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Just coming back from a very nice and romantic week end in the Parador of Vic-Sau. Paradors are historic buildings in fairy places (castles, etc..) that have been transformed in luxuous hotels. We had a great time there and are already planning the next trip to another Parador (probably Cardona's one).

So now it's time to get back to reality, so many GStreamer things waiting for love and polish. I m planning to completely change the libgstplay pipeline so that it has the ideal theorical structure and then fix GStreamer so that it actually is functional.

I hope ronald will be able to fix ffmpeg decoders soon so that we can get a 0.7.4 release decoding every test media we have.

Hard week starts tomorrow morning. Need to sleep.

Cheers :)


Implemented Mixer interface in the volume element. So now totem can search for elements supporting mixer interface in the pipeline and set volume on it. It will prefer element implementing a software mixer instead of changing master volume (hardware).

Also implemented passthru mode in videobalance element. So now when nothing is touched in colorbalance settings videobalance element simply pass the data without touching it saving a lot of CPU operations.


Workers are now finnishing the change of windows in our house. It's so nice to have these robust and well isolated windows replacing the thin plastic things we had before. Noelle seems to be really impatient to leave on friday evening for a romantic week end in a Parador (kind of luxuous and historical hotels in Spain).

We were a bit worried as Kaiser had some strange infection in ears but the vet told us we just need to clean his ears everyday and that should go away.

I still don't understand why my blog doesn't want to show on planet gnome. Probably a bug with advogato feeds :-(

Implemented colorbalance interface in videobalance element.

Totem is now able to set colorbalance on both xvimagesink (hardware) and ximagesink transparently.

I also implemented a display property on x[v]imagesink so that one can set the display where those elements should connect in a gst-launch command line.

Everything starts to put together quite nicely and that makes me very happy.

Busy day today, added colorbalance interface in xvimagesink, it's now possible to set all the XV parameters through this interface (brightness, contrast, hue, saturation).

Implemented brightness and contrast management in totem with the GStreamer backend.

Can't keep my eyes open. Time for a good night.

Started my day adding DVD support to totem in the GStreamer backend. That was trivial and mostly copy/paste from gst-player. Still the dvdnavsrc pipeline is a bit buggy and segfaults very often.

Played for a while with Iago & Kaiser in the garden, the weather is so cool these days...

We are having diner at thomasvs place tonight with Matthias SAOU and other folks from Barcelona. I will finally discover the new flat and taste some bad girl's food !

Audio CD playback now hits gst-player and totem too. I need to finish the track listing though. I will try to get some informations on how sound-juicer does that from ross.

Fixed a lot of issues in the XOverlay interface integration of ximagesink and xvimagesink, also added optimization for memory allocation according to what ds explained me. It works !

DVD playback hits gst-player cvs HEAD, it supports navigation and i can now watch Indiana Jones DVDs with gst-player without sound. Well yeah some small bugs to fix still :)

Gooood i can go to bed now...

Fixed some scaling issue in ximagesink. I realized that issue when driving to the office in the traffic jam. Sometimes traffic jam is good for bug fixing !

I ve been very pleased to hear about the iriver IHP140 announcement and i m planning to buy one the next day they are entering the market. It has been a long time but it was worth waiting it seems, this MP3/OGG player is exactly what i need ! Yummy.

That's the "Back" day ! A thousand mails waiting in my inbox, everyone asking if i m back from holidays when i answer the office phone (you morons!).

Well at least things are not that bad, GStreamer starts to play some files again, i finished reviewing the code of my plugins and thomasvs wrote a nice mail trying to solve pending issues in the team.

Noelle an I had a great end of the year holiday time, seen a lot of family, friends, pink elephants and so on...

I feel good and motivated, 2004 will definitely be the GStreamer year !


The new dell computer finally arrived and i just finished migrating all my services from my old server to that new one.

Woow those 19" flat panels are awesome !

We finally found a name for the GStreamer company and i bought the related domain names.

Lode is already working on a design and i m working on the business plan so that we can make an official announcement of Fluendo creation.

Tonight i'm going to watch the Third part of The Matrix with Matthias and Noelle. I hope it will be as good as the others.

The videosinks in GStreamer are working fine and i now need to invest some time building a video sink autoplugger to replace the bloated xvideosink.


- Finally get ximagesink and xvimagesink to work nicely in HEAD. So now video scaling without XV is possible with on the fly window resizing through videoscale element. Here is a link to a nice screenshot.

- We now need to replace xvideosink by a nice autoplugger element that will put either ximagesink or xvimagesink depending on their respective ranks. Apparently nobody will want to do that, i will have to help myself once more here.

- I m getting some ideas on how the GstXOverlay interface should work in GStreamer and will try to discuss that with Ronald.

- Got a first draft from Lode Vermeiren for the future GStreamer company's website. You can see it here. I like it, it has a good corporate look and feel and Lode had some good ideas. Thanks dude.

- We are still searching for a name for that company. we thought about one2stream but the .com domain is unavailable. Shame shame shame ... We keep on searching...


- Came back from France yesterday evening. I was hoping that my new Dell computer would be here waiting for me but seems UPS is taking longer than expected.

- I tried to catch the dogs at the gardener's house but nobody answered the bell. I will try to come back later and get my babies back.

Hmm how sweet it feels to be at home for the week end with no real plans on what to do except cleaning the car and gain some level at Diablo 2. That trip in france was intensive but very pleasant. Seen a lot of friends, had some very good meals at nice restaurants, loads of interesting discussions.

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