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This is a dead diary preserved for the sake of... something who's value elludes me.

I'm a CS major at Stanford University, currently employed at Eazel. Computers aren't my only life...I also enjoy philosophy, sound engineering, writing, cycling, and singing (though I suck). I'm mostly hacking on Nautilus and GnomeVFS, with some Tadpole (a seEkReT proJeKT) work on the side.
Particular interests regard formal logic (as it relates to computing), HCI, and general architecture issues.
See also: A snippet of crappy writing, The Out State, and ... crap I need to put more stuff on the web...


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grrrrr. Netscape borked today for no apparent reason and forgot all its settings. So I lost my mail filters. I think I'll go back to Gnus at this point, if I can get it working with Eazel's CertificateAuthenticatedIMAP (TM) servers, or maybe Evolution. I have been keeping NS4.75 around exclusively for mail, so I'll see this as an opportunity rather than a curse, neh?
Looks like Nautilus 1.0 freeze is really happening this time. Even though I wanted to get all my bugs fixed, the obligation of Nautilus hell had become opressive. Nautilus has had 600% more of my time than I could afford to spend on it this week, so code freeze means final relief w/o guilt. Hey, its not my fault I had to stop working, the bastards just wouldn't let me commit anymore ;-) I am happy though because we will be shipping a Nautilus that performs, if not perfectly, admirably, on Solaris. Actually some of the Solaris code (notably MP3 playing) is better than the Linux equivalents right now, though sadly not of my doing.
Work on Tadpole may resume again now that Nautilus recedes in urgency... I need to dig more into the core code and wrap my head around it before I can really be productive. Its just not at the point where I could (even if I wanted to) devote myself soley to, say, writing CODECs. My threadfu has grown weak as of late owing to a year of crappy "We hate threads, we hate C++" GNOME programming....

It just feels like the time to write a diary entry. I have now been awake for 37 hours, and am going to go to bed immediately after finishing this entry. Yes...I swear it. In the interim since the last entry I have basically taken over making Nautilus/GnomeVFS/Ammonite/OAF/Medusa/etc work properly on Solaris. This was dropped into my lap for Nautilus 1.0 as something critical like 2 weeks before release, so I have been working like mad on rather prosaic porting issues (and some interesting ones too).

Added bazillions of mime types to the Nautilus mime type database too. Whee. Exciting weekend, I know.

-eek- This graphics assignment is proving harder than I had anticipated. I budgeted it one day of looks more like we're looking at two+. This is bad because I also have a philosophy paper due imminently (in addition to my regular slew of problem sets!).
I've been working more with GTK+ lately...because that seems like a good thing for a GNOME programmer to be fluent with ;-) Honestly its really easy working with something like Nautilus to ignore massive areas of code beacuse somebody else really will do them. Also working with Bonobo.
Am thinking about playing with starting an IDE based on Jade. Jade is a kickass editor similar to emacs written by John Harper (of Sawfish fame). Jade has the advantage that it is bound very nicely with GTK+ through rep-gtk. Great. So we have a nice editor written in a functional language...and it binds to GTK+. What an opportunity :)
No really! I've missed programming in functional languages, though I have to honestly admit to having more imperitive experience at this point....ah well.

Evil. I have an abstract algebra midterm on Monday. I'm going to fail. I'm going to fail...I'm going to fail.... Maybe if I keep reminding myself of that I won't feel so bad when I fail! :-) OK, maybe I won't exactly fail, but its gonna be brutal. I can feel it.
They closed down the open kitchen yesterday because people weren't cleaning up their mess. Dumb shits get drunk, bring all their friends in and then leave the place screwed up. This is particularly annoying because I spend like an hour a day on weekends cleaning the place up because I want to be able to use it the next day (they close it for a while when things get too messy). So in the efforts were in vain. Ah well. Dinner sounds really good now (I'm hungry!)!
I finally fixed my roommates video card, so we can watch DVDs now. This is good. One needs some relaxation...and plus he has a bunch of monty python dvds...bliss... :-)
21 Oct 2000 (updated 21 Oct 2000 at 11:11 UTC) »
Um. Yah. Its been a while, no? Lets see if we can get ourselves back into the habit of writing advogato diaries :) Actually seem to do better when I'm busier, so I have high hopes for this little run of entries!
Not surprisingly, my time is consumed with classes. This quarter I'm taking a fairly hefty load:
CS248 (advanced graphics),
CS242 (programming languages),
Political Philosophy,
Linguistics238 (Computational linguistics),
Math120 (abstract algebra),
and am auditing CS353 (algebraic logic) due to my already being over the max number of allowable units :-)
In other circles I'm working to help bratsche broadcast his recital live using icecast. If you'd like to help knock my server about a bit I'd greatly appreciate it.... Comments, flames, successes, problems, etc to me (
I wonder what the <wiki> tag does (look below the diary entry thing for allowable tags)
I don't want to miss lunch again. I'm going to bed.

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