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My little sister has been playing a few Mega Drive games, and I'm glad she can't play most of them because she doesn't know the "Nintendo Logicness" of those old titles. Nintendo Logic becomes pathetically obvious when you're watching someone who hasn't been poisoned by it playing old games. Newer, 3D games have their own fake logic, but they resemble more closely reality. And I'm glad score-based gameplay is dead.

Also, while revisiting old Mega Drive games I discovered most of them didn't age as well as I'd expect. I can still play Sonic, and even Castle of Illusion, but most platform games are absurdly boring. Puzzle games like Columns have aged well, but that was expected (witness the Tetris DX re-release for the Game Boy Color, for example). Sports games are dull. RPGs are usually, but not always, ok. Landstalker is still playable and all, but I'd take Shenmue any day of the week.

I don't think there are many old games that can appeal newer gamers that didn't play them "back in the days". I play River Raid for the Atari 2600 every once in a while, but I doubt I'd play it if I didn't own an Atari 2600 when I was a kid. Our memories are always much better than the reality. New games suck, but so did old games.

Now, are these musings interesting enough to deserve a place in an Advogato diary? Of course not.


Been to Florianopolis this past week. Very nice and beautiful city. As beautiful as Rio de Janeiro, but with educated people instead - except for the argentinians, but it's a local joke that they don't count as "people". At least I won't count as "people" the person who parked in a position that blocked my car and cursed when I kindly asked him to find a better place for it.


Bought two Moby singles in loco. Not bad, I actually enjoyed them. The first remix of "Porcelain" in the Porcelain single is excelent, and so are "Sunspot" and in particular "Arp" in the Bodyrock single.

The Next Big Thing On The Internet

I believe I've invented the Next Big Thing on the Internet. It's dull, mostly useless and won't make me rich, though, but it's the kind of thing people would drool over. I will write it down later. I'm still waiting for the Next Internet Revolution, however. The two killer apps of the Internet, email and the WWW, are knee-deep in the junk. Email is now a method for delivering unsolicited bulk email, and the WWW is all about bloated pages with that distinctively ugly Front Page style and lots of popups. Even Google is bloated nowadays. I don't want no transparent 1x1 gifs when I'm using lynx, goddamit.


I played the winning game today (All Roads). While it was fun, and it actually did hold my attention until the end (no small feat), well, it was a very poor comp this year, yes it was. Furthermore, non-Z machine games are a pita. I don't want to download 19 interpreters for playing all comp games. I won't even download a TADS interpreter.

You know Slashdot is doomed...

... when it carries only VA ads.

4 Nov 2001 (updated 4 Nov 2001 at 21:47 UTC) »

Idle. Trip. Island. Strange people. Some talking to trees (not me).

More layoffs at Conectiva yesterday (third major chainsaw party already). I was fired. Of course, from now on Conectiva-related problems are no longer of my concern, so this is probably the last time you'll hear from me about them in this diary.

29 Oct 2001 (updated 30 Oct 2001 at 12:20 UTC) »

Nothing useful.

vim folding rules.

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7 May 2001 (updated 14 Aug 2001 at 18:12 UTC) »

What a great day for my nerdity. I've played The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy up to the point where I'm playing with spare Improbability Drives and Advanced Tea Substitutes, almost without reading hints.

This is exactly the kind of game that I hate: one where you can die, it's easy to die and save/restore are essential parts of the gameplay. Heck, if I forget the atomic vector plotter, how long will I stay roaming until I finally discover that it was essential?

At least I'm putting my Palm Pilot to some use.

25 Apr 2001 (updated 9 Nov 2001 at 17:04 UTC) »

Layoffs at Conectiva. Unofficial figures point towards a 15% cut at the main office in Curitiba.

Status update: hop.

Status update part deux: way too many people have been talking about this diary with no understanding of the underlying issues - and it's all my fault for giving out news without context. Yes, I thought the press release was entirely inaproppriate - hyprocritical even. But this doesn't change the fact that Conectiva is one of the few nice places to work in Brazil. No, I'm not overall happy with corporate policy, but we still do a pretty good work here, and nothing is going to change that for the foreseeable future. We rule, even though the company is being managed in a sub-optimal way in my opinion. Even what we consider suboptimal at Conectiva is still light- years ahead of what anyone else is doing.

For another point of view, though, go read ralsina's diary.

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