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    So we finally moved (well, thats two weeks ago now). It was UHaul action time, I took the truck down to Sunnyvale to pick up yakk and his stuff (of course, as soon as we started moving stuff out, it began to rain, duh), and then went on to Eazel to pick up jsh and his furniture (a lot less than any of us). After unloading at the new place, we went to pick up my crap and then the move was complete, yay, time for beer at the kilowatt.

    The next morning disaster struck - first off, I had to return the truck by 7, so I got up at 6. Then the truck just wouldn't start, the batteries seemed to be utterly dead. Now I was pretty sure that we didn't leave any lights on, and I had noted that the battery indicator had been on all day during the move. So I went down to the UHaul place and explained my issues, and they told me to call their repair center number. So I waddled back to the truck, found a payphone and called. It took about an hour to actually get them to send a guy by, during which I was standing in the rain, enjoying the scenery that is 16th street sunday morning at 7 till 8, really wonderfull, I'd suggest that to anyone coming by. So finally the repair dude called back and said he'd be at the truck in twenty minutes (woohoo). After a few attempts at jumpstarting the truck, he also arrives at the brilliant conclusion that both batteries are utterly dead. So he ends up replacing them before the truck will even sound like the old piece of crap it is.

    So I conclude the affair with having to search frantically for a gas station that has diesel, drive the truck back and almost have to pay 40$ for being four hours late (which I didn't). Thereafter I went back to the old apt to clean on the rest of my room, and the move was complete.

    Of course now we have do deal with a property manager who seems to be fucking people over. The add for the apt mentioned the great view from the roofdeck, even had a picture. When we looked at the place, and signed the lease, we were told we could use the roofdeck and the lease specifically mentions that we can use the roof. Of course then the people who moved into the topfloor apartment (which is a two-story apt of which the top story is on the roof) were told that the roofdeck was exclusively theirs. So now we either fight it out with them or with the property managers. In addition to that, the two windows where the frames are broken still haven't been fixed and we still miss keys for various doors. Too much shit to deal with right now...

    ... since the company also just laid of more than forty people, basically everyone but a few managers (founders) and engineering got laid off. So we release version 1.0 and lay off about 60% of the staff, that was a pretty though day for many of the eazelites. Apparently with the generel dropping stock market, some investors pulled out and therefore we did not get the third round of funding we wanted (which should also have been our last). By laying off all those people, the company can continue a bit longer, giving us a chance to raise the needed money - it's going to be a though few months now.

    This also means that I might not be able to go to Guadec, since everyone will be doing 14 hour workdays the next few months (again...) - that would totally blow.

    So Kvan just visited me for a few days, he was in the states for his annual cigar-smoking-visiting thing. Amongst things we did was getting drunk, driving down highway 1 to Santa Cruz (beaches), Fry's, go to a cigar lounge and meet with other cigar people, shopping spree in Japantown, looking at traffic accidents on Market Street. Luckily I had gotten three days off this week (after working three weeks straight), so I took wednedsday till friday off to hang out with Kvan, just dropped him off at the airport again...

    Tja, så man må sgu nok sige at nedsvinget lige pludselig ramte os smak mellem øjnene. Vi har gryn til nogle måneder, men hvis der ikke sker noget så lukker og slukkes biksen, hvilket jo unægteligt ville sutte temmeligt meget. Men jeg agter at blive ved til den bitre ende og så se om vi overlever eller om jeg skal på jobmarkedet igen.

    Det hårde smæk er at jeg nok ikke kommer til dk igenigen, det stinker unægteligt. Problemet er at så snart jeg er ude af thermostaterne skal jeg til en ambassade for at få stemplet mit pas. Og det kan snildt tage dem en uges tid (pga. deres latterlige åbningstider), hvoffor jeg skulle have mindst halvanden uge i Københavnstrup og det er lige akkurat lidt for lang tid.

    Det må man jo nok sige alt i alt sutter væmmeligt meget, finder ud af det i løbet af ugen.

    (summary for the danish impaired : fuck off).


    Slaved through the Nautilus 1.0 milestone. It was though, but it was worth it. The installer was really a pain in the butt and caused the usual few firedrills ; eg. if run on a stock RH70 with glibc 2.1.9x, rpm could hang while waiting for /sbin/ldconfig would wait for someone to empty it's stderr output, good thing anyone tried on a stock 70 before we shipped.

    Other that libeazelinstall stuff and installer testing/fixing etc, haven't done much other hacking. With the new situation, I may get to work on other things, time will show.

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