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Since earning a MSCS from the University of Alabama in 1989, I have worked for IBM in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. For ten years I worked in SNA and TCP/IP stacks and related apps for IBM mainframes. Early in 2000 I started working on Apache httpd full-time.
e-mail: trawick at apache dot org
old e-mail addresses: trawick at ibm dot net, trawickj at bellsouth dot net


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Apache 2.0 is GA... cool... lots of weird bug reports and a few really good ones (weird being funky user errors or system setup problems, good being a real bug that can be fixed)...

I'm playing with the iMac that "brown" brought today. It is a beautiful machine, and I'll be pleased as punch if I can get Apache to build on the first try (supposedly just a matter of patching the right Apple-provided libtool file). Apache is building in the background, I'm listening to "Lady Madonna", and ripping Kind of Blue. Of course I could do the same stuff on all those other operating systems, but it is nice to see something just work out of the box for a change. After playing with it for a few minutes this afternoon Sonya (my daughter) and I wanted to immediately order a couple more. This one is destined for my wife's desk upstairs and of course Sonya and I both "need" an iMac of our own. But maybe Sonya has changed her mind by now, because some software of hers was misbehaving under Classic. Oh, well. And I don't think I can print to the Epson C60 via lpr unless I pretend it is PostScript and set up GhostScript on the Linux box. Yuck. Lots of things to resolve.

We're about to head for a party but for the last few minutes I've been trying to get gphoto to talk to my new Kodak DC3200. It took a code change to the DC3200 support to get it to talk at all (some confusion about retrieved baudrate==0), and I haven't gotten it to list the available pictures yet.

The DC3200 isn't very sexy (1 megapixel, fixed focus/focal length lens) but I got it for 60US after rebate so I'm not complaining. It has only 2MB on-board, which is enough for only 6 shots at the highest resolution, so I've ordered a 64MB CompactFlash card. That should bring the capacity up to nearly 200 shots. I ordered a CompactFlash PCMCIA adapter as well (around 5.50US) so I'll be able to ditch the slow serial interface.

I just went looking for something on the internet and the first thing that popped up was my advogato diary page where I mentioned that I needed to look into that very issue. Not helpful :)

whew... I've been playing with Apache 2.0 on AIX for several weeks straight now... almost learning enough about AIX shared objects/libraries to figure out why libtool does what it does and what needs to be done differently for Apache... luckily there are some good people at work to help out :)

I got 64-bit Apache 2.0 serving pages on AIX today but had to disable send_file() usage to do so. Something weird going on as I always get back EINVAL from send_file()... dunno yet... some nice chap in Austin is bound to help me out...

so many little details left... hit a compile failure with 64-bit compiler in anal mode... seems we're not including time.h in mod_mime_magic for the ctime() declaration... but guess what... we shouldn't be calling ctime() anyway in that place (I think that is request processing code) cause it ain't thread safe... a sane APR interface would be nice (probably already is one; I gotta check)... so I'm glad it didn't compile :) somebody put a little XXX there already (eons ago) but we forgot about it...

what else... more export file problems just now noticed because I don't use DSOs enough... differs between an AP_DEBUG build and !AP_DEBUG... gross...

must get sleep... must help clean the house... (nah!)

Hey, we finally got another Apache 2.0 beta out! Cool! I was starting to wonder if it would ever happen. And not a moment too soon... Now if people will just start fixing the remaining bugs for us :)

There are still plenty of things to polish. AIX in particular is a platform I haven't used too much for Apache 2.0 development, and I think that's a shame. I've been around a great deal of AIX knowledge lately and have gained a new appreciation for the platform. There are serious tools for debugging programs, and finally with 5L there is an easier-to-use system trace facility (truss). The existing AIX trace facility has a lot more detail and can be applied to many more problems, but it takes some getting used to.

For the nth time I browsed around the web looking for info on the truerand library, which is the backup random number generator for aprlib and is used on systems without /dev/random. Unfortunately, truerand doesn't appear to work with threads or with programs which use SIGALRM. Perhaps APR should refused to use truerand if APR is built with thread support.

Several Unix platforms actively supported by Apache/APR don't have /dev/random: AIX, Solaris, Tru64, HP-UX, and OS/390 are among them. I don't know if real programs use truerand or if these platforms have routines in their native libraries which are reasonable.

There's always plenty to do...

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