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OSS-wise, I created Jot (not to be confused with JotSpot). I created WikkiTikkiTavi and maintained it for some time, but have amicably given up administration to others.

I have other interests than these. See my home page for more about myself. You can email me at smoonen AT if you wish.


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Today marks the release of version 0.21 of WikkiTikkiTavi, my PHP- and MySQL-based wiki engine. Now with XHTML-strict compliance, CSS, table syntax, an RSS feed, and other minor additions, tweaks, and fixes.

Had fun last night whipping up a chessboard macro for my wiki engine, just to prove it could be done.

I wish I had more time to spend on wiki, both hacking the backend and contributing to wiki sites themselves. Work keeps me busy these days.

Aargh. I like PHP. I love Perl regular expressions. Hence, I love preg_match and preg_replace.

Or I used to. Y'see, preg_replace has Perl's cool "evaluate the right-hand-side as though it were code" operator: 'e'. Coolness. So I write a whole mess of functions to do all sorts of cool transformations of wiki markup into HTML.

Except, if the right hand side is code, preg_replace has no consistent means of representing backreferences! Try this, kiddos:

function f($x) { print $x; }
$s = "a' \" \\b";
$s = preg_replace('/a(.*)b/e', 'f("$1")', $s);

Yeppers, it bombs. Seems that, while they remembered to escape quotes, they forgot to escape backslashes themselves. Oops.

I just wish they could treat that $1 the way Perl does it: like a variable and not like a "replace this token with the string itself"! Tell me that wouldn't make lots more sense. :-)

Thanks to the wonders of still-open PHP bug reports and very slow upgrades on virtual hosts, it looks like I'm doomed to keep my wiki engine in perpetual beta for quite a bit longer (been lingering on this for nearly two months now, no sign of relief). Other than this it's ready for release! Grr.

That was therapeutic. :-) Except it doesn't get me closer to a solution. I'm almost ready to ditch PHP altogether. Perl or Python, anyone?

Hobbies and Work

WikkiTikkiTavi version 0.20 is now in beta test. Did a complete rewrite of the parsing engine and presentation system. It's now got templates and a whole host of other additions, making for a considerably more mature product. The whole exercise was quite fun.

Just in time for work to start sucking up all of my free time. :-) Beginning the next release cycle with some heavy-duty assignments, which will be fun but extraordinarily demanding.

What little free time remains I will continue to work on AndStuffWiki, which suffered a little while I was working on the wiki engine. I'm really eager for it to start growing at a measured and steady pace, both in terms of content and participants.


My wife and I are buying a house, which we'll be closing on at the end of May. Our first house, which has been quite an educational experience! Thankfully, we had a wonderful realtor who helped us every step of the way. It'll be a pleasant improvement over our apartment, not to mention the fact that we'll finally be sinking our monthly payments into real equity.

2 Jan 2001 (updated 2 Jan 2001 at 19:17 UTC) »

So for a while now I've had a virtual host on a hosting provider. They provide me with a few free POP accounts, but I want perhaps a dozen or so web-accessible e-mail accounts. So here's my idea:

  1. Set up procmail to redirect e-mail for those "accounts" to a file, such as /home/myhost/spool/blahblah. Optionally, clutter my database schema even further by tossing it into my (one and only) database instead.

  2. Stick fake info for the "accounts" in /home/myhost/etc/passwd.

  3. Find a web-based e-mail interface and wire it up to /home/myhost/etc/passwd and /home/myhost/spool/blahblah.

Now the problem is with step 3. I searched Freshmeat and Sourceforge, to no avail. I'd hoped to use SquirrelMail, but it seems happy only with IMAP. Does anyone know of open-source CGI scripts that do what I want (i.e., read spool files instead of IMAP or POP)? I don't really have the time to roll up my sleeves and reinvent the wheel. I might consider patching an existent project if it didn't turn out to be a massive chore.

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