me my passphrase... so all is well. Im not sure what happened, because when I loaded up netscape yesterday, It said I wasnt logged in. after Raph had sent me my passphrase, I fired up nutscrape, and tried going to my account page.. which worked - dont know what happened. Either way, I now know my passphrase again.

I've started reading a textbook for one of my classes, "Operating System Concepts" by Silberschatz and Galvin. It is proving relatively interesting.

Some evil Genius wrote a driver for the H+. Im happy. I can now play audio via the sound chip on the card. (the audio chip has a /dev entry, so, just symlink dsp to it, instead of dsp0 (alsa)) - Hopefully the author will have the vga overlay thing done soon.

Woot, when you get a SO, you are going to be putting an ultimatum on me. I'll have to get one too. Geeze, that makes it sound like SO's are objects.

ramble ramble.. oh yeah, now I know what Culus looks like! BAHAHAHA!

I seem to have forgotten my Advogato Passphrase. hope the cookie doesnt expire.

The whole CSS thing makes me a little angry, if only the MPAA would see, that most people *just* want to watch DVD's in their OS of choice...

But, I dont know the whole story, and have not even begun to read enough on it, so, the above is just a frustrated clueless rant.

It would be cool if Sigma Designs released specs or *something* on the H+. I'd be happy then.

Away from the boring stuff, I got my *first* complaint about signing my mail with GPG.. the local lug mailing list has an over abundance of evil mail client users.... anyway....

Long, loooong weekend..

My residential college in NZ, had its "Fall Ball" on saturday night, and as tradition dictates, everyone gets totally inebriated. Luckily I managed to stop short of the vomitting stage. Although, I still woke up drunk on Sunday at 11am. Some others were not so lucky...

Good old Jack D, he's good at knocking you flat... But Tullamore Dew? thats another story.

Now, lets hope I find a little spare time this week to do something worthwhile...

Ugg... Spending 3 hours in a University Computer Lab, debugging a really annoying problem, sucks.

Turns out it was a dfference in the way Pascal and C evaluate conditionals for loops. (Spare time exercise, convert the Lab exercise from Pascal (DEC Pascal - even more Ugg.) to C).

I've decided to try and save some pennies to get a copy of K&R.

Anyway, learning lots about microprogramming, and instruction sets. hopefully I'll be able to grok assembly language at the end of it.

Back to the grind. finish that Delphi assignment. Ick.

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