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Developer in the open-it effort (directory services and system management)


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19 Jan 2001 (updated 19 Jan 2001 at 21:02 UTC) »


No entries made here for a while. Luke Howard and I did a presentation at SVLUG at the beginning of the month. I posted said talk on open-it.org.

Been busy, need to get more code done. I'm currently wrestling with webldap and its php code. It was designed without session support, embedded with configuration information, and expects non schema LDAP servers like openldap 1.x. Where does one begin?

16 Oct 2000 (updated 17 Oct 2000 at 07:16 UTC) »

Ack... Been setting up parts of open-it's /access part of the site (our developer centric component) and have been running into fun stuff that Luke Leighton and I must work out :P

I have posted an article there, but it doesn't exactly work as expected. The article bottoms out, and moving it to the news section has it no show up unless you specifically go to the news sub-component (not in the main page). Arg :)

Good news for the day (its actually the next day...) is that I have finally tackled various schema issues with OpenLDAP 2.0.x and provided sufficient patches to MigrationTools to make seeding a virgin OpenLDAP 2.0.x server a bit less of a chore. Now my diffs are in MigrationTools-26 on ftp.padl.com (whippie!) and I've added a new schema def for the OpenLDAP package (rpm 2.0.6-4 will be the one!). Maybe the OpenLDAP group will accept the changes. Time will tell.

Check out my home page to grab this RPM...

As I mentioned, I now have RPMs for OpenLDAP 2.0.x, OpenSSL, Cyrus-SASL, and also NSS_LDAP/PAM_LDAP (all in the NSS package). I'm now only maintaining Redhat 6.2 packages and TurboLinux 6 packages. That makes two LSDP-standard builds to make sure I'm not off my rocker. Redhat 7.0 has been dropped for now because of compiler/library issues (now well publicized). Check out the web site for a bit more details.

The group has grown just a tad, and some ideas are solidifying, if not just necessarily the names. I'll be trying to put together the web site with Luke Leighton using his modified mod_virgule. Once that is in place, information on various components of the project will hopefully be described in detail.

The main pieces that we are currently <focused> on is our backend daemon dubbed Kodama and a directory seeding framework/app called Shiido. For the permanant record, I can explain these two.

In Shinto (Japanese indigenous religion), there are various Yokai (demons), good and bad or indifferent. Kodama are specific Yokai which claim trees as their habitat. Since the backend is a hierarchy or tree service daemon, Kodama (tree demon) is the name :). Similarly, Shiido is Japanese for seed. Its the beginning of the tree, and thus my DS management and seeding app should be so aptly named.

Well, I'm boring everyone now...

The Open-IT effort is gaining steam. We've had a lot of interest from various members in the community who are now working as core-developers. Well, mostly talking. We all have ideas of how to solve these large IT problems.. we just need to get some solidification on what to do first, how to sync up components, etc. The joys of the 'new project' :)

The site has a few new entries. The most interesting additions are RPMs for openldap 2.0.4 for redhat 7.0, and probably by the end of the day RPMs for openldap 2.0.6 on rh6.2 and 7.0, along with rh6.2 RPMs for cyrus-sasl and openssl (the same revs as with redhat 7.0). Of course, rpm 4.0 specs don't seem to handle well with rpm 3.x -- wonder what really changed.

Another new thing is my preliminary roadmap for our work. Again, a lot more is now being bitten off in the core-dev group, but we are hungry :). Please do keep me honest though and tell me what you think! The roadmap is there for anyone to see on the site.

Open-IT has moved to its new home. The site is beginning its buildout with the help of other project members. I welcome Ryan Krebs to our group!

Its been a slow start, but I expect some real work to be completed soon. My wife is heading back to Japan for close to 2 months, so the lack of distractions should benefit the project. Time as usual will tell how far I get.

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