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17 Jan 2002 (updated 17 Jan 2002 at 22:05 UTC) »

Currently working on the next step after completing the first one. Will then proceed to the next. Also decided to start documenting the design by focusing on creating a small scale model.

So far, I've managed to create the postgres data-access class and will proceed to code the admin components.

Thought of creating a factory specifically for data-access. Will have to verify if it's OK or not.


Got an email from a friend about the RFP. Will have to allocate a time for it and send a reply soon. The project looks interesting. This is the thing I like about capitalism, it simply works. Sometimes the lowest bidder wins, sometimes it doesn't. There's a selection process used in determining the winner and a formula is used to quantify a bid.

Volunteer Job

Missed the last one due to many things. Will have to make it up though.


With all the information I gathered when we were training the users. I decided to experiment by tweaking some of the methods and apply it our 30 month old kid. I found interesting results after 5 days.


Spent some time working on modifying the Bash grammar. Been experimenting how these Ruby nodes can be integrated into it, might get something working soon.


Found an interesting link covering Plato's soul theory. [ 1 ]
16 Jan 2002 (updated 16 Jan 2002 at 19:21 UTC) »
Design Proposal

Spent some time preparing the phpMRP (IE only) design proposal. Will show it to some of my friends, hoping it would get some comments. Not sure exactly how it will turn out though. Might as well make it simple.

Managed to produce JPG files from the presentation for non- IE browsers. So far, phpMRP looks OK.


Currently negotiating a contract. Things might change a little if this one rolls.

Notice of Opportunity

Cannot help but notice the article. Interesting times indeed.
13 Jan 2002 (updated 13 Jan 2002 at 23:35 UTC) »

Been reading a lot php stuff lately, mostly from phpbuilder site. Found several interesting articles about building apps using OO.

Somehow managed to figure out the framework of phpGroupware. Was amazed at the variety of features it already has, even thought about joining there group and start building on top of it. Unfortunately, there was something I noticed that made me decide not to join.

So, after realizing it, the decision was made to just take some of the good code and style and merge it to the ones I found.

One interesting idea was to port the legacy app and pull out the business rules into a set of php classes. Then take the data access classes that I found in one of the articles and stuff it into the directory. Then create new classes for the presentation layer. It's basically a method we implemented a couple of months ago for a project. It would be interesting if these techniques were implemented in php. That would be challenging though.
Raph, need some help here

Hi raph, it looks like the preview button caused the article to be submitted. I used the preview button so many times. Help is absolutely needed. Thanks.
11 Jan 2002 (updated 11 Jan 2002 at 10:17 UTC) »

Found this very interesting project. It looks like it will allow me to create a package for 'first-timers.' I'll play with it and figure out what are the possibilities.


Just remembered a request from one of the amigos that I should try speaking in 100% spanish because some of them are finding it hard to communicate. Currently reading a lot of spanish material lately, trying to master the grammar. I've made several friends already and it may turn out they may invite me sometime. I'm really excited about it and will definitely try my best to make it.

All this stuff reminded me of the work I did the middle east 9 years ago. I had to learn arabic since almost all of them can't speak english. That was probably one of those exciting times though. I just couldn't believe I would be able to learn it.

Arabic and spanish have something in common though. The use of the 'El' and 'del' probably came from arabic. Example of it would be:
  • moo-deer al madina
  • mayor del ciudad
One of the things I learned from this exercise was the fact that underneath all these different languages, there is this singular meaning for all these terms attached to its language.


Finally got it working on one of the Mandrake 8.0 box. The app looks good, it is a very good base for building the factory Inventory and Raw Material Requirement application.
10 Jan 2002 (updated 11 Jan 2002 at 00:18 UTC) »
Second Session

Training continued. Users have shown efficiency in the use of the mouse. Though some couldn't perform a steady hit, causing a drag effect to happen. Another was the hand-eye- mouse coordination, most users exhibit tracking problems when moving the mouse. Sometimes, they would move the mouse beyond the mouse pad causing the mouse pointer to stop moving or move in different directions. Moreover, others have shown the stiff-hand problem, where the hand was stiffened to the point where the mouse couldn't move a inch, even the clicking action wouldn't work though. Things like that will definitely take time though. On the other hand, others have shown great strides, like minimizing, maximizing and restoring of windows. It's great to see them getting the hang of it.

The trainer proceeded to a more elaborate exercise by letting them play with the drawing program. Step by step, the trainer showed them the various tools needed to perform a draw, erase and change color. The users responded by creating doodles and other simple images like an ocean view with tropical trees.

The session then proceeded to the next level. The level of difficulty were raised as the trainer told the users to open the word processor. For the first five minutes, the trainer and I where very busy helping them grasp how editing works. Then moving on comparing the differences between a real typewriter and an electronic one. It took an hour to get the necessary skills passed though.

