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Puh, these last days have been quite hectic...and full with beers :) RIght now I am at the university, trying to figure when I have lectures, which books I have to buy and stuff like that.

3 Sep 2000 (updated 3 Sep 2000 at 23:36 UTC) »

Puh, just got home for a small weeks trip to the island Fanø. This was a very exorsting week, and I know that tomorrow at DIKU will be even more tirering..yikes!!!

I'm starting learning Standard ML now, so today I will see if I can find a nice rpm, which includes what I need. Apart from that I just need to clean up...well I said "just". Actually it isn't "just", since it will take the whole day...there is really a lot to do.

And I really need to sleep now..but my wash is not finished yet...that sucks!

Also it sucks that everytime I try to talk to eskil on irc, he seems to be away...then I cannot overflow him with the errors I found in his eazel rpms.

Pre-limitary dates for GUADEC are now ready...it's the 6-8 of April, 2001.

27 Aug 2000 (updated 3 Sep 2000 at 16:29 UTC) »
On the way to bed...
Well it is soon good night time, since I have to start at the uni tomorrow again, so I thought I better write here before saying godnat to my neightbours. Well today I didn't do very much. Well I made a script for making strings in XML files translatable, while I was at Kim's. There are still some problems, which I discussed with Chema, but I didn't really do much for finding a solution - I feel so tired and without inspiration today. Kim also looked at it, but he also quickly gave up. Laziness seems to overcome people on sundays.

- just got a nice letter from my girlfriend...that really cheered me up ;)
Misc stuff
Well, what have I been doing today...well actually not so much yet, since I was very tired yesterday. Even though I planned a little of the GUADEC 2001 conference, so soon we will be able to announce a date. Yesterday I started programming a script for generating PO template files from a XML source. I'm not totally finished yet, but well I guess I will be today. Apart I didn't do much more than figuring out a good way to find the overlapped area of two retancles for almer, so he can get the gnumeric autoformatter working soon ;) I really look forward seeing his work.
As I hadn' t hacked for quite some time, I took I look at my and Kim's console scripts for Nautilus. The Trasher script now does almost what I want it to, without requiring special modules from CPAN. That is a good thing I think.

Being back is weird. It's really empty here without my girlfriend. It feels like everything I do here, doesn't really matter. Well, I just need to get the money and the time to visit her soon again. I really have to. Btw, If someone wanted to take a look at the Trasher script, please then do so. It's located at:

Today I am going to do all the paperwork that I have to do before starting at the university monday. Yikes, I really do not want to do this. Later my idea is to take a look at the Gnome translations, and make sure that we get infront once again.

Heya folks, now I am back from mijn vacatie in het Nederlands ;)
Actually it was a very nice vacation. Actually I may say the best ever. Being with my beloved girl friend was soo great. And after seeing the different parts of Holland, I must say that I like the country soo far. Actually in many ways it resemples Denmark, so I advoided a culture shock.

With regard to hacking I haven't done a single thing. My girlfriend has taken up all my time, and I must say I *really* like that way. I never believed that I could love one soo much as I love her. I am really soo sad that I had to return back to Denmark. Now I just got to find time to visit her soon. If I do not - I have no idea of what I should do about my self. I am soo deply in love, and it feels so wonderful. Mijn Hannahtje, I really love you!!!!!!

A new day..This day didn't start out that well since I had to arrange some importing things over the net, and it was totally down..At some point I though that my netcard had seen the end of days, but luckely that was not the case.

Anyway, today is the birthday of the very active russian translator, Valek, also knows as frob. CONGRATULATION, MATE!!!

Right now I have been playing around with the metatheme package. It seems to be missing the po/ directory, so I made one with the right Makefiles, et al. Added a Danish translation and sent it to the maintainer.

Now I was at it, I updated some more i18n files, and took a little look at the status - yikes, this could look better. Anyway, Evolution looks to be well translated. I doubt if this is right. Maybe Mathieu didn't change the POTFILES.in file after all. In case you read this Mathieu, please run ./update.pl -M in the evolution/po directory. The output should make it clear for you what to do.

Real life
Not much more will happen in that area for today, as I am going to Holland in a couple of hours...I look sooo much forward to that, and totally cannot wait. I never thought that I could miss a girlfriend that much, but I do! It's almost totally unbarable..but now I am going there!!! ;);

Hehe, irc is funny..today a new dane joined the society, and of course Xach was quick to greed him ;)

--> ziento (kenneth@ip102.esnxr2.ras.tele.dk) has joined #gimp
Xach: eek, more danes
Xach: or is that kanikus?
ziento: it's just me Ziento
Xach: hello Ziento
ziento: you don't know me but you probaly know my friend, kanikus
ole: godav, godav, ziento.
ziento: by the way who are you
Xach: jeg er dansk
ziento: godaw ole
Xach: og jeg er nøgen

Well apart from this the new Red Hat 7beta5 public beta was released, and I have to say, This is THE BEST x.0 Red Hat release I have ever seen..Things are really looking promosing!!!
Way to go Red Hat!!!!

FYI: "og jeg er nøgen" is Danish and means, "and I am naked" ...I wonder who tought Xach Danish ;)

Started working on splitting the textstrings in Gnumeric into two textdomains. First take is almost finished...now just to the testing and then to the fixing...

Well not much happened until now. Kim (male) and I was up all night trying to maintain the different Red Hat i18n files...We did quite a job, but there is still stuff to be done before we can consider Danish as a well supported language.

Yesterday I mailed the guy responsible for the man-pages site, and today he replied "IN DANISH", that the Danish link now it added...That is pretty cool, as I think he is Dutch ;)

Right now I am going to take a shower and then pack the last things before I take off to the Netherlands tomorrow - I also need to go buy some things for the trip, otherwise I will be starwing after the 11-12 hour journey...

FYI: I'm going to The Netherlands in order to visit my girlfriend, which I miss quite a lot...

Today I just saw the latest PC Planet magazine, and it had two great articles in it, written by me of course ;) Anyway, they actually turned out really good I think.

Hi everybody, this is my first advogato diary ever..well people kept telling me to get an account here, so now I thought that the time had come to do so...

Well not much has happened today. I have been sitting here with my friend Kim, and hacking a little on the Nautilus Console Scripts. I have also been installing the latest and greatest beta of an *unknown* linux distribution ;) Well I tested it carefully and found some small bugs that I will have to report soon..lets hope that people won't hate me for this ..yikes..but they tend to do so :/ Anyway, in a few seconds I will together with Kim go through the Red Hat i18n files, and make sure that they are well updated with regard to the Danish language.

I will also have to soon port my Danish GNOME book into sgml, so it can be integrated in the book series, Linux - Friheden til at vælge. This is though a lot of work and might first be done after I go visit my beloved girlfriend in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Anyway, back to workin'.....

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