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21 Jul 2002 (updated 21 Jul 2002 at 15:28 UTC) »

Working in MyAdvogato this weekend, almost ready for a new release. Now everything is optional, including the edition of boxes, and some minor things that hadn't a corresponding flag. You can even edit the boxes in the home and not the ones in recentlog, or the other way around, if you wish.

User highlighting is a bit smarter: it detects links to your personal page in Advogato no matter the actual linked text. Thus, I see the following link to this guy highlighted. Links of that kind occur now and again in recentlog.

20 Jul 2002 (updated 20 Jul 2002 at 14:31 UTC) »

I began to write MyAdvogato to offer an interface that made certifying more scalable, the three boxes idiom and the summary were its main raison d'ĂȘtre. That's why those were non-optional modifications.

I think, however, that nowadays some people could be interested just in some of the new features, as username highlighting in recentlog. Thus, in the next release users will be able to leave the original boxes as they come. It sounds kind of strange to me, but I believe that is the next natural change.

18 Jul 2002 (updated 18 Jul 2002 at 21:26 UTC) »

I wrote in my previous entry the next release of MyAdvogato would highlight the username without taking case into account. This was motivated by some links to Raph, instead of the correct raph, I saw today in recentlog (though it is not the first time it happens.)

In the meantime this is a patch for the current 0.8:

18 Jul 2002 (updated 18 Jul 2002 at 17:52 UTC) »

Please, remember the username in the person tag needs to coincide exactly with the actual username in Advogato, case included. Otherwise, the generated link is broken.

In its next release MyAdvogato will highlight the username without taking case into account. At least you won't miss those occurrences.

13 Jul 2002 (updated 13 Jul 2002 at 22:02 UTC) »

I added a screenshot that shows a wrapped recentlog with user name highlighting and hidden diary rates to MyAdvogato's project page.

12 Jul 2002 (updated 12 Jul 2002 at 09:45 UTC) »

I attended a talk yesterday where Luiz André Barrozo, from Google, offered a technical overview of how Google works. It wasn't too much detailed but very interesting. He explained, for instance, they are so focused in robustness and efficiency that they have written all their software, but some small and controlled fraction of Linux. As far as it seemed, that includes web servers, indexes, network communication (based in HTTP, TCP and UDP), load balancing, and so on. He said they program mainly in C/C++, there is some Java as well, and a lot of Perl and Python scripting.

It seems they radically avoid any fancy things that aren't necessary, and this comprises from interface design to hardware choices. I love that attitude. I had the impression that they have clear, well-defined goals and a pragmatic and effective way to accomplish them.

6 Jul 2002 (updated 6 Jul 2002 at 17:16 UTC) »

I sent a proposal to give an introduction to Perl for programmers in the forthcomming V Congreso Hispalinux, to be held in Madrid next November.

The seminar would be largely based on the talk I gave some months ago in the company where I work, but with some improvements. A new section explaining the comparative C/C++/Perl/Java/Awk found in The Practice of Programming would be included, and I'd like to present updated timings.

Hey Jordi, nice to see you here again.

Incredible, Ton Hospel has 65 (key)strokes of Perl that perform topological sort, he is at the top of the TPR(0,4b) leaderboard by now, the game ends next Monday.

30 Jun 2002 (updated 30 Jun 2002 at 10:47 UTC) »

Yet another MyAdvogato release. This version by default highlights occurrences of the user nick in recentlog, either linked to his personal page or not. I took a screenshot.

Firstly I thought passing a regexp as parameter to the CGI would be the best, but being that general I realized it would be hard to know in advance how to deal with the HTML correctly. For instance, if nick was the regexp not every match would be good because the occurrences in URLs had to be ignored (otherwise we were putting spans into them), but if a regexp for linked occurrences of the nick was given, then any match would be probably good. Thus, by now ad-hoc code has been implemented for that particular case.

The project page has been updated too, there is a list of features now and the screenshot of the graphical browser is new.

The tarball is available from here, and the Zip file from here.

Update: There was a pair of bugs in the highlighting, one of them reported by chipx86 (thank you!). Please, download the script again if they affect your nick.

29 Jun 2002 (updated 29 Jun 2002 at 14:07 UTC) »

The sync release of MyAdvogato is out.

I don't understand on what basis people expect the diary rating system to be more accurate than the current certification system. If you think people is being too generous having guidelines to certify (I think what is actually generous is the algorithm that assigns a level to you, algorithm that changed somehow a year or so ago since until then it was way harder to be a Journeyer), what is going to happen if the only thing that accounts is one's view of what is better than what in the diary of someone else? Linear Algebra corrects this? I think it has no sense. Linear Algebra can do things with raw data, but people argue as if it was going to work on the actual meaning of the rates, for each person in Person, for each meaning in person->meanings.

Anyway, I dislike diary rates from a pure human being point of view, so MyAdvogato provides a flag in case you don't even want to see those numbers, as I do.

In case you do want to see the rates, which I respect and is the default in the script, as a provisional solution until the CGI handles cookies by its own one needs to pass a valid cookie via the new parameter cookie to view them, since they are only shown to authenticated users that have certified someone else AFAICT.

The tarball is available from here, and the Zip file from here.

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