One of the interesting part was when they were asked to write something using the wordprocessor. Most of them wrote simple prose, while some surprized me by their poems and short essay on how they came here. Man, that was something.


Decided to download phpGroupware. Might port the legacy factory application code into it.


Stumbled into this interesting TV program. It certainly is controversial from my point of view since some of its contents present eye-openning ideas. Some of them cover interesting personalities like the rock- and-rollen guy. Another was the question of why corporations have so much power, in terms of rights and protections. In the program, it was stated corporations are persons having rights equal to real human beings. But these corporations are excluded from being criminally liable, being their nature of acting along economic lines.

goingware, that's a very interesting idea. You might interest yourself in letting us know what your thoughts are about the subject matter. Also, I'm currently thinking of writing a advogato article about delivering a 'good enough' software package suitable for training first-timers. Users I'm basically targetting are the ones who haven't operated a PC before. Where all they have are the desire and curiosity to find out what computers and the internet are all about. Getting them up and running surfing the internet, writing emails and typing resumes and poems are actually big wins for them. They may be considered trivial to us, but they're absolutely important.

mbp, nice to see some comments. Actually, I have no comments to say about it though. I know it's tough to even consider making a watered-down version of Linux for the first-timers. However, I just can't help myself but cry out in vain how Linux is so remote to these type of people. Linux, a name synonymous to freedom is inaccessible from the people it could potentially enable or liberate.

slef, I mean similar in the sense of being safe enough to not being involved in any legal problems. It would be nice to have applications that behave and look similar to the popular ones. I think you know what I mean. Sometimes, gaining marketshare involves not being original, which is relatively true in software.

I'm not talking of philosophical issues alone here. I'm also implying some aspects of financial gain. Whenever something is worthy, it usually has some financial value attached to it. I guess pursuing this cause can also be said to be profitable.

8 Jan 2002 (updated 8 Jan 2002 at 10:22 UTC) »
Volunteer Work

Decided to sacrifice some coding time to volunteer as an assistant instructor for a computer training class for low- income families. There was an article covering the training program. Basically, it's for people who want to get some basic computer skills.

It was really quite a humbling experience though. Without it, I will probably never know there are people who are eagerly waiting, looking for opportunities to get them started in computing. Unfortunately, there was no Linux software in sight. Maybe I should talk to the director and suggest the idea of having a Linux training as a secondary item later.

With my experience having exposed to filthy rich and low- income type of people. I'm glad I'm still sane enough to know the difference and appreciate both.

This is definitely in line with my philosophy. I will donate my time and effort in helping people help themselves. The work is actually very simple and that is to get them introduced into the world of computers, most probably, the Internet.

Linux For The Masses

With that in mind, I just wish those people who are involved in the development of Linux (the whole shebang) understand this simple thing: Make Linux Accessible To The Masses.

Here are some ideas:
  • Lose the elitist attitude.
  • Hide the CLI.
  • Provide GUIs to everything.
  • Standardize the user interface.
  • Use simple words to explain things.
  • Multi language support.
  • Make the GUI similar to the most popular out there.
Furthermore, here are some applications the masses will most likely want to immediately use after finishing the training program:
  • Internet Browser.
  • Email.
  • Wordprocessor with multi-language support.


Had lots of fun trying to communicate in a different language. Had to listen accurately and think of words necessary to respond. Overall, I somehow managed to communicate decently though. One of them I will never forget were the words..."click doble veces en un segundo para abrir el program, como rapido." And "ponga el diskette en la makina."
6 Jan 2002 (updated 7 Jan 2002 at 08:43 UTC) »

Spent some free time playing with the grammar. Also tried to figure how to add xbase support as well. It may take some time to get it working though.

NewOS, MenuetOS

Also spent a little time playing with the code, trying to get the real/protected mode switch to work. It looks like the kernel I'm trying to make is going to be BIOS bound, which is probably not bad since all I want is to make it small as possible though.


Finally got the pricing structure information and will proceed to figure the framework of the distribution channel, in case it takes off.


Asked some friends about information on how setup a small rose farm. The roses I have here seem to have survived under my care though. Next step is to increase the scale to a higher level and figure if it will work or not. The existing breeding/growing system have a high rate of mortality (75%), not sure exactly where is the problem. The instructions I got seem to have failed miserably. Think I'll have to get more information from a professional grower soon.

Product X

Got a go signal to start experimenting with the idea of pushing another non-traditional product. Thought of putting a 45 day lead to be a good number. From initial test, they seemed to have good potential. Guess I'll never know it until the 'real' tests are applied though.

