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7 Jan 2009 (updated 8 Jan 2009 at 04:55 UTC) »

List of year 2008 patches applied on linus git:

1. vicam: use request_firmware()
2. edgeport: use request_firmware()
3. edgeport-ti: use request_firmware()
4. dsp56k: use request_firmware
5. firmware: convert sb16_csp driver to use firmware loader exclusively

6. x86: introducing asm-x86/traps.h

7. x86: Introducing asm/syscalls.h
8. x86: process_32.c declare cpu_number before they get used
9. x86: signal_XX.c declare do_notify_resume before they used
10. x86: time_XX.c declare functions before they get used
11. x86: setup.c declare saved_video_mode before they get used
12. x86: e820.c declare pci_mem_start before they get used
13. x86: pci-dma.c declare iommu_bio_merge before they used
14. x86: pci-nommu.c declare nommu_dma_ops before they used
15. x86: i387.c declare dump_fpu() before they get used
16. x86: ptrace.c declare functions before they get used
17. x86: proc.c declare cpuinfo_op before they get used
18. x86: common.c declare idle_regs before they get used
19. x86: mtrr/main.c declare range_state as static

20. x86: apic_XX.c declare functions before they get used
21. x86: vm86_32.c declare functions before they get used
22. x86: mm/init_XX.c declare functions before they get used
23. x86: mm/fault.c declare do_page_fault before they get used
24. x86: mm/ioremap.c declare early_ioremap_debug and early_ioremap_nested as static
25. x86: mm/pageattr.c declare arch_report_meminfo before they get used
26. x86: mm/pgtable_32.c declare set_pmd_pfn before they get used
27. x86: mach-default/setup.c declare no_broadcast before get used

28. x86_64: Declare new_utsname in asm-x86/syscalls.h
29. X86_32: declare pt_regs_access as unsigned long
30. X86_SMP: smp.c declare functions before they get used
31. X86_SMP: smpboot.c declare idle_thread_array and smp_b_stepping as static
32. X86_SMP: ipi.c declare functions before they get used
33. X86_SMP: tlb_XX.c declare smp_invalidate_interrupt before they get used

34. cassini: use request_firmware

35. x86: process_64.c declare __switch_to() and sys_arch_prctl before they get used
36. x86: signal.c declare do_notify_resume before they get used
37. x86: ldt.c declare sys_modify_ldt before they get used
38. x86: setup.c find_and_reserve_crashkernel should be get used

39. x86: time_64.c timer_interrupt() should be static
40. x86: tls.c declare sys_set_thread_area and sys_get_thread_area before they get used
41. x86: process.c declare c1e_remove_cpu before they get used
42. x86: traps.c declare functions before they get used

43. x86: common.c boot_cpu_stack and boot_exception_stacks should be static

44. x86: traps.c replace #if CONFIG_X86_32 with #ifdef CONFIG_X86_32

45. x86: reboot.c declare port_cf9_safe before they get used
46. x86: apic.c x2apic_preenabled and disable_x2apic should be static

47. x86: introducing asm/sys_ia32.h
48. x86: apic.c declare pic_mode before they get used
49. x86: io_apic.c io_apic_sync should be static
50. x86: efi.c declare add_efi_memmap before they get used
51. x86_64: pci-gart_64.c iommu_fullflush should be static
52. x86, pci: move arch/x86/pci/pci.h to arch/x86/include/asm/pci_x86.h

53. x86: amd_iommu_init.c: iommu_enable and iommu_enable_event_logging should be static
54. x86: amd_iommu.c: prealloc_protection_domains should be static
55. x86: genx2apic_phys.c: x2apic_send_IPI_self and init_x2apic_ldr should be static
56. x86: bios_uv.c: uv_systab should be static
57. sched: sched.c declare variables before they get used

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