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sickness continues. it really sucks. tried some health drink, and I can breathe again. I think I'll be continuing on that track... Ears are also feeling better. Now if I can just get the cough and the concentration under control, I'll be in great shape!

sness e-mailed to mention that I could recover the lost nethack game, but I won't gain back the full moon luck, which is why I left it running how I did in the first place. Oh well. Introduced wes to nethack, who has never played before. We must work on this.

I'm just too lazy to make the above links. We really need a person html quick expander. Oh well.

Well, it's been nearly a week since I last posted here. Just been too busy or tired to remember to stop by. The party was great on Friday night, the type you come home on Saturday sometime and then go to sleep!

Have the network installation module finished. This is a good thing.

After having the basic medical paid for me by the company I worked for for the past year or two, I've recently needed to go and get it set up on my own. They bill you via mail, and have no option for direct withdrawl this year. They tell me maybe next year.

Why did I need to go set that up again? I think I'm getting a very bad cold, in that I've had difficulty hearing for the past two days, and was apparently wandering around like a zombie, although I don't remember droning on about needing brains. Maybe I just needed a parent to wait for me.

While wandering like a zombie, I managed to find three dead NIC cards around the network, and remove some 10Mbit hubs. With all of that plugged into the network, it seems to affect everyone and drop connections that should be 9MB/s down to 300KB/s. Everything seems much happier in the network, now.

I just realized that the game of nethack I started on the full moon that I left in a detached screen died in a power outage over the weekend! fsck!

I think I'll go sleep now so I can go visit the doctor somewhat early....

upgraded my laptop to woody from a MS OS. The display panel no longer blanks to a powered off state, so I think I may need to play with the apm options a bit...

more work on modules. not much to tell there really.

car goes in for the routine stuff tomorrow, but i gotta get up early so that it will be available for any part of the day. That dealership really has gone down since being sold...oh welll...

The Penguin Mints arrived! The customs people charge me an additional amount. blech. Two seperate orders may have been cheaper...

Followed lots of sleep with little sleep, and even missed a diary entry yesterday. Spent too much time just playing around with things like xscorch...

Got mon watching the internal network to see if it could help any with some of the weird network points. It hasn't done much but confirm what I know, and let me know about one or two things I didn't, so it has been useful :). Finished most of the network module. Apparently, some other bugs have been fixed in SAT, so it should all work properly, too!

not much new here, really. Too busy to write too much. Saw that sness stopped by again, cool

Lots more sleep. I like this sleep stuff. Network module looking in fairly good shape. Might be able to start on other stuff soon.

Had traditional turkey dinner, and looked at this TV thing I watched once upon a time. Great for time wasting, it seems :)

Did some analysis on different Debian mirrors from Stormix, and found some much faster (for us) mirrors, which will be nice.

Started the laundry around 10:30PM, and found that joey does his at the same time.

Wonder if I should go for lots more sleep. Could set a record for most sleep in consecutive nights if I keep this up...

Worked on the network module for a lot of the day. Slept for the other lot in the day

I also did another in-place Slackware->Debian upgrade, this time from 3.6 (still the usual target of Potato). There's just something cool about replacing every binary on the drive, without having to reboot.

A pretty boring day otherwise. I feel my desire to read advogato diaries going down with the sheer huge number of them being posted now. I'd really like to see a list of people whose diaries I want to see daily, and throw in a random one or two each day, that would be the same for everyone, perhaps?

Woke up. Drove home, stopping by A&W for some greasy breakfast. Went back to sleep.

Got up around 4PM, had some leftovers, and did some work on the network module. Also spent most of the day doing little in IRC. It'll probably be a late night (partly because I doubt I could sleep very early...

Well, this entry is *late*, but oh well.

did some work on the network module, of course. It is getting fairly close, as is the deadline :)

had a bachelor party invite two days ago. Decided to go, as I need the break. Went to a strip bar, and took "incriminating" photos of the bachelor, who had a *lot* of fun. Then we went a few blocks down the street to a night club. Had a lot of fun there, and left 30 minutes before closing.

It had a really good time, but think I should get some sleep now...

Well, this entry will probably be late as well, BUT it wasn't!

Worked on the network module more today. It's coming along, but slower than it needs to.

Someone turned on the gas fireplace, left on the A/C, and fell asleep. Net result is that the top floor of the house is very hot. The bottom floor is near freezing. ugh.

I have a small problem. I get home late, and make up some leftovers, and sit down and read e-mail and irc while eating. My cat has taken to mean this is time to try to eat off the plate, depriving me of dinner. I need some way to tell kitty not to jump onto the plate while I'm typing...hrmmmmmmm....

Looks like the registrar switch is completed. Unfortunately, it has caused some sites to not be able to do DNS lookups, yet nothing has really changed...odd...

Made the car appointment for next week. It'd be nice if I had time to do it myself, but oh well...:)

It seems that the clock on advogato isn't NTP synced, so I ended up being a few minutes too late last night. I had been timing them fairly close to before midnight as possible, just in case something happened that I wanted to write about.

Updated boot floppies one last time.... :)

Switched Exim to automatically detect mailman lists, so aliases aren't needed. People can be lazier creating new lists and removing old ones now...

Congratulations to bod, who is the first test applicant all the way through the new new maintainer process. The rest of the test applicants (including myself) should be worked on in the coming few days...

Spent a lot of the day doing some design for the next part of the network module. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll have time to integrate all the changes that ajt has recently added.

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