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20 Sep 2000 (updated 20 Sep 2000 at 14:07 UTC) »

More XFS fixing. We had two problems with buffer_head based I/O. 1. blocksize was left in an indeterminate state, so I had to implement a BLKSETSIZE ioctl. 2. Batching of metadata requests broke with LVM. Fixed. I hereby declare XFS bugfree<tm>. Now let's get back to making the Linux block I/O layer not suck...

I should have known that ordering furniture from IKEA was a bad idea. I suspected problems. I expected problems. But I didn't expect to have a desk without legs for 4 weeks and still counting! Gah!

Still busy unpacking my stuff from .dk, which finally arrived Friday. I brought a lot of shit. Why I shipped my SPARCstation IPC and the Amiga 1.1 Reference Manuals beats me. But they are here.

My organ donor and I came to an agreement. My organ shall arrive shortly. Woohoo! Fun, fun, fun...

...except it looks like I'll be spending most of October in US. IBM LVMS meeting in Austin, Atlanta Linux Showcase, and the 2nd Linux Storage Management Workshop in Miami. *sigh*

Oh, and today is Dennis' last day at Linuxcare. I sense heavy drinking tonight...


'nuff said...

Friday, I finally found the $%#@ bug that has kept LVM barfing with our new kiobuf-based I/O scheme. Turns out we were submitting previously LVM remapped requests to LVM again instead of the SCSI layer. Boo. One line fix, and it was happy.

Yesterday, Jes, Slick, Ryan and I went to see Godzilla 2000. Muahaha. I almost wet my pants laughing. Awesome! After the movie we went to - surprise - the Royal Oak (I've been there every single night this week - Mission accomplished!)

Today was a most productive day. Met up with Mr. Tilder for lunch at Collonade. Then I spent a couple of hours helping my former employees back at the university creating usernames and homedirs for all the new students. Phew. And finally, I managed to hack a bit on GDM3. Wish I had more time. And legs for my desk...


One of those moments that makes you proud to be a dane! Right, Jes?

Jes' attempt at installing Helix GNOME marks the end of the Grrr-free Week<tm>.

The local hamsters inform me that the organ I ponder buying has Caveat Emptor written all over it. I'm still going to check it out, though. I don't mind tinkering a bit to get it going - if the price is right, that is.

Yesterday, I went to a BBQ at Martin (of NORDU fame) Wahlen's place. Met a lot of nice people and talked about non-geeky stuff most of the day. Excellent!

Ryan, Slick and I went biking along the river today. 40 klicks. Nice, nice, nice. But I'm soo tired now. I intend to nest on my couch until I go to bed. I'm a wuss, - shoot me. *Thud*

Found a local Hammond techie on #hamtech and got some advice on price/availability in the Ottawa area. Most useful. I met a fellow dane there too (The Incredible - KAZAM - SMACK - WHOOSH - Captain Foldback!

Got a letter from somebody who read my diary entry for Thursday. He said that he understood very well why my colleages wouldn't appreciate my art. Thanks for sharing, dude. As a token of appreciation I provide you with this free of charge. Enjoy!

My DSL modem arrived yesterday and it worked out of the box. I can now move mkp.net here (When my Suns arrive, that is). Goodness. Now I just need legs for my desk, and I'll be able to hack from home. Which is good, as there is no way in hell I can fit an organ in my cube at the office (I'm not sure my colleagues would appreciate my art anyway).

Spent most of the evening/night poking a bit more at the LVM kiobuf support. Looks like we need to rethink the I/O path once again. Bugger.

I also dropped by the Hammond organ irc channel and was quite surprised to find out that a lot of the people there use Linux (silly me, joining from ottawa.linuxcare.com). I thought I was special because I'm interested in both organs and computers. Apparently not. Hence I am now declared perfectly normal (Muahaha, yeah right).

Oh. I must say that the past few days have been good hack-wise. The Grrrr-free<tm> week is really paying off. La la la la la. The danish alp is going to kill me when he gets back. I know it. Ok, I'm being evil. Let's all hope that he gets a local box to hack on soon.

So. It's been a while since I updated my diary. Shame on me! My life has been a horrid mess, however, so I'm excused.

I am now properly settled in Ottawa after the excruciatingly painful and lengthy relocation process. Got a nice apartment, and took a day off yesterday to assemble all the stuff I got from IKEA. Yes, I know it's a defeat for a dane to buy swedish furniture. Jes did it too, however, and we have proof! But wait! There's more! He also bought a french bike. He'd probably kill me for making this public knowledge, but he's currently booth babing at LWE so I'm out of reach. Hah!

Work is good. I'm still full time on the XFS project, but I spend most of the time hacking the Linux block I/O layer and LVM code. Currently teaching LVM to do kiobuf-based I/O. buffer_heads must die! They are e-v-i-l.

Oh, I need to chastise Mr. Ryan "Honeybun" Tilder, who still can't spell my name correctly after all these years. *smack*

Greetings from Eagan, Minnesota. As some of you might have heard (guessed, found out due to irc wiretapping, and whatnot), I'm currently working on Cool Stuff at SGI with Le dude.

Driving in Minnesota is - well, uh - interesting. We wanted to go to and indian place downtown and had to take route 35W North, get off at 3rd avenue, and drive east on Washington Ave. South. No wonder we got stopped by the police...

Oh. And there are *two* Holiday Inn Selects at the airport.

And don't get me started on Lone Oak Drive vs. Lone Oak Parkway vs. Lone Oak Road.....

Looks like I survived Another Week in Hell(tm). This was my last real work week at the university. Thank God (i.e. Emacs).

Tuesday I'm off to the US to start on a new exciting project with this hoopy frood. I sense hard work ahead. Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Oh, dear. Oh, well. - We asked for it.

I'm cooking the last dinner (curry) for myself for a long time. Unfortunately I'm out of fresh coriander. Had to use some of this grey powder that claims to originate from a real plant. I have my doubts. To me it looks suspiciously like sawdust. Tastes like it too (I should know - I am intimately familiar with trees).

Today was the last but one session with my band. I'm going to miss these guys. *sigh* Note to self: Buy a B3 as soon as I'm in Ottawa...

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