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Homepage: http://www.elj.com/


Developing Open Source Software using SmallEiffel: the GNU Eiffel compiler.

Package and Distribute a win32 SmallEiffel distribution called elj- win32 - don't expect to become the next Redhat of the software world.

Main library involvement is a SmallEiffel interface to the win32 api called eljwin32all (for more details) that will expand out to the Linux World via QT most likely.

Publish elj-daily a (almost) daily web news page relating to Eiffel and other interesting snippets of software/open source information/trivia.

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Published elj-daily for 02 Feb 2001 (sorry about 01 Feb 2001):

  • Grant Cheston details his experiences in - ``getting a moderate size collection of Eiffel projects to run on ISE Eiffel, Visual Eiffel and SmallEiffel'' - NICE is working hard at addressing these issues.

  • Sven submit's a link to GTI's Linux Gnome Desktop for Windows

  • Pragmatic Programmer Dave Thomas took his life in his hands - presented Ruby to the local Perl Monger's chapter. It went very well: they were very receptive to the ideas behind Ruby, and we all had a great time

Worked on ccl's PROGRESSBAR control with some success. Further testing is required before commiting to the CVS.

Used SmallEiffel to generate a dll from a simple test class using lcc-win32. Loaded the resulting dll from a C program and called a function successfully. On the second invocation, the program crashed. Will look into further, but this is a good start - must writeup details! Starting resources include Dynamic Libraries With C++ (for win32/Linux) (highly recommended), SmallEiffel dll summary and Jacob Navia's excellent lcc-win32 documentation.

Updated elj-daily for the 31 Jan 2001:

  • Paul Cohen releases his EiffelOpenGL SDK (an Eiffel interface to the OpenGL libraries.

  • Phil Malin discusses his SmallEiffel interface to the Berkely DB Database - Berkeley DB is damn fast. I used it in a project which performed domain name searches on the com,net,org zonefile (the search program was written as a CGI program). We extracted all the domain names from the zonefiles and populated a DB with the domain name as the key (and an empty STRING as the value). Initially we used mySQL (one table with one field) and were getting about 30,000 queries per minute. When we switched to Berkeley DB it went up to about 100,000. - (I've asked him for a copy).

  • Victor Putz talks up the SmallEiffel compiler - he refers to some interesting benchmarks he did between SmallEiffel and g++ last year.

  • Eric Raymond interview at O'Reilly leads to an interesting paper by Lars Risan titled The Identity Games of Hacker Culture

On other matters, received some code for X_CON from RainbowSally (he is keeping me busy and I think he will surprise a few people - keep up the good work).

The SARITH project (Safe ARITHmetic) came up again onthe SmallEiffel mailing list. Posted a long summary of the projects history and current status.

Updated elj-daily for 30 Jan 2001

  • Steve Thompson provides some interesting observations about SmallEiffel after a 12 month break where he explored Squeak, Python and Ruby. - seeing the ease and elegance of applying SE, I then considered its obscurity. A language with such power and expressiveness should have greater recognition. I decided that the following factors must play into this [ .. ]

  • Bjarne Stroustrup on oop and generic programming - What I find truly beautiful is when a combination of generic programming and object-oriented programming yields results that are cleaner and more elegant than either could do on its own

Coded up some examples demonstrating how to interface C structures from SmallEiffel without using any intermediate C code. Not sure how well this will be received by various people striving for compiler interoperable libraries. Anyway, I think it is pretty neat. Will hack my Perl script to handle the automatic generation of the Eiffel code for all options.

Published elj-daily for 29 Jan 2001 - sorry about the 25 Jan and 26 Jan:

  • Some interesting discussion revolving around BON and EiffelCase. Enjoyed this quote: Personally I avoid UML like I avoid OO programming languages without garbage collection, generics, multiple inheritance and contracts

  • Marcio makes another release of yaesockets (portable TCP/IP for SmallEiffel and ISE , Windows or Unix)

  • Got a laugh out of this post Programming Languages as Beverages

  • Sad but true .. Eiffel?! [..]. Eiffel has such negative juice, there's probably been more written about Eiffel than in Eiffel. [ from a Slashdot poster ]

Did post some ideas on a WIN32_HANDLE class.

Clarified some points on the fact that Eiffel is not proprietary language. Wont matter though .. yes, I know Eiffel is a dead in the water B&D language with 3 users and no libraries unlike xyz language.

Received a long email from Steve - an Eiffelist that has finally found SmallEiffel after Visual Eiffel, Squeak, Python and Ruby. He has provided some useful insights which might find there way to elj-daily.

Published elj-daily for 24 Jan 2001:

Very quiet day. Was hoping Lothar would reply to yesterdays post. Maybe tomorrow?

Explained to Ron how the SmallEiffel loadpath facility works.

Try to adapt the win32_file_functions to phase 2 interface. Realise why handles are now pointers (not integers as they were)! Maybe we should encapsulate the handle into a class WIN32_HANDLE (as per pythonwin) to minimise impacts of future changes.

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