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just a guy who:

  • loves Jesus (the *real* one, not advogato-jesus )
  • loves and *does* software artistry
  • participates in the open source community
  • creates and enjoys music.

current stuff i'm working on:

  • webapps
  • corba
  • micropayments
  • crypto
  • a bit of philosophy


  • SolutionTrain - consulting and software development (awesome stuff)
  • Engineering Computing Support Services (ECSS) at Iowa State University - unix system administration

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whoah... last night was pretty fun. we got stuck in des moines during some cool tornado weather. my father-in-law's house (where we camped out) was *right* next to the tornado siren so sleeping was interesting though. our 5yo daughter, corri, was pretty spooked. but it was beautiful outside. the lightening was amazing.

lots of stuff to finish up today. should be an excellent day. :)

more to come later...

i am nearing insanity... just really tired with everything in general. and the spring break "vacation" didn't seem to help. anyhoo. and i shouldn't pretend to not know how to fix it. *i* need to change, not my circumstances so much. just wanted to share my misery with the world ;)

have really been thinking about an electronic commerce paper written by eric hughes, cofounder of the legendary cypherpunks. eric has inspired me to dig a bit deeper into the history commerce, currency, etc.

"Dismissal of the past belies a basic disrespect for people who had passions for excellence equal to our own."

in other news, i'm planning a release of some software by the end of the week. there. i did it, i gave a deadline. :) stay tuned.

13 Mar 2001 (updated 13 Mar 2001 at 21:26 UTC) »

hmmm... having a quite difficult time getting motivated today. so very much to do, and all i want to do is veg. :( must fix.


i *still* despise solaris. it's making my day suck. again. :)

i'm currently making a buttload of rpms for solaris and its compiler is sooooooooo bad. i swear, this is hell on earth. can't wait to be done and work on managable unices again (linux, irix).

"so matt, how do you *really* feel about solaris?"


my work ethic has returned! yahoo. i guess. still lots to do. i'm kinda surprised i haven't had any name suggestions from the request yesterday. oh well. :) back to admin'ng here at the uni.

lots of realworld stuff done: cleaned house, finished taxes, finished fafsa, changed oil in car, fixed brakelights in car, fixed odor in car ;-) ...

it's spring break and i'm expecting lots of progress (and hopefully stopping points) on lots of my projects. and some extra time to enjoy being with my family.

question. what is a good name for my software project that does (dave winer's idea of) xml-rpc resource subscription/notification? i'm at a loss. if anybody's creative juices are flowing better than mine, it'd be super appreciated. thanks!

here's some quick, off the cuff ideas:

  • smokesignal
  • csana (content subscription and notification architecture)

argh! i can't think of anything i like... oh well. i'm sure something will come.

after some discussion with my father-in-law about back in the day gaming (he hadn't heard of myst), and a cool slashdot article regarding classic sierra games, i've had a great time remembering my beginings in the world of computer gaming. man oh man was it soooooo much fun back then. gaming now makes me pine for earlier days. no crappy "run and shoot" (tm) stuff because the hardware wouldn't do it. there was a lot more imagination required, a greater dependence upon the storyline. and we had to walk uphill both ways... but in all seriousness - please god - deliver us from doom-esqe gaming... i remeber a few years back i played a game i *really* liked. i guess it'd be just a prettied up incarnation of those previous sierra adventure genre games. here's a link to the game at amazon. the last express. if anybody has any recommendations on a similar game, i'd love to waste some hours on it. :)

dreaming: wouldn't it be nice to play (commercial, and high quality) games natively on linux.... :) maybe someday i'll ditch wine and all the headaches.

gotta do stuff.

"Zoooom back to 1995, when the Internet was a blushing babe, young and supple, and full of promise. Every guy wanted her, but they didn't appreciate her for her finer qualities. The marriage ended in disaster. Well the babe is more mature now, and she wants to have some fun."

--dave winer

i always appreciate dave's state-of-the-internet thoughts. he's really right, it sucked in the dotcom era, and now we're moving to a more (corporate-)free and fun net. driven by those that love it, not those that love the cash alone.

as an example, i think i'm correct in saying that most of the people here are like me. not making that much cash doing free software. since money isn't a big issue, we survive the funding drought and push the internet to its next level. lots of 'new' coming out finally. p2p being an obvious example.

have a great night, folks

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