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I'm 28, I live in the DC area, when I grow up I want to do something with computers. Oh, wait....


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nekkid chocolate pics (just for richlowe).

I've discovered the two things that make konqueror really annoying.
  1. you can't paste a link into the main window to go there (works in NS4/mozilla)
  2. The CSS support is just as buggy as NS4, which means it is horrid.
Number 1 is annoying but not a crisis. Number 2 pisses me off a lot. I tried to fix my bash page so it would look correct in NS4/konqueror but decided that it wasn't worth working around their css bugs...

20 Dec 2000 (updated 20 Dec 2000 at 21:41 UTC) »
Helped Chutt track down the CD audio bug in FreeAmp the other day. He still hasn't committed it to the CVS tree because his local tree is b0rked, but it at least works on my machine...
Moved over to using enlightenment V0.17 full time at home yesterday. It doesn't have enough features yet for me to use it at work, but for home use it does fine. I'm using gnome panel, since there aren't any root menus yet--it appears that the gnome menu in panel has become full of evil suck. At least in the .deb, there are a bunch of stupid application catagories that you can't edit from the menu editor, the only thing you can change is stuff under your "Favorites" menu. And why does each sub menu have a heading that gives you the name of the menu again in what looks like another menu item that isn't selectable? Since I just selected the Favorites selection on my menu, don't I probably *KNOW* what that menu is? Also, I found it annoying that if I had a 'sliding' panel and used the little arrow buttons to move it to the far right of the screen and then dragged it somewhere else, it would jump back to the right hand side whenever I added anything to it. After spending years defending gnome in #e, I find that I can't really stand using it anymore. Oh well...

My favorite place to eat in Georgetown, Burrito Brothers, is closing tomorrow. sigh

it seems that after quite awhile of stability, mozilla has had some problems over the last several weeks. I've had it crash more over the last couple of weeks then in the 2 months previous, I think. There have also been weird problems with dialogs, and it seems to have eaten this diary entry, twice. Ah well, hopefully they are doing cool stuff and that's what's breaking...

I love free software. The people at work finally convinced me that I should have some instant messaging client setup (primarily by never answering their phones). I tried TiK but it was just too, "tk-ish" for me to be able to stand. I looked at gaim and it was OK...except all the stupid braindead buttons all over the "conversation" window. It seems that just because AOL makes their client unbearably ugly, everyone who writes an IM client has to do the same. So I checked the src deb out, poked around in conversation.c, and soon had a client that just shows a textbox at the top for conversation and a single textbox for input at the bottom. No buttons, no ugly border, just simple goodness :) Of course, without the source I would have been screwed--> no wonder 99% of the windows software in the world sucks.

finished the new webpage this weekend. The whole site is created by running a script (cunningly named "") that goes through and makes the page from a couple of templates and a bunch of content files. It creates thumbnails from the screenshots and pix directories, creates indexes, blah blah blah. Of course, the resulting page is hard to read in a few places (i need to make the colors contrast more) and clean up the html output more. and make an admin interface so i can add news items and screenshots without ssh'ing to the webserver and editing files...

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