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I am a Linux systems engineer for Pogo Linux (http://www.pogolinux.com). I get to fix all the fun things my sales people try to sell, while taking care of all things IT related, AND handling tech support.

Needless to say my days are really full. If that wasn't enough, I have a ton of things I do during my "own" time. I've taken the duties of running the Fedora Legacy project, I help develop and maintain rpms for the Mondo Rescue project, I run my own Linux consulting and web hosting firm with my wife, j2Solutions, and I'm about to be published as a helping author in an upcoming book on troubleshooting Fedora Core.

~whew~ thats a lot of stuff!

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Had a mostly productive week thus far. Got a lot of things cleared up. Work now knows about Red Hat, so we're taking steps to ensure a quick transition if I were to leave. They're being very very cool about the whole thing. I think if I do leave I'll really miss working with these people.

The FC2 bug w/ some dual Xeon systems and ps/2 not working is getting really really annoying. We should get a fix for this if possible, or a proper workaround.

Fedora Legacy

A community member showed me what went wrong w/ cvs. A missing buildreq of tcsh caused problems, so I've added it in and everything is cool now. New packages are building and will be uploaded. When I get back from RH I'll officially announce that 7.2/8.0 support has been dropped and update / push tickets accordingly.


Went out with my wife last night, had dinner and then watched Shrek 2. Very very funny, I concur with Jeremy, highly recommended.

Picked up a new XBox game, Rally Sport Challenge 2, on the recommendation of a bunch of friends. Haven't played it yet, having some people over tonight to help me 'break it in'. I hope it's good!

What a fun week.....</sarcasm>


Work stressed me out like never before. I came home most nights and just collapsed on the couch and slept for an hour or 3 before doing anything constructive. I was just dead exhausted from the mental strain at work. Whats worse, this seems to have done some odd things to my normal sleep patterns, and now I can't get more than 3~4 hours of sleep at night, which is only compounding the situation ): But now it's the weekend and I hope to catch up on some sleep and get things somewhat back in order, just to start over again next week. Good news is that I'm only at work for Mon - Wed of next week, due to flying out to Red Hat on Thursday. Also we have Monday off so a good weekend.

Fedora Legacy

The discussion of removing Fedora Legacy support of RHL 7.2 and 8.0 went pretty well. Most people saw good reasoning behind removing it, very few really really wanted to keep it. I think I've made up my mind and support will be dropped on Monday. I'll have to go through bugzilla and update all comments to reflect this, pushing some things into testing that were waiting on 7.2/8.0 stuff.

Pushed cvs into updates-testing, but a user reported that cvs was claiming it needed a dep of "no". User was able to just rebuild the srpm and no more "no" dep. Seems that something went wrong in mach to cause the dep. Will have to investigate.


NetFlix sent me Daredevil (well I picked it out). Watched it, wasn't too awful. My wife and I plan on going to see Shrek 2 in the very near future. Would have gone tonight if I hadn't taken a longer nap that I originally planned.

Tried to yum upgrade my FC1 x86-64 system to FC2 x86-64. Didn't realize I had "exactarch=1" set in my yum.conf and this seems to have caused some severe problems. All my applications seem to be looking for /lib and /usr/lib stuff rather than /lib64 and such. X is broken, so is most of KDE. I'm really not sure where to go from here, but I'll figure something out (with help from smarter people than I of course). So, word to the wise, remove exactarch=1 from your yumconf if doing upgrade.

So, advogato has been down for a while, so I haven't been able to blog. Grr.

So, pushed a LOT of packages out via Fedora Legacy. Cleaned up most of what is in updates-testing, and tried to touch on every bug in bugzilla. Managed to close a few. Did some package building tonight, and pushed them up for QA. Things should start rolling good now that I finished up some work that was sucking all my time.

So I'll be making a trip to Red Hat at the end of next week. I hope to meet a lot of the people I've been talking with online for the last couple years.

Gave an OS X presentation to my local LUG this past weekend. It went pretty well. Theme of the presentation was "Unix + Eye Candy". Most people seemed pretty impressed with Expose and Finder's spring loaded folders.

Sent mail to Fedora Legacy list about dropping 7.2/8.0 from officially supported releases. This will help streamline our updates with minimal user impact. Read the message (and resulting replies) here.

Fedora Core 2 is officially out now, thats major kick butt. I'm busy at work getting FC2 officially supported on our product line so that we can do pre-installs. Things are looking good, except for our p4 workstation, which is based on an Asus P4P800. FC2 is known to not work with this motherboard, but no solution is known yet. Bummer. Loving the +2TB support. Now we can fully populate some of our servers, and aggregate some servers together for even larger storage. Wheee!

Oh, and spot's blog entry has got to be one of the funniest things I've read in a while. Way way funny.

Busy day today. Had a new client at our offices, to oversee how we would be putting their systems together and helping us to get their software loaded on the systems. It was a good visit, they were impressed with how we did things.

Went out to dinner at Olive Garden with my wife, we try to have a nice dinner out at least once a week. Working on not eating as much, so brought home more than 1/2 the dinner. Will make a good breakfast tomorrow before the LUG.

Speaking of the LUG, I have to prep my laptop for a talk on OSX tomorrow. The theme is Unix but !Linux. I haven't written anything down for the talk, should be interesting (:

Better day today (: Gave my presentation to the sales people. They were looking for something far less indepth than I originally thought so I was able to 'off-the-cuff' it. Need to write up a presentation for when I go to a customer's location in a couple weeks. That should be fun-ish.

More testing of kernel 2.6 and greater than 2TB block devices. I've got a 12 drive SATA raid box that exports the raid array as a block device over Fibre. Getting some weird benchmark numbers, much faster writes than reads, and I'm not sure if it's the device, fibre in general, or kernel 2.6. Need more investigation.

Got told this morning that I had to have a complete new network segment put together with its own kickstart server that is also a firewall/nat box for special installs for a company that will OEM our hardware up by, oh tomorrow morning. Nothing like a short deadline, joy. So worked on that most the day, and will continue working on that tomorrow. Repeat after me, "I love my job. I love my job." (:

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