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Apparently, I can type 75 words per minute. You can check your speed in this website (requires a Java virtual machine to run). In sensible units, 75 WPM is approx. 380 keystrokes/minute.

By the way, I'm currently learning the Morse code (not going to get a ham license, though; it is just for the Cool Factor [TM]). Of course, I'm learning it directly by the sounds. Any other tips or suggestions? :-)

I'm the quine monster. I made another one today. In python.

I've got too much time.

Today I set up anonymous CVS in my computer. Plus I have been in a surprisingly good mood almost all day. W00t.

So, if you want to download the source code to the Galician translation of Mozilla (module "mozilla"), channel #gpul@OPN's IRC bot (module "pulemil") or my weblog (module "mlog"), log in to :pserver:anonymous@elvin.ddts.net:/home/anoncvs (empty password) and check out the module(s) you want :-)

Making a quine in bash is fun. Just ask if you want it :-))

Another month (plus 3 days) has gone by without any diary entry from me. Uh.

I added multilanguage support (through gettext, of course) to my Translation Project's TP-Robot PO file easy automated submission tool last Sunday. It is easy to add gettext support to bash scripts; info bash will give you all necessary instructions ;-)

Heh. I suck.

Heh, I'm beating my own record. Last diary entry: Feb 13th.

I finally opened a weblog for myself, in Spanish, for me to write about random stuff. Also, I closed Noticias de Bree. Again. Won't reopen.

Yeah, tired, blah, blah, blah.

Now I have some other place to write in. No more whining from me in advogato. Whee! (The software there is being made by me; it'll be used for small, personal weblogs as well as for GPUL's news site. Uuuh.) The page's in Spanish, as it's one of my mother languages (the other one is Galician).

Re O'Caml and strong typing: yes, less bugs. When you have all your types resolved and straightened up you'll have a big chance of everything just working the way you intended. Isn't that great?

I'm still pondering whether I should close Noticias de Bree or not. I'm not in a great mood these days^Wweeks.

I'm here at Uni, happily training neural networks to forecast the number of visits to my web page, Noticias de Bree (not my homepage; just a Tolkien news site I have). They all work fine, but require more than 100k iterations to train properly. It could be worse, though; It's not like I needed to train this kind of NN every day :-)

Talking about Noticias de Bree, I thought these days about shutting it down. I had quite bad days lately, and not receiving any pieces of news, comments or feedback on it gave me very negative thoughts :-) I even sabotaged the site in order to get some "what's happening to the site?" emails (none received). So I was this -> <- far from shutting down the site. Anyway, I didn't do it. Perhaps next month :-)

My copy of the Cryptonomicon (purchased from amazon.co.uk at quite decent 18 € overall) is waiting for me at home...

I have not that much urge for holidays as in this diary entry. Getting laid would still be good for my... errr... mental health :-)

Will hack on my local copy of thatware. I'll start on detaching comments from articles, so that I could (theoretically) put comments on anything: articles, polls, users, topic icons ;-) Next thing: actually put comments in polls :-) Second to next thing: the Calendar (with comments, of course ;-). Third to next thing: I'll see. The resulting mess will be called Prancing Poney, since it's Noticias de Bree's (News from Bree's) engine :-))

Just one more smiley :-)

25 Jan 2002 (updated 25 Jan 2002 at 15:03 UTC) »

44 downloads of the Galician translation of Mozilla in 9 days. Cool. I'm feeling important already ;-)

Still tired. Glad it's Friday. Glad it'll be a three-day weekend (woohoo!)

Ah, and pulemil, my IRC bot, has been updated to infobot 0.45.3. Source code will soon be available for download (it's a Spanish translation of infobot, basically).

21 downloads of the Mozilla Galician language pack XPI since January 16th. I made it during my Christmas holidays, and it took me quite a lot of work, so I'm quite proud of it now.

I'm quite depressed these days; my exams are nearly here, I have a lot of work to do, I've been feeling tired for the last two weeks, and in the mornings I don't want to get up when the alarm clock rings. In short, and in Spanish: Estoy hasta los cojones.


I need some real holidays.

Or getting laid.

Or both.

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