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Name: Kenneth Rohde Christiansen
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Homepage: http://www.pbk.dk/~pbk1807


Daw o' velkommen te mi siej å æ stu'er internet! Hwis do ett ka forsto hwa a sæjjer, så'e det fordi det'e å vestjysk (Jutish). A we godt a burd laew en vajlejning, men så'en jen tår lång tiej å' laew. Ja, men I ka jo åltiej spøer hwis der æ noew I ve viej. Æ adress finner I lidt længere ni'er å æ siej. Den sku væer let å se

Who am I? Well that can be a tought question. In short words I am a Dane who grew up in the part of Denmark called Vestjylland (Western Jutland). I am interested in computers, usability and especially building desktops, which apart from political reasons, is why I work on the GNOME desktop (I even planned the GUADEC conference in Denmark - man that was hard work :). I am also very interested in languages and the list of languages that I speak is constantly growing, with my favorite language being Icelandic. I'm a person with a lot of interests, who also spend his time on politics, growing tropical plants, playing/listening to music and writing poetry. (you can find my name on www.digte.dk or www.poetry.com)

I love getting postcards, so if you feel like it, please send me a postcard written in your own language. (Please write the language name with Latin letters if your language use non-latin letters)

Want to email me? Do it at kenneth@gnu.org or kenneth@gnome.org.

Mailing address:

Kenneth Christiansen
Paul Bergsøe-kollegiet
Skodsborgvej 190,1,-1807
DK-2850 Nærum.

If you need to call me, my number is (0045) 7742 5211. The number in the ( )'s is the country code for Denmark. It is also possible to find me on GnomeMeeting ILS.

You can also see my address here on something that is supposed to be a printable visitcard.


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6 Dec 2002 (updated 6 Dec 2002 at 15:02 UTC) »

Urgh, then I got ill once again. :/ The timing isn't really perfect.

I turned in a project today, and now I have less than a week to finish the next...this seems rather impossible, but lets see what happens. The worse part of it is that I have to write an approx. 40 pages report, and this is not really where I am having my strength. I am taking the day off in the hope that I will be back on my feets tomorrow.

Didn't get to code so much on opensource projects lately, but if everything works out I should have "lots" of time for coding in mid January and hopefully I will have a lot of energy aswell :) This is very important as I have to help out with preparing the 1.0 release of GnomeMeeting, and there is still a lot to do.

Spend most of the day (and some of yesterday) hacking on an Audio CD view for Rhythmbox. It seems to be coming along pretty well; it reads the disc data with musicbrainz (in a thread of course) and updates the nodes nicely. It also stores your ratings for the CD tracks, and it should be possible to share the rating files (stores as XML) with your friends if you like to do that.

Though, after upgrading my gstreamer to 0.4.2 it doesn't switch tracks anymore. This seems to be an issue in Gstreamer which I hope will be solves soon.

The code is not in CVS yet, since we want to do a release of RB first.

If you want to see a shot here is one. Enjoy it.

Tomorrow I won't have time to hack on it though; tons of homework to be done, and tons of graphics functions to be implimented for my upcoming project.

Wow, long time since I wrote anything here. Well ofcourse a lot af stuff happened since.

I am currently very busy with school and mostly very tired when I get home :(. I am currently contribute a bit to GnomeMeeting and Rhythmbox, but I really hope my contributions will increate in the future.

Intltool seems to work very well these days, but it still lacks good documentation. It also has some bugs which are pretty hard to fix for me :/

Anyway, it seems my next project will be to finish adding audio-cd playback to Rhythmbox - the view is still missing.

Hi again. Here I am, busy as always, maybe actually a lot more, since of university projects et al. Well, what has happened on my front? Since last diary, I have started making a xml2pot converter, which should make it possible to get the XML files used by Gnumeric translated ;)

Things are looking good, and the script will probably be finished tomorrow or so, AFTER all my homework - gosh, I never thought that math could be soo boring ;/

...anyway, off I go...

13 Sep 2000 (updated 13 Sep 2000 at 21:24 UTC) »

Puh, it has been a long time since I wrote here...well, since then I have started studying again. The last two weeks have been quite hectic, since I need to figure out which classes I have, and when, and where to get info about assigments, etc. Today I handed in my first math project this yeah, but as far as I know by now, it will not mean that I have a lot of sparetime, since especially the math course really seem to be a killer course..well people told me that on forehand, but I need it for my physics. Today was quite exorsting, since I went up at around 6, then went to school and stayed there until 18:00 when I had to bike home again..yikes, and I had absolutely no time on my own the whole day, not even a lunchbreak...all free time went on walking from one institute to another.

Well there is something good about the study anyway, and that is that the SML course is quite easy until now...luckely I will only have to go through these three SML books, and then I can switch to Java, which is far more interesting to work with ;)

Also the mosml SML interpretor is quite stupid, but luckely I got emacs up and running with full SML support a couple of days ago, so now it's a lot nicer...;)

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