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Moving Time…

I am keeping the contents of this blog for posterity, but I am moving my blogging to http://jademeskill.com.  Please continue to follow me there.

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A MacBook Pro Cries For Help!

402x268 - Widescreen

Have you ever seen this before?  Scott Cate of mykb.com fame recently had a little problem with his MacBook Pro.  I think it just realized it was in the hands of a .NET developer!

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“Downturn” spelled backwards is “Opportunity”

At Integrum, my Ruby on Rails Consulting and web development shop, I have been speaking with many other entrepreneurs about ideas and products they are looking to bring to market in this time of economic turmoil.  I am amazed at the ingenuity of these fascinating business people and their ability to look into the jaws of a recession, especially in the face of a collapsing housing market, and perceive profitable new ventures.  At this time I am currently under NDA so I can’t discuss specifics, but that is outside the scope of this post anyways.

What I am hoping that is more entrepreneurs continue to be creative, instead of being scared and intimidated into just shutting down and hiding out until “this whole thing blows over.”  Believe me, I alternate from optimistic to terrified on a daily basis, so I certainly sympathize with people who are freaking out, but that is not the answer.

Over at one of my other ventures, Gangplank, an example of creating a hub of innovation and collaboration in Phoenix, we are continuing to do our part.  We have funded a few startups, we have encouraged collaboration and capitalism, we’re not planning on stopping any time soon.

Keep innovating, keep competing, keep collaborating, keep moving forward America!

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Why Merb Becoming Rails 3 is a Good Thing

Q: Rails or Merb?
A: Yes. 

So, today’s big news is that Merb will be the new Rails.  Wow!  Who said you couldn’t get people’s attention during the holidays.  This is really going to shake up the Ruby web community. 

There has been a lot of reactions to the news, not all of it positive.  This tweet jumped out at me.  That is a totally understandable first reaction.  What happened to the revolution?  In my opinion this is the best possible outcome of the Merb revolution.  It began life because of frustrations with the Rails core team and the direction that Rails in general was heading. The Merb team chose to go off and do things the way they think things should be done.  Competition was created.

As the competition increased you started to see some of the better ideas in Merb start to be implemented in Rails.  Competition is the best thing on earth to break a monoculture. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own little worlds and to keep doing things just because that’s the way we do things.

Now, the situation today is that Merb has convinced the Rails core team that they were onto something, and instead of leading us down the path of Ruby Web Framework Armageddon (which is not wholly bad, but at the very least creates a marketing problem) they decided to now join forces.  Not a decision that was taken lightly, I imagine. 

So what happens to competition, you say? It still exists, there are now many, many Ruby Web Frameworks, and many more will come, even in the wake of this announcement.  There will always be people pushing the status quo, there will always be ambitious hackers out there creating new and exciting things.  Those things will inevitably feedback into the dominant frameworks, if not, then the dominant frameworks will slowly die off, as they should.

So why is this a good thing again?  Well because now the framework I love, the framework that has changed my development life, will now be even better! The infusion of the quality engineering that has been displayed by the Merb team is the best thing for Rails’ long term viability. Enterprise business *want* to jump on the Ruby bandwagon, they are just scared of Rails and it’s issues, real or perceived. Now, Rails will become the Enterprise solution they have been clamoring for, and that makes life great for all us Rails Development and Consulting shops out there!

Here’s to a great New Year for Ruby!!

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links for 2008-11-25

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What’s new in Phoenix Tech

Today a new site launched that will cover the goings-on in Phoenix Startups and Technolgoy.  Daily Hoopla will be hunting down cool companies in Phoenix and get them to spill the beans on what they are up to.  If you know a good company in Phoenix that deserves some attention, please send in your suggestions.

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What Does Daddy Do?

My 5 year old (also named Jade) had a homework assignment for Kindergarten where he had to explain “What do your parents do at work?”

This is what he came up with all on his own:

What Does Daddy Do?

For those of you who can’t decipher Kindergarten handwriting that says


  1. Fixes Computers
  2. Writes Programs
  3. Makes Websites
How funny is that?

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