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OK What a week. Here is a summation of COMDEX 2000

Monday Nov. 13th
Woke up at the crack of dawn to pick up jade. (btw: cod is 5:15am) We got off to a good start. On the way up mapquest said SR-93 turned into SR-89. It did. However, it seemed odd to me that we were going this way. So in Yarnell, AZ we stopped to take a leak and I asked someone directions. Turns out mapquest had us on a wild goose chase that cost us about 30 minutes.

We crossed hoover dam just before lunch time and promptly found a goat crossing sign. This is when we realized we forgot the digital camera. You have NO idea how bummed we were. Upon arrival to the Embassy Suites we realized we were in for it. Basically this hotel was so nice that they wouldnt give us a room. Its a long but funny story. : ) (hotel pictures Pic 1 Pic 2)

Finally we made it to the booth and were in search of Leslie Proctor (FSF). We walked the floor for a bit and then met up with Leslie who was promptly off for some VERY cool talks. We met Ariel Rios and Steve from FSF and setup shop. They had no working computers so we fetched our laptops. By this time Robert Chassell from FSF showed up and we started getting the booth ready. : )

We went to dinner with Robert and Steve and talked about the philosphy of free software for some time. I somehow got elected to write two new free software essays... Then Jade I went back to hotel and had a little LAN party of Civilization Call To Power.

Tuesday Nov. 14th
Woke up and had killer booth duty. Were running Free Software Foundation, GNOME and GNU Enterprise things all at once. Lots of good leads wont bore you with the details. Jade and I had good discussions on GNUe.

Wednesday Nov. 15th
More booth duty. Got to hang with helixcode guys a lot miguel and nats assistant used our booth as an internet mail pickup most of the rest of the week so we got lots of helix goodies. Mr. Ruppert Rocks!!! During booth duty we got to hang with tigert, federico, lewing, ettore and anna quite a bit!

This night was capped with a Linux Global Partners party. I spent a LOT of time talking free software with Robert and Microft (NETBSD). Then hung out on the stratosphere roof with Helix guys for a bit. (Picture I took of da "Monkeys")

Thursday Nov. 16th
It started to get a lot harder to wake up by now. Leslie returned from trip and linas from gnucash project showed up. We had some very good talks about where to go next and how to procede.

Got introduced to Editor of Linux Journal Don Marti who is a very cool guy.

The previous night going to the LGP party it was all FSF guys in my car so we renamed it the FSF Limo. This evening FSF took a huge crew out to dinner. I had Don Marti, Tigert, Linas and Jade with me. When exiting Treasure Island we went through Mirage parking lot where we proceded to get run over by a Tahoe going in reverse. (He almost hit us twice) it was crazy! Funniest part is he wasnt even drunk. This delayed dinner only slightly. We went to Wolfgang Pucks resturant in Caesers Palace. Excellent food and company.

Jade and I stayed up until about 3am discussing future directions of GNUe, it was interesting.

Friday Nov. 17th
Hellish morning. We missed our buffet. Got to the booth stuck around long enough to hear a couple of guys argue with Larry that Linus not Larry created Tux. Then headed back to Phoenix. The drive wasnt too bad except for a few slow pokes outside Wickenburg.

Saturday Nov. 18th
Sleep. Lots of Sleep!

Well have treshnahard at work on some consulting work I needed to get off my plate.

Note to self to write some essays on free software in the Enterprise. I think ESR has done ok job of this though he muddies too many things. Also, I need to one on government and free software.

Some how GEAS w/ forms is not working for me but GEAS w/o forms is.... Didnt have time to thoroughly investigate and I have been put on computer restriction for a bit before COMDEX. : (

Looks as though 0.1.0 is gonna be backed up a bit and not shipping pre COMDEX but minor revs with deb's and rpm's should be available by then!

Finding out quickly things are VERY much alive and kicking outside the core team. We have someone volunteering for project management module, inventory module and someone was looking to a general ledger module. : )

Forms is coming along rapidly. Jade bolted on GEAS support and was able to help me into the wee hours last night trouble shoot its implementation!!!!!!!! So frankenstien is starting to live.

Andrew Murie bolted on support for postgres in objectserver, but has not been thoroughly tested.

Jade and I will be at Free Software Foundation booth in Comdex Monday Afternoon - Friday Afternoon Nov 13th - 17th!!!!! We should have demos of forms there. We are WAY excited.

Long time no entry. Busy with work. However did do some hacking on GNUe Forms. Jamest also has really started to bust butt on it and its coming along nicely.

We got some real feedback from a non-developer that was encouraging. Oh so nice. The mailing list has been somewhat dead. Whether people are sick of the project or just busy is unknown. Though we still seem to have people following the list.

More as it comes.

Seems my diary is always a day behind. : ) Since I can't edit past entries. Got some personal work done yesterday as well as a little more CVS house cleaning and docbook fun.

Have submitted the XSLT vs. Jade debate to all pertinent mailing lists. So far only Carlos has responded.

This morning got jForms checked into CVS for Ian. Hopefully he will see it. : )

Yesterday had a kick butt free software day, GNUe day and CVS day. Hopefully today I will be able to continue forward with that momentum. Reinhard popped me a gnome-db patch so that is good news! I will try it when I get back from church. Hopefully I will find jamest online sometime today.

Well I have not been good about writing in here lately.

I am going through Andru's proposal and looking to get it into the template. I updated the template w/ hgebel's suggestions and have started to move forward on my PO proposal. Though its old and I know will get serious flames even from myself. : ) Its better than nothing sitting out there.

Must download libgda and get working along with starting to help senor jamest do some gnue forms hacking. Just trying to get all my duckies in a row. : )

Might get more hacking time for a bit and might have new party interested in our consulting services to help the funding of GNUe.

Seriously considering taking advantage of Jonas' offer to sit in FSF booth in Atlanta and hand out GNUe literature. During this PR laden discussion we discussed the possiblity of GNUe gear at least for developers. :-)

Last night I got off my butt and actually compiled balsa from cvs. A little configure magic and viola a working email client that <gasp> sends and receives pop mail.

Next mission. Move to IMAP mail. Mission after that move my mail to own host . : )

Got new developer's guide up and site mildly updated. Still have a ton of work to do on it. As well as work for local soccer club site and some other side work.

Vacation was great. The beach was near perfect. Only problem is the stay was too short.

On vacation. Long day driving (6+ hours) from Arizona to San Diego yesterday. No online time. Spent AM getting caught up on all emails. :) Yeah!!! Brief online time right now. Will probably get some more tonight or tomorrow.

This was a much needed breather. :) Hope to get things back on track next week. I have A LOT going on, but heck aint that what hacking all about?

Been a long time. Stuff is going great with gnome-db. I need to get around to doing report proposal. I have a holiday coming up and plan to get caught up.

My project at work is about at its peak. However, it looks like I may have volunteered myself for more than I am willing to chew. It will be great experience and hopefully I can give some of it back to the community. If those lawyers allow it. : )

Short on time. Long on ideas. Adios.

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