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Hi, my name is Matt. I write some things, but mostly I try to make things other people wrote a little nicer and cleaner.

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10 Jul 2002 (updated 10 Jul 2002 at 12:16 UTC) »

I dropped out of OpenBSD entirely today, given as my baby daughter is arriving soon... and when she does, she's going to get my free time. And frankly, until then, my wife needs me too. :-) I had been maintaining a few ports; the important ones were accepted by others, and I just de-MAINTAINER'd the rest.

It's not like I'm dropping out of the free software scene entirely; because I still work on Zope at work, and am trying to push to get some more of our internal work released as free software. Oh yeah, and I'm still on the Solaris Package System, even though I am not clear on whether or not anyone else is using it. :-)

I had to move Solaris Package System to BerliOS, because of a rather unfortunate misunderstanding with savannah. Namely, there's a requirement that no savannah-hosted projects be dependent on non-free software (in my case, the fact that the software is specifically for Solaris). This requirement was added to the requirements page just after I registered the project, and the approver didn't inform me of the requirement. So, I moved.

Interest in solpkg seems to be about zero right now, although I did get some communication from some of the folks involved in some of the current Solaris package-distributing efforts. They were the ones who alerted me to the dependency requirement. I'll have to see what comes on the front...


Solaris Package System!

I want to thank the guys at savannah for providing the service they do, it's extremely nice to have around.

This weekend I gained a little more Zope enlightenment and created my first Python product. (Until now, I'd done some work with existing Python products, but any new stuff I needed was generally built using ZClasses through the web.

Actually, I'm only dipping my toes in the water, only using the Python product to provide functionality that I can't through ZClasses (namely, I can't have manage_afterAdd methods for two base classes both be invoked -- the first one in the list wins) and building the rest of the product with ZClasses. ZClasses are oft-maligned on Zope IRC, but I think they have a definite place and are quite useful for building simple classes.

"solpkg", the packaging system for Solaris I mentioned earlier, will hopefully be ready for public digestion by the end of the week and posted in its Savannah project area. I want to get in a hardcore reading of the OpenBSD ports system code and figure out how it solved some of the problems I've run into to see if they're solvable in a similar way on Solaris first. Right now there's some voodoo in solpkg, and I want to make sure I understand at least my own code before I make it public.

I've found a good depressant is to go over my old diary entries and see what I thought I could do, and discovered I couldn't, or more likely -- let the thing drop because I have no sense of commitment. ;-)

Ah well. I recently helped bring exUserFolder into Sourceforge CVS with a nice little set of shell scripts I wrote that take a set of old release tarballs and transform them into a repo with each version tagged. It takes a long time to run over my 33.6. Watching it run pointed out a lot of inefficiencies in the way I do things.

What else has been going on? Oh, at work I created something I call the Solaris Packaging System. Essentially, it's similar to OpenBSD ports for Solaris, except it works with tools that are already part of Solaris, GCC: GNU Compiler Collection excepted. I wrote this because I had a collection of shell scripts that did the same thing, except they were totally unmaintainable. :-) I'd like to put this out but am waiting for my boss to talk to company lawyers about whether it's acceptable to do the free software thing or not.

Any advice anyone could give on advocacy here would be nice (and please e-mail; I don't read diaries for replies, generally)... we're not in the software business, we're in the home interior manufacturing business, so a lot of the existing "talking to suits" stuff doesn't apply, really.

Oh well, that's about it. I should do the diary thing again in another half-eon or so.

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