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Is Croatian “kiberkomunist” (i.e., “cyber-communist”) artist and hacker Marcell Mars living a secret life as a Nantucket Reds -wearing preppie from the American northeast?

Marcell Mars and Nantucket Preppy Lookalikes

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Although I don’t mean to brag… I have a really great scarf-hood-combination garment.

I was wearing said awesome scarf in a rather cold apartment during my remote participation in the Learning Creative Learning class.

I would like to think that I said some interesting and insightful things. But if I didn’t, I’m glad to hear my scarf — which now has its very own sub-reddit — was able to impress and entertain.

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Conversation on Freedom and Openness in Learning

On Monday, I was a visitor and guest speaker in a session on “Open Learning” in a class on Learning Creative Learning which aims to offer “a course for designers, technologists, and educators.” The class is being offered publicly by the combination — surprising but very close to my heart — of Peer 2 Peer University and the MIT Media Lab.

The hour-long session was facilitated by Philipp Schmidt and was mostly structured around a conversation with Audrey Watters and myself. The rest of the course materials and other video lectures are on the course website.

You can watch the video on YouTube or below. I thought it was a thought-provoking conversation!