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1 Jun 2007 (updated 1 Jun 2007 at 19:36 UTC) »

I ported Wally, an old Go playing program, to *gasp* Windows CE, adding a GUI to it. I can run it on HalJr, my ancient Cassiopeia E-11. This should give me something interesting to do during the long train rides to/from home. Gnu Go has been ported to CE, but it doesn't run on the Cassio.

The program is not very strong, but that's ok, since neither am I.

I'll post some pictures after I polish it a bit.

If you think I should throw that away and get a more capable palmtop that can run GNU/Linux instead, you obviously haven't been introduced to São Paulo's wonderful urban train infrastructure.


I need to construct a 3D goboard where there is no 'corner' reduced liberty but unified 4 liberties for every positions on the new GO surface.
Forget 3D, you want a goban on a toroidal topology. Think Asteroids. This project has Go on torii and other exotic topologies, I think.
OpenSpecies: dude, that's flattering, but I'm definitely not a Master. Please downcert me. :)
12 Apr 2007 (updated 12 Apr 2007 at 14:50 UTC) »
More GNU and FSF News

After much laughing at this xkcd comic, a friend and I had the silly idea of sending rms a katana (via Amazon, to the FSF office address). Amazingly, not only did rms let us know it was received, but someone at FSF even posted pictures!


5 Apr 2007 (updated 5 Apr 2007 at 21:23 UTC) »

Grand Master Turing once dreamed that he was a machine.  
When he awoke he exclaimed:                              
    "I don't know whether I am Turing dreaming that I am 
     a machine, or a machine dreaming that I am Turing!." 

-- The Tao Of Programming

The other day I dreamt an idea for a small game. I've been coding it in my free time since monday. This is pretty exciting.

28 Mar 2007 (updated 28 Mar 2007 at 10:47 UTC) »
Posts longos em português - eu não gosto

jarod: Advogato is an international forum. Please try to use English. It's a matter of common courtesy.

5 Mar 2007 (updated 5 Mar 2007 at 18:16 UTC) »
fejj: another trick is to use use bubble sort when the partition size gets below a certain threshold.

You might also like to check out the paper A Killer Adversary for Quicksort, in case you haven't already. :)

22 Feb 2007 (updated 22 Feb 2007 at 21:10 UTC) »
Bitwise 2007

So, Team Bandersnatch (bi and I) got in the top-50, which entitles us to t-shirts. I did one problem, he did three. :)

I'd post my solution to problem 6, like he did, but it looks fugly - it took a lot of hammering to make the square peg fit in the star-shaped hole.

Some of the problems were hardcore. None of the teams did problems 3 or 4.

Buzzword Assault

A company called D-Wave demo'ed an alleged superconducting 16-qubit quantum computer. Their PR department seems to claim it's able to solve NP-complete problems in polynomial time, which sounds like BS, but the thing looks pretty darn cool anyway. In both senses of the word (ha, ha).

2 Feb 2007 (updated 2 Feb 2007 at 09:09 UTC) »
Google Code Jam, Round 2

I got pwned. Big time.

That is all.

1 Feb 2007 (updated 1 Feb 2007 at 15:59 UTC) »
fejj: the standard way to do that is to replace the division with a multiplication by the reciprocal, multiplied by some power of 2. Then divide the result by that power of 2, which can be done with a right shift. In the case of division by 7, you'd end up with the increasingly more accurate expressions:

q = ((a<<3) + a) >> 6

q = ((a<<6) + (a<<3) + a) >> 9

q = ((a<<9) + (a<<6) + (a<<3) + a) >> 12

q = ((a<<12) + (a<<9) + (a<<6) + (a<<3) + a) >> 15


and so on (in binary, 1/7 is .001001001...). Optionally, the result can be fixed with something like

r = a - q*7; while (r >= 7) { q++; r -= 7; }

The multiplication by 7 can be replaced with shifts and adds, of course.

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