Case #1

One example is an individual who spends approximately $1,000 a year on the product. Equivalent to 700 to 800 minutes worth of fun and enjoyment. That's because the product is a consumable and is also perishable. From there, an equation can be setup to approximate it. Definitely, numbers like these tend to tickle the people upstairs though, especially, when numbers are aggregated and assumptions are properly put into place.


Time to write down my thoughts on the year 2001. That year was definitely something, I would probably consider that year to be my longest and worst year I ever had. The industry were I belong to, slowly collapsed. The first and second quarter was already showing signs of softening, the market started contracting and everybody around started worrying about their jobs and contracts. Some claimed it would over by september and by december things will turn out fine. Unfortunately, things turned out the other way.

2001 is definitely something I would consider a terrible year. If I learned anything, that would be to not place my entire career in one basket. Having two things (business or not) working at the same time might be right combination. As a person whom I met a couple of days ago told me that he was prepared when his employer handed the pink slip to him. He already had a backup business operating already. He knew from day one he would be getting the pink slip and from there he spent his free time working on getting contracts. He would work his second business until 2:00 AM. Believing someday he would be terminated.

I guess having a backup was smart thing to do, especially, when working in a capitalist system. You never know when things will get ugly.


Been thinking about 2002. One of the things that's been rattling in my mind was the idea of a Linux breakout. Perhaps 2002 could the year when Linux finally steps-in takes a bite out of the competition. The images of Rocky II seems to vividly show up along with the great sounding trumpets.

Noticeable Cracks Along The Border

Thought about how the current economic experience have impacted the rich and the middle class. IMO, it looks the crack appeared during the time of 'downsizing' and was again impacted by the recent massive layoffs and escalation of troubled companies to the brink of bankruptcy. Now, it seems the crack is much noticeable such that more people are now having a negative opinion on how the rich corporate owners have treated the middle class workers.
3 Jan 2002 (updated 4 Jan 2002 at 08:27 UTC) »
Regional Distributor

Managed to talk to S&M Manager of a communications company and asked him if I could become one of their regional distributors for their new company. Fortunately, they were looking for someone to fill the position since they had problems with a former regional distributor having various anamolous transactions. Now, they wanted to see me and get an idea if I can get it done.

It's basically a high volume, low-margin per transaction business. Requiring high PR skills and no techie talk. If I get it, they will require me to setup a base here and recruit more people. Unfortunately, I told them I have no money to start with. They'll come back after the meeting and let me know what steps are needed to move it forward.

It's all about money. Money to get the brochures printed. Money for liteweight advertizing. And that's only a small part of it. A lot of it is business oriented, despite the fact that everything underneath it is a network of high tech devices. Those dang people will never know it's high technology that made it possible.


Been talking to a lot Bay Area recruiters lately. Got a lot of information from them, mostly bad news though. Maybe next week, I'll try again and see if I can get any contracts. Also called several firms in the Seattle area. Same thing.


Currently looking at the grammar, trying to figure out how new rules can be inserted. I had this idea of putting in xbase grammar support into it. It might look interesting in the end though.


While driving, so many things came across my feeble mind. I thought about why there are so many gods and why there is a consistently held belief about the soul. Interesting as to why many would take a leap-of-faith to justify the connections, while here, the soul is something left as something an effect of the gods'. Could the soul exist without the existence of a god?
"Those who raise questions about the God hypothesis and the soul hypothesis are by no means all atheists. An atheist is someone who is certain that God does not exist, someone who has compelling evidence against the existence of God. I know of no such compelling evidence. Because God can be relegated to remote times and places and to ultimate causes, we would have to know a great deal more about the universe than we do now to be sure that no such God exists. To be certain of the existence of God and to be certain of the nonexistence of God seem to me to be the confident extremes in a subject so riddled with doubt and uncertainty as to inspire very little confidence indeed. A wide range of intermediate positions seems admissible, and considering the enormous emotional energies with which the subject is invested, a questioning, courageous and open mind seems to be the essential tool for narrowing the range of our collective ignorance on the subject of the existence of God." [1]
Humani Generis

With all these animum stuff going on, I stumbled into an interesting document, an encyc lical where a fatherly and guiding tone reminded me of something I should consider as a rule when doing research like these. IMO, tradition and culture must be respected and tolerated at any cost.
43. Let them strive with every force and effort to further the progress of the sciences which they teach; but let them also be careful not to transgress the limits which We have established for the protection of the truth of Catholic faith and doctrine. With regard to new questions, which modern culture and progress have brought to the foreground, let them engage in most careful research, but with the necessary prudence and caution; finally, let them not think, indulging in a false "irenism," that the dissident and the erring can happily be brought back to the bosom of the Church, if the whole truth found in the Church is not sincerely taught to all without corruption or diminution. [ 2 ]

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