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Im thinking of a 'Widget a day' kind of documentation effort for GTK+. 2.6.x has 177 widgets, and Id take that long ?, I think a month long effort would be valuable.

This GTK+ book is going to be under GFDL, or Open content license.

I'd make some money, if that made it to print[!]. Anyways still looking for support from GNU, and waiting for mentors to keep my motivation levels high.

But anyways, here is day 1: gtkaboutdialog: http://gtkbook.sourceforge.net/aboutdialog.html

Cheers Muthu.

27 Jun 2005 (updated 29 Jun 2005 at 16:30 UTC) »

Yes, Type Explorer for GObject based library is ready. Grab the tarball from http://octave-gtk.sourceforge.net/Texplore/ , and with GTK+2.6 or later enjoy looking into GObject based types.

A very primitive release, and first.

I made 8 patches to zenity [for a single bug!] , and in the end I wonder if they will take my code!

Some one says in an article GNOME Hacker culture is changed, to be a neo conservative, and not the test-and-kill-user style it used to be.

well, boy I feeling lilliputian.. Muthu Revision
changed url to http://octave-gtk.sourceforge.net/Texplore/

Good food does a great deal in lifting spirits.

Fixed a few patches on bugzilla; keeping fingers crossed, wish they'd[maintainers..] take them.

Not much progress otherwise; yup one more pie on the face, was Google SoC reject. Both my applications, we sent back, with a nice TY Muthu!. Real nasty at me. Reject 1: Octave#: MONO compiler for GNU Octave. Reject 2: Inkscape PDF Import/Export plugin.

I think theyd somehow figured it I wouldnt really finish my task within 2 months. Great job guys.

Well life rolls on. I had a great time at a punjabi eatout near my home, after a long stroll to the beach, with pals vijay and hemant, talking stuff on workings of free software maintainers, and submitting/rejecting patches [Aargh].

Vendors selling roasted [on coal] corn make nice alternative food, and eats. Romali roti, romali=handkerchief like, soft thin rotis, with paneer-tikka masala is a treat noone deserves to miss; throw in a tandoori chicken, and its a great north indian, spread; typical, mouthwatering, spicy and really tempt you palate. Great being Indian. Love this.

Planning one more patch to zenity. A small zenity hack goes here.

<HACK> 1 $zenity --about & 2 now type 'zen' on your keyboard, with the about dialog in focus, 3 and watch the popup. Its some hidden stuff in zenity. 4 you have seen the zen monk !! 5 make a wish! </HACK>

Cheers Muthu.

Getting burnt out. Frustrated at not being able to focus on code. Just dried up after a few initial patches. Dried in this Oasis. Damn.

Well Octave-GUI proposal, a simple GUI via IPC/Sockets to deliver GUI events from Octave to any Toolkit API, is still in the works.

Gtk-Tools now can generate menus for Octave, Python, and C GTK API's. The fun part is this is yet another of my stillborn babies [see: Gedit Plugin Howto, Gedit patch, Glade3 recent files patch, EOG recent files patch].

Just free software development is too hard. Really making meaningful contributions seems to be difficult, to say the least.

Thank the anonymity of this Internet, and your discreetness to honour the vehement frustration.

Hope to code, and release Octave-GUI. It will *rock*. Cheers Muthu.

"Everyday is a gift. Thats why, its called 'present'" --Anonymous

Im starting a Gtk-Tools scripts, which will emit some kind of easy GTK API code for menu generation, table, tree widget generation etc.

Its kind of cool, to generate Python,C,Octave,C++,C# code from one description[text] via modules.

Scripts are in C#/Mono, and as it becomes useable, Ill be posting them. AS of now menu hierarchies can be generated from this Gtk-Tools.MenuGen.

Arbitrary levels of nesting work too! Im going to add all the goodies of GtkUIManager etc, to this tool.

Back to work.

A post from the time-machine {hard disk}. This is some stuff I have had since a long time on cyber media. Just for the record... ------------------------------------------- Notes for a small collection of articles on scientific computing with GNU/Linux.

Date :19th December 2004 Author: Muthiah Annamalai

Free Software & Free documentaiton. FDL'ed.

Target Auidence Professors, Scientists and students involved in research projects. Software developers, Engineers, Hackers.

Input Student/Industrial Project reports, Textbook solutions/Examples. Case study and comparisons. Enabling technology, and success stories. Integration of free tools. Eg: tieup the GNU Octave and OO.o spreadsheets. Get the experts, ask them to co-ordinate/contribute technology. Make it community involved project. Everyone wont need all of it, but all of them will need some of it. Research level, high quality presenatations, and no tolerance to plagiarism and bad material output.

Suggested Problems: Generics Linear Algebra, Matrix solvers, Plotting, Imaging IDE's. Extending GNU OCtave, SCilab,Lush, etc.

Solving circuits/equations, Using spice,GElectric.

Simulation environments/Workflow Flowdata, sciparts etc. Interfacing data to them

HDL simulation environments/languages. VHDL, Verilog

Wireless communication tools.

Microwave communication ,,. Fields visualisation.

CFD: flow modelling. Navier-Stokes Equation Discretization of PDE.

Symbolic computation. Integration, Differentiation.

Fourier analysis, Spectrum anaysis.

Data acquisition/control. Image, Audio, Video, RealTime control data.

FEM toolkits. VTK, MayaVi

Sky is the limit. SCi[lab] is the limit ? ;-) -------------------

Current interests include on MONO, Compilers and Octave. Trying to readup on LALR compilers, and System.Reflection.Emit.

Probably will result in an article of how to kill dragons! [in the dragon book]. Wondering about a Octave# compiler for the CIL & FCL library. Yet to do something significant.

Talking of articles, Id one rejected by Tony Mobily/FreeSoftware Magazine people, on grounds of style disagreements, and me not being able to match [blame my Indian origin] Firs-Language-English speaker levels.

Anywat curious folks can lookin at Game Set Match : GNU Octave.

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