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Cofounder of Linuxcare and currently Cofounder and CTO of Sputnik. I started working on free software back in 1986, when I did some work on Emacs. I've worked on a number of free software projects, including the Sputnik Community Gateway, a simple way to take an old box and turn it into a secure, authenticated 802.11 gateway and router, SecureVPS, a ppp over ssh VPN tool I wrote as a prototype for a VPN business. I cowrote Titrax for the Palm Pilot which is a pretty cool time tracking tool for the palm (and it's GPL'd!), as well as Jitterbug with Tridge and Dan Shearer (added a flexible template-based HTML interface), work on the Linux quickcam and color quickcam (qcam and cqcam) drivers, and a lot of patches and bug fixes for a variety of projects.

I'm also vice president of BALUG where you can always get a great chinese meal for $10 - oh yeah, and we have speakers too. :-)

I take my semi-regular tidbits and commentary on the industry and put them at Sifry's Alerts.


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Hmmm, lots going on.

First off, I've got a new blog where I put up my tidbits about the industry and whatever suits my fancy. Linuxcare people will remember my cto-alerts, this is it, taken to the next level. It's called Sifry's Alerts.

We launched Sputnik in February, and we released the 1.1 version of the open-source Sputnik Community Gateway on April 29. The Gateway will run off of CD (it is an ISO image) and will turn any old Intel PC equipped with 802.11b wireless card and ethernet card into a secure authenticated firewalled wireless router. We got some good press and reviews, as well as mentions in The Economist and The New York Times. More cool software is in the works, can't talk about it publicly yet.

16 Oct 2001 (updated 16 Oct 2001 at 07:40 UTC) »

Things are looking very good. I'm eagerly anticipating coming out of stealth mode, but it is too soon, too soon...

Compiling 2.4.13pre2 on a new dual processor P3-500 I got from a friend. You know who you are, and if you're reading this, thanks! The box will make a very cool server for my new IPs just received when Verio sold their DSL business to Earthlink. So far all that has happened was a 2 hour outage while the technician switched my line over, and I received a /248 subnet instead of the /250 subnet I used to have, which means 4 new completely unused IPs to stick up outside on my DMZ. I'm quite psyched about that.

mperry, no worries. I didn't know you were going to be away from the house so much - you made it sound like you'd be sitting around playing on your computers all day. :-)

And it is a bit wierd seeing an advogato diary response to a phone call I made - a wierd cross-modality interaction there. Cool, nonetheless.

Sweet! My compile is done. Off to install the new kernel.


Coding Binge

I really got to get some sleep.

Don't wanna jinx it, but I think I just got the big bug(tm) fixed. I've been testing the fix for most of the night and I haven't been able to break anything. This is good(tm). :-)

Met with two German PhD students tonight at a local coffee shop. They stuck a microphone on me and interviewed me about IT and the Silicon Valley lifestyle. Fuck if I know much about that, what the hell. It was nice talking to them - let's face it, having 2 people listen to me talk about myself without throwing up is always an ego boost. :-) My wife hasn't done that for quite some time now, not that I hold it against her. Life as a blowhard can be frustrating sometimes.

Got a pretty big meeting tomorrow. Even though I can't talk about it now, wish me luck! I promise to let you all in on what's up as soon as I can.

Looking good...